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  1. Wilzone

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    Haha, I remember that thread. In fact, I'm almost positive I originated the idea of strategically using midget RBs when you needed short yardage. That must have been during my Midget Period of posting when all things midget made me giggle uncontrollably.
  2. Wilzone

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    - Name and SSN Wilzone, 457-55-5462 - What you are known for at the Geek Club My manboobs. In fact, my name actually became a term for manboobs. Urban Dictionary: wilzone www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=wilzoneUrban Dictionary wilzone. An abnormally large breast on a man that may require the assistance of a brassiere. Check out the Wilzones on that guy. by pingpong April 10, 2003. I was the first person to be featured in the Guess the Geek contest, where a pic of an anonymous Geek was posted and then everyone brutally destroyed everything about that person's pic until finally, after an excruciatingly long period of time, the identity was revealed. In that picture, my nips were noticeably protruding through my shirt (I can't do anything about how ###### meaty they are, you fockers! I was born that way.) and "Wilzone has manboobs" was born. - Favorite moment in Geek Club history I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning. All I remember is lots of consistent, daily laughs. I do think the Guess the Geek series was hilarious and fun. - Reason you left The vibe here was starting to change. The number of quality threads was decreasing and the number of trolls and idiots was increasing. I do also recall long periods when this bored was down and the Sanctuary became a place to hang while this place was unavailable. After a while, I found I just liked that one more. - Favorite story about another Geek Club member Horrible memory. Sorry. Must be all the DUIs. - Most important piece of wisdom to impart to the new Geek Club members Don't take any of what's said here personally. Be yourself and be honest. Know your limitations -- add value where you can and stay out of areas where you'd only detract from the fun/discussion/etc.
  3. Wilzone

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    Man, I remember that! He used to get so pissed. In fairness, I used to open up your ACRONYMPHOMANIA threads hoping that W wasn't one of the letters. People were absolutely brutal (and funny) back in those days.
  4. Must be all the...ummm...
  5. I totally forgive you! Forget and then forgive, I say.
  6. I don't remember that at all. Must be all the DUIs.
  7. Wilzone

    Hello, I'm old here!

  8. Wilzone

    Is it Rape if she is your wife ?

    Christ, I thought my life was sad.
  9. Wilzone

    If We Had an FFToday Hall of Fame

    Much like C.J. Spiller in recent years, it has been criminally underutilized.
  10. Wilzone

    Terrific news for the geeks!

    Yeah, he was totally fine. Scared but fine. I had some residual neck and back issues that needed a bit of PT, but nothing too major. Edit -- Can size was decent and she was pretty hot actually. If she wanted to smash, she could have just asked.
  11. Wilzone

    Terrific news for the geeks!

    You want to know something really creepy? On January 15, 2013 at about 6:15 pm Eastern time (two minutes after your post!!?), a girl driving along at about 45-50 MPH was too busy texting to notice that her car was coming up on a red light. As she barreled through the red light, I happened to be driving my car (with my 5 year old son in the back) through the intersection heading right into her path. I saw her car less than one second before impact and then everything was spinning and loud noises and then total silence and my car was now facing the road it had just come from...When I went to clean out my totaled car at the junk yard a few days later, the guy who worked there told me I was one lucky son of a b!tch to be walking in there to get my stuff. He said the cars that look like mine usually ended up at a different junk yard, one where cars that have had people die in them go to await investigation.
  12. Wilzone

    If We Had an FFToday Hall of Fame

    I don't know but I wish my wife was as transfixed as you guys are. Hell, I'd even take her being mildly interested in them.
  13. Wilzone

    If We Had an FFToday Hall of Fame

    It's funny because it's so damn true. Even still. :stillhatemylife:
  14. Wilzone

    If We Had an FFToday Hall of Fame

    Haha. I think that's all I needed to be caught up.
  15. Wilzone

    Discount Thread

    I used to be totally awesome at discount threads. ~Wilzone