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  1. rurbaniak

    Gabby Petito

    Are you saying that CNN doesn't cover all the shootings and death in Chicago?
  2. rurbaniak

    Gabby Petito

    Yea, I think there's some kind of twist coming. Like she killed some camper, he tries to get away from batty accidentally kills her, and runs.
  3. rurbaniak

    Gabby Petito

  4. rurbaniak

    Gabby Petito

    They just found a body looking for her, so far unidentified, but prolly her.
  5. rurbaniak

    I/R question

    Yes, it's not a done-for-season type I/R.
  6. rurbaniak

    Trade Announcement

    You got your stud now.
  7. Danzone receives Grandpahoo's 1st round pick in 2022 for A-Aron Rodgers
  8. rurbaniak

    Underrated Actor dies

    So underrated you couldn't include his name in the title.
  9. rurbaniak

    Anyone ever inherit a house?

    Yes, about 3 years ago, sold at around market value, so didn't have any capital gains on it.
  10. rurbaniak

    League Schedule, and Waiver Change.

    Yes, still FCFS on pre-season waivers, and I'll shut them down before NFL week 1.
  11. rurbaniak

    2021 DRAFT -Abdullah OTC @ 3.02

    3.01 - Freiermuth, Pat, TE, PIT
  12. rurbaniak

    ** Required before 2021 Draft! **

  13. Due to the NFL lengthening the schedule to 17 Weeks, and also scheduling bye-weeks on week 14 we will change our schedule. We still will have 13 weeks, but skipping NFL week 1, and playing weeks 2-14 for the regular season. That way all NFL Bye-Weeks will be part of our regular schedule, and not fall on any of the playoffs games. So I'll move the Week 1 games to Week 14. Then for the Waiver wire, it will be moved to be after our first game, or NFL week 2 games.
  14. rurbaniak

    2021 DRAFT -Abdullah OTC @ 3.02

    2.07 - Toney, Kadarius, WR, NYG 2.08 - Hubbard, Chuba, RB, CAR 2.09 - Moore, Rondale, WR, ARI 2.10 - Watkins, Sammy, WR, BAL 2.11 - Roundtree III, Larry, RB, LAC