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  1. You were right... Tank Dell has been a beast. Ranked at #25 on IR.
  2. Through Week 14 Rice and Reed neck and neck. One ranks 30 and the other 32 in my league scoring. Mims ranks like 80. Quite a surprise here from what I thought would happen earlier.
  3. BuschWack

    George Pickens - Rest of Way

    Good analysis
  4. BuschWack

    George Pickens - Rest of Way

    Thanks. Pickens' Rest of Season schedule looks better on paper. And that's why I have both Jags receivers... the passing game. Monitoring how Mike Sullivan's play calling may change things.. but Pickett isn't Trevor Lawrence.
  5. BuschWack

    George Pickens - Rest of Way

    I could convince myself, that Pickens will have a boost rest of way with the play calling being handled by Mike Sullivan. I need calmer voices to bring me back to earth. Or do I?
  6. BuschWack

    George Pickens - Rest of Way

    Mike Sullivan helped make OBJ what he is during the 2016 Giants season.
  7. BuschWack

    George Pickens - Rest of Way

    Pickens remaining STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE Strength of Schedule (2023) OPP SUMMARY Next Game @ CIN 14th easiest opponent Next 3 Games ARI, NE, IND 11th easiest opponents Playoffs (?) IND, CIN, SEA 16th easiest opponents Rest of Season -- 9th easiest remaining
  8. BuschWack

    George Pickens - Rest of Way

    Just wanted to get opinions on Pickens' numbers going forward after the firing of Canada. Will the play calling of Mike Sullivan boost his numbers? Any homer opinions would be appreciated. I've had an offer for Calvin Ridley from the Pickens owner and may/or may not bite. Heaven knows Ridley's had his ups and downs. I also own Jaguars - Christian Kirk and rolling out both Jaguars WR has some wear. Perhaps the Steelers will force the pass going forward.. Thoughts?
  9. BuschWack

    One More Week For D'Onta's Inferno ?

    I can't figure out why Foreman can't be The Guy with a playoff caliber team.. He moves chains, runs hard, runs downhill. He just simply produces. These NFL GM's overthink stuff.
  10. BuschWack

    TNF Discussion: Jaguars at Saints - Wk7

    Carr has a very herky jerky way about his drop back, progression/reads and throwing style... That's the only way I can describe it. He struggles to get consistency with receivers, who never know when the ball might be coming. Very indecisive. Saints should be a top candidate for a QB in next draft... IMO.
  11. BuschWack

    Kaepernick pens a letter to the jets

    I get the dislike for Z Wilson.. but more talk needs to happen about how shaaaty that offensive line is. Where's the run game to take the heat off the QB? Any QB coming into this situation is toast. All aside, I'd LOVE to see Kaepernick come in and get curb stomped.
  12. BuschWack

    Da Bears

    I agree with all the sentiment here... Mine is a superflex league and have Mahomes as my starter with Goff in the SF spot. Tempting to take a roll of the dice with Fields in place of Goff, but Goff is just too consistent. Having that reliability is good. Anything could happen with Fields.
  13. BuschWack

    Da Bears

    Is this the time to buy low? Considering trading Goff for Fields. His schedule looks tempting... and the coaches are gonna let him run wild soon no?
  14. BuschWack

    Buy Low / Sell High Week 3

    I've had an offer. I get Fields. They get Jared Goff and Justice Hill. Don't really need Justice Hill. This is a 2 QB league (Superflex). I already have Mahomes. I'm very tempted because IF the Bears let Fields do what he does best, the ceiling could be high. But every 10 minutes, I slap my face to bring myself to reality.
  15. BuschWack

    The Bears have the worst coaching I've ever seen.

    No. According to GM, Poles, it's false.