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  1. BuschWack

    If Nick foles wins a 2nd Superbowl

    Makes sense... Just get tired of the politics of it all.
  2. BuschWack

    If Nick foles wins a 2nd Superbowl

    Thank you weepaws.. I need sustaining.
  3. BuschWack

    If Nick foles wins a 2nd Superbowl

    What is the NFL Hall of Fame? Is it the NFL Hall of "Good Enough Stats"? IMO, Plunkett, Eli Manning and Foles should all be in there. Any QB who wins a Superbowl and does some incredible things along the way to make him "Fame"ous should qualify. IMO, The Hall of Fame is there to tell a story about the famous players who made history.. period. Nick Foles did something incredible.. the TD catch by Foles on the trick play is something I'd want my kid to see in a place like the Hall of Fame. Enough of this BS of what qualifies and what doesn't ..
  4. Crazy how things change over two months. McCarthy was canned. Playing Rodgers won't save anyone's job. In fact, if Rodgers were to play and get injured in Week 16, it could cost someone their job. Betting line for Pack vs Jets started at -3.5 Pack and quickly moved to -2 Jets. Insider info? https://www.actionnetwork.com/nfl/aaron-rodgers-injury-packers-jets-line-movement-deshone-kizer-week-16-2018
  5. BuschWack

    Green Bay's moron coaches

    Remember the RB situation in Miami when Philbin was there? This Packer RB situation kinda stinks the same. Coincidence?
  6. BuschWack

    Green Bay's moron coaches

    This is the bitchiest thread I've ever read on this bored. ...
  7. BuschWack

    Vikings at Seahawks: In-Game Discussion

    That Fantasy Football Face commercial is funny.
  8. BuschWack

    Monday Night... Whatcha Need?

    I'm only up 6 points on the Thielen owner.. so basically not looking good for me.
  9. BuschWack

    If Urban was to coach in the NFL...

    Don't really think he could handle the pressure as Steelers HC, but who knows.
  10. Read this article recently and agreed mostly with the Green Bay choice. Urban can get his feet wet when it comes to how the NFL system works in preparation for a later HC position. Coaching Rodgers and coming up with a creative game plan wouldn't be too difficult for a guy like Urban. https://clutchpoints.com/3-nfl-teams-that-should-pursue-former-ohio-state-coach-urban-meyer/
  11. BuschWack

    Who else "over thought it"?

    I couldn't decide which TE to start, Burton or Graham, so instead of keeping McGuire in a flex spot, I put Burton in there. Dumb. Crowell had a bad toe and even though not listed as OUT, I should've figured McGuire would be the bell cow today. Just dumb.
  12. BuschWack

    Mike Tomlin needs to go

    This team, specifically the offense, consistently plays down to the level of the opponent. No business letting the Raiders stay close in this game. Tomlin must go.
  13. I drafted D Freeman and R Freeman. The Freeman failure.
  14. BuschWack

    Redskins at Eagles: In-Game Discussion

    Don't the Skins trust AD in the passing game? Just me, but it seems as though he's stll got it.
  15. BuschWack

    Fantasy football is a cruel B...

    Do you have Samuels in all 3 Leagues?