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  1. rurbaniak

    gratefulted is dead

    RIP Ted. Never met him in person, but was in several FF leagues with him, always seemed to be a stand up guy.
  2. rurbaniak

    Any you mooks want to join a Dynasty league?

    Just a bag?
  3. rurbaniak

    Any you mooks want to join a Dynasty league?

    Sup CH! You in, we'll name the league after you!?!
  4. A team dropped out of the Dungeon league, which was started by in 2003 on FFT. This team last year was the Highest Scoring team in the league. Cost is $30 for a year. We still need to do our Rookie/FA draft which occurs in June and August. This is a salary cap league/ Starting Rosters: 1 QB 9 players total (1 to 4 RBs and 5 to 8 WRs) 2 TE 1 PK 1 Team Defense Roster with Salaries: Tom Brady QB -- F7 Ahmad Bradshaw RB -- 4 Ray Rice RB -- 4 Steve Smith WR -- 1 Nate Burleson WR -- 2 Wes Welker WR -- 6 Joshua Cribbs WR -- 1 Dez Bryant WR -- 2 Julio Jones WR -- 1 Derrick Ward RB -- 1 Chris Ogbonnaya RB -- 1 Mikel Leshoure RB -- 1 Danny Amendola WR -- 2 Benjamin Watson TE -- 1 Tony Schefler TE -- 1 Interested? Apply within!
  5. rurbaniak

    Name the guitarist quiz

    91/100. Disappointed in myself.
  6. rurbaniak

    This place

    WSIS, Pennington or McNair Thanks, I'll answer yours.
  7. rurbaniak

    Hey guys

    No. Also, I'm shutting down the registration for the weekend in a few mintues. I'll open it backup Monday for those still interested.
  8. rurbaniak

    Hey guys

    We have a don't ask don't tell policy.
  9. rurbaniak


    By request, and the odds of FFT going down and screwing us, here's our new drafting site: http://www.firstandinches.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=41 If you aren't part of our forums, signup. and send me a email at rurbaniak14 at yahoo.com and I'll confirm your registration.
  10. rurbaniak

    Draft Rounds 3 and 4

    4.07 - Ben Roethlisberger,QB, PIT
  11. rurbaniak

    Draft Rounds 3 and 4

    3.6 - Calvin Johnson, WR, DET
  12. rurbaniak

    Welcome to the DPL Torrid!

    Torrid, are we not going to see you for another 4 years after November?
  13. rurbaniak


    Also, can someone update the FleaFlicker site as we go along?
  14. rurbaniak


    2 hours and end of round is harsh. I got stuck at a clients all day today, without having the ability to check FFT. I'll need someone to call me in the future if I haven't picked. My schedule is too unpredictable.
  15. rurbaniak

    Post your Two keepers here!

    Tenderlion Terror RB S. Jackson, STL WR B. Edwards, CLE