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  1. rurbaniak

    What's going on?

    Twinsdad, did you get the email to join over at Sleeper?
  2. Finals: Lamar Way to Go (11-2) vs Motown Brawlers (8-5) Motown breaks out a season-high 131 pts to upset The Marauders who scores a season-low of 56 pts. Not a good combo for Marauders, can Motown pull it off in the finals? Lamar Way to Go continues to take take care of business by beating GVP. LWTG lead the league in points and wins, and the 3rd worst in points against, so he's been winning nonetheless. Off-Season: Abdullah Oblongata is stepping down as team owner, we will need an owner to take over. Commissioner: I've been commish for a little while now, I'd like to offer up the spot to anyone that is willing to run the league. I'll still be running my team, and can co-commish as needed. If you are willing to take over the duties, just reply to the thread.
  3. rurbaniak

    Playoff matchups!

    Conference Finals Matchups: East/West Conference: Lamar Way to Go (11-2) vs GVP (8-6) North/South Conference: The Mauraders (10-3) vs Motown Brawlers (8-5) Draft order: Hands Solo #7 Jackie Chan #8
  4. rurbaniak

    2022 Draft Order

    2022 Draft order.. (in process) 1 - Wyatt Warriors (2-11) 2 - TDZ Titans (3-10) 3 - Adduallah Oblongata (5-8) Lost to Twinsdad 4 - Twinsdad (5-8) 5 - Big C's Team (5-8) - Beat both Abdullah and Twinsdad in H2H. 6. Four Norsemen (7-6) 7. Hands Solo (7-6) Lost to Jackie Chan 8. Jackie Chan Presents (7-6) 9. Greenwich Village People (8-5) (2nd Round loss) 10 . The Marauders (10-3) (2nd Round Loss) 11. Lamar Way to Go (11-2) (Finals loss) 12. Motown Brawlers (8-5) (League Winner)
  5. rurbaniak

    Playoff matchups!

    1st Week Bye's Lamar Way to Go (11-2)- E/W Conference The Mauraders (10-3) - N/S Conference Games: GVP (8-5) E/W Division Winner vs Jackie Chan Presents (7-6)(E/W Wildcard winner) Hands Solo (7-6) N/S Division Winner vs Motown Brawlers (8-5) (N/S Wildcard winner)
  6. rurbaniak

    Two weeks to go, playoffs on the line!

    Last week, then playoffs update: whoisjgalt East Division GVP clinches the division last week with a 2 game lead over Big C's team. I thought GVP was going to lose going into Monday night and this would be decided in the last week, but New England shut down the Bills. gratefulted West Division Lamar Way to Go has the division, and 1st-week bye for the E/W Conference Clinched. Jackie Chan Presents is the E/W Wild Card team. North Division Hands Solo Leads the division, and has the tiebreakers. Four Norseman needs a win and a Hands Solo loss to win the Division. He also needs a win against Motown Brawlers in this last week to at least get the Wild Card spot. So this is a must-win for the Four Norseman. South Division The Marauders have the division and the 1st-week bye wrapped up for the N/S Conference. Motown Brawlers is fighting for the N/S Wild Card spot, plays Four Norseman who is also in the hunt. Again, another must-win or out game here. Wild Card / Division scenarios: If Hands Solo wins, clinches division. And the winner of FourNorseman / Motown gets Wild Card. If Hands Solo loses, and Four Norsemen wins, Four Norseman wins Division, and Hands Solo gets Wild Card with tie-breaker over Motown. If Hands Solo loses, and Four Norsemen lose, Hands Solo wins the Division, and Motown Brawlers takes the Wild Card. 2022 Draft order.. (still to be determined) 1 - TDZ Titans (2-10) Lost to Wyatt Warriors 2 - Wyatt Warriors (2-10) 3 - Adduallah Oblongata (4-8) Lost to Twinsdad 4 - Twinsdad (4-8) 5 - Big C's Team (5-7)
  7. whoisjgalt East Division: GVP has a 1 game lead. Big C's 3-0 division record is keeping him alive, it may come down to the last h2h matchup between the two! gratefulted West Division: Lamar Way to Go has the division locked! Jackie Chan Presents leads in the Wild Card for the East/West North Division: Four Norseman has a 1 game lead, and Hands Solo has won the previous matchup. Wk 13, they meet again. South Division: The Marauders have a 2 game lead over Motown Brawlers. They split the series, and Motown needs a lot of help to win the division. If it's even possible. However it wraps up, it looks like Four Norseman, Hands Solo or Motown are fighting for the N/S Wild Card.
  8. rurbaniak


    I got a Gordie Howe Hat Trick NFT I'll let go for a cool 10k if your interested!
  9. rurbaniak

    Another Mistake Transaction

    Ok, fixed.
  10. rurbaniak


    That's fine. Do your own DD, don't trust me for financial decisions. However. ETH ihas added annual burn to ETH 2.0, and SHIB has burned some, but has no real burn system. And I'll leave this here on a parting note:
  11. rurbaniak


    The tokenomics explain a lot of this. HOGE has a MAX Supply of 1 Trillion, and a circulating supply of 403 Billion. SHIB has a MAX supply of 1 Quadrillion and a circulating supply of 550 Trillion. Looking at this, you can at least tell that SHIB is limited on price. It's unlikely to hit .01 with these tokenomics. Doesn't mean you can't make money off it, or be successful in some form. HOGE burns 2% of every transaction. 1% goes back to the community in reflections and the other 1% is burned forever. Nearly 600 Billion burned to date. SHIB burned some by sending tokens to Vitalik Butterin, which initialy didn't help because he donated 10% of it for Coivd India. And they locked 50% in Uniswap for transactions. But they have no known burn system to help with this. So like BitCoin, scarcity is key here. HOGE is a true Deflationary token and easy to understand how it can be better in the long run. HOGE has a great community, working on many use cases, their team is doxxed, it was the first Certik certified meme token, without a dev wallet (no pump and dump), Charity, Hoge Aerospace Institute, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) . "All the members of a DAO need to vote for any changes to be implemented, instead of implemented changes by a sole party (depending on the company’s structure). The funding of DAOs is mainly based on crowdfunding that issues tokens. The governance of DAOs is based on community, while traditional companies’ governance is mostly based on executives, Board of Directors, activist investors. etc. DAOs’ operations are fully transparent and global, meanwhile, traditional companies’ operations are private, only the organization know what is happening, and they are not always global." Anyways, that said, I think it has a good future, it's pumping in price now, people are excited, I think it could be the next SHIB. It's already my highest earning crypto, and I bought a car with DOGE.
  12. rurbaniak


    I recommended this 5 months ago, I said pocket change, but I believe in this one, I have some cash in it. I'm up, and I believe this in the next SHIB. But with better tokenomics! HOGE is about to get listed on a top 3 Exchange, and will moon IMO. If SHIB can do it, a better one will. It will be either Coinbase, Binance or Ku Koin. And history shows what SHIB did after it hit a big exchange. HOGE has a lot of momentum. Since ETH makes it hard to buy with gas fee's, I suggest getting it on BSC and Pancake Swap. If HOGE hit's the current SHIB Market Cap, it's worth .099 cents. If HOGE hits the current DOGE Marker Cap, it's worth .075 cents. $100 invested at the current price of .0004365 gets you 229,095 coins. It hit's .01 = $2290 At DOGE Market cap it's $17,182. I'm not a financial advisor, and you should do your own DD, but I suggest you look into this one.
  13. rurbaniak

    Mistake transaction

    Ok, done
  14. rurbaniak

    Gabby Petito

    Are you saying that CNN doesn't cover all the shootings and death in Chicago?