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  1. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    KFC's stunning new product

    Donuts, no thanks. Now something like a mcgriddle type bun, so you get that chicken and waffles thing going, maybe.
  2. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Thanks Eli

    Hell of a drive. Hell of a game. Hell of a playoff run. A real shining moment in an otherwise good, but not outstanding, career.
  3. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Too Geek for the Geek Club?

    Spray paint yourself silver and be collosus.
  4. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Thanks Eli

    I judge qbs for the hall of fame based on whether in 30 years, if I'm in the hof with my hypothetical grandson, would I say he's one of the best of all time. Eli was never close to the best even among his contemporaries, let alone all time. Hell, he isn't even best at his family Thanksgiving dinner table, and might not be second best. So we're I a voter, I vote no. He had two great SB runs, and a very respectable career. Tip my hat and all that. But he doesn't deserve enshrinement. And if he had the exact same career in almost any other city, he wouldn't get it. But he will, because new Yorkers love to smell their own farts.
  5. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Pick'em and Survival League??

    One of these weeks, Miami is gonna fall ass first into a win, and every survivor league in America will end in a tie.
  6. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Who else was bigly wrong about Lamar Jackson?

    At some point, either injuries, defenses, or age will nullify the scrambling. He will have to live or die from the pocket. We shall see if he can.
  7. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    Oh sure. It's definitely a hit it and quit it sort of proposition.
  8. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    Yeah, that's where a lot of guys do their work. Happy chicks have expectations and want you to treat em nice and sh!t
  9. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!


    If youre single, Halloween is great. It's like skanksgiving. Otherwise, it's for kids.
  10. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Will the Pats Cover? Line at -19

    The phins brass were the first to throw in the towel. They purposely created this crap roster.
  11. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Ben Roethlisberger out for the year

    Except the steelers don't have a ticket, having traded their pick already. Love it. The steelers need a decade of futility.
  12. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    and things of that nature.

    Totes. For sure.
  13. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Female Wage Gap Monopoly

    Don't forget about free stuff. That one always plays well to the cheap seats.
  14. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Who else was bigly wrong about Lamar Jackson?

    Meh. There was a time when Vince Young looked good. It won't last.
  15. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Best Use of Song in a Movie / Soundtrack

    Yeah. The music in that movie was great. Tarantinos best imo.
  16. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    I really wonder how these tweets really go down. Is it discussed in meetings or with an advisor, or is he just firing off messages while sitting on the crapper?
  17. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Best Use of Song in a Movie / Soundtrack

    Yeah. And what is this God awful unholy merger of rap and country these days? That just doesn't seem to work. Like peanut butter and petroleum jelly.
  18. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Banning flavored e-cigarettes

    Oh God, is focking newbie back again? That dude is like herpes, except at least herpes is fun to get.
  19. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Happy Football Day Week 2!

    Fockin titans. Bums as usual. Eat a d!ck mariota. Go away.
  20. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Charlottesville judge rules Confederate statues will stay...

    There is a statue of Washington in London. They even have some Virginia soil around the Statue. When he first got off the ship, he stepped off onto Virginia soil.
  21. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    Until it's proven, she isn't a victim. She's an accuser. He said she said. No assumptions should be made either way.
  22. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    When I worked at the state attorneys office in Florida, the child protection division next door had a case where a woman gave birth in a warehouse, her crackhead boyfriend cut the umbelical cord with broken glass from a bottle, and they gave the newborn coca cola. Baby was a crack addict of course, as momma was. This was her sixth crack baby in five years. All massive burdens on the system. The state of Florida offered her a free hysterectomy. She agreed, only to back out because she would have had to quit crack for a while to do that. She's God knows how many crack babies she's churned out since then. This is why I think abortion should be legal, free, and yeah, in extreme cases, mandatory. It's like having a filter in the focking gene pool.
  23. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Bill Burr - New Netflix special - Paper Tiger

    See, I've seen all his specials, and the first half was all recycled. I mean certain lines verbatim.
  24. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Don’t diss me again mike

    @Mike FF Today Now he will.
  25. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    How to watch TNF?