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  1. rurbaniak

    2020 Dues

    Just sent another, let me know if you don't get it.
  2. rurbaniak

    2020 Dues

    2020 Dues are $8 for RTSPORTS. I sent out an email with payment options. PAID: Motown Brawlers Abdullah Oblongata V4E Jackie Chan (paid thru 2021 season) Twinsdad Danzone JScott BigMarc Lamar way to go Hands Solo
  3. rurbaniak

    Expanded IR and Free Agency

    Also, while testing the IR slot last night, I accidentally dropped Marquise Goodwin, I just re-added to my lineup off the Protected Free Agents list. Full disclosure.
  4. rurbaniak

    Expanded IR and Free Agency

    Yea, I don't know why that was happening guys, sorry. I didn't change any settings to make it all of a sudden work, and by time I had saw this, Dan had already picked up someone at 12:30. Also, checking emails, Bigmarc was first to get me the players and contact me, so it worked out the same as probably would of anyways.
  5. rurbaniak

    Expanded IR and Free Agency

    Sorry, at the office this week, it's hard to do this stuff on my phone. Anyways, I see that DanZone was able to do a pickup, and I tested it on my phone with the website and it worked. Are you guys using the app on a phone, or what, please give me some details. Also, if one of you can try it again and see what happens, let me know. I tested it last night from my computer and it worked as well.
  6. Free Agency opens at 12 EST on Monday August 3rd. IR Spots become available at this time as well. Due to COVID concerns, we will expand the IR slots from 2 to 4 for the 2020 Season. IR spots are intended to be used for injuries, suspensions, etc. And can be activated to the roster at any time. It is not meant to stash players to expand your roster.
  7. rurbaniak

    Poll: Establish a prize pool?

    Ok, we will shelve this until next year for discussion.
  8. rurbaniak

    Poll: Establish a prize pool?

    Also, another idea for this is RTSports allows you to run a seperate NFL Pick'em pool with your league. So we could set aside $5 a person for this, and even if you are out of the picture for winning a division or league, you still have a reason to login for this, and possibly win $60.
  9. Do we want to pay a few dollars more a year and make this a pay league? 100% consensus needed to establish. And then we can work on the details of what we want to payout.
  10. rurbaniak

    Draft Commentary

    I'm not against a $20-$25 fee. If we did $25 and it could break out something like this: 12 teams x $25 = 300 $8 RTSports fee ($96) $204 to pay out whatever we may see fit. My idea is pay out $8 to each division winner ($32), and then $172 to the overall winner. We could pay out more or less.
  11. rurbaniak

    Draft Commentary

    Well always open up Free Agency after the draft usually in July. But obviously we're running a late, so I changed it to August 3rd @ Noon EST until the season starts.
  12. rurbaniak

    Lamar on the clock @ 4.01

    3.2 Joshua Kelley LAC RB 3.3 Christopher Herndon IV NYJ TE 3.4 Rob Gronkowski TAM TE 3.5 Antonio Gandy-Golden WAS WR 3.6 Cole Kmet CHI TE 3.7 Donovan Peoples-Jones CLE WR 3.8 Van Jefferson LAR WR 3.9 KJ Hamler DEN WR 3.1 Justin Jackson LAC RB 3.11 Jace Sternberger GNB TE 3.12 Darrynton Evans TEN RB
  13. MoTown receives: Jordan Howard, HB, MIA Abdullah receives: John Ross, WR, CIN + 2020 4th rounder + 2021 4th rounder
  14. rurbaniak

    Trade: MoTown & Abdullah

    For Justin to take on the 4th rounder in 2020, he'll have to drop a player, or you'll need to re-work the deal. Either way, post your decision here.