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  1. BuschWack

    Green Bay WR’s…

    Thank you. My bad. The article I saw just said he was going to miss a part of training camp.
  2. BuschWack

    Green Bay WR’s…

    https://lombardiave.com/2022/07/28/packers-brian-gutekunst-veteran-receiver/ Says Packers not planning on signing a vet receiver.
  3. BuschWack

    Green Bay WR’s…

    Bump. Watson has undisclosed procedure, miss rest of training camp. But at least Aaron looks good in a wifebeater.
  4. BuschWack

    Saints at Buccaneers: SNF Discussion

    The guy I was going up against had the highest scoring team in league. Had Brady, Evans and Bucs kicker. I may pull this out.
  5. BuschWack

    Cowboys at Vikings: SNF Discussion

    I will never roster a Mike Z coached player again.
  6. BuschWack

    What do you need Wk 7 MNF?

    I need 11 points out of Collins. Heaven help me.
  7. BuschWack

    Week 6 FU Thread

    https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1449880331545350146?s=21 FU Adam Schefter. I can no longer see clownboys face and not want to punch him. Just me I guess.
  8. BuschWack

    McLaurin's value with Heinicke?

    If you can get some sort of trade done with the Gainwell owner first.. that would be ideal. so you own both. but may not be doable.
  9. BuschWack

    McLaurin's value with Heinicke?

    tough call.
  10. BuschWack

    McLaurin's value with Heinicke?

    Although I still like McLaurin with Heinicke at QB, considering your roster, this trade would make sense. Can you also pick up Gainwell off waivers?
  11. BuschWack

    McLaurin's value with Heinicke?

    I think Heinicke is a very capable backup QB. He knows where to put the ball. I'd hold McLaurin.
  12. BuschWack

    Raheem Mostert to IR

    IMO.. Elijah Mitchell. Better O Line
  13. Put him in the flex spot over likes of Gabriel Davis and D Parker. Lord help me.