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  1. BuschWack

    McLaurin's value with Heinicke?

    If you can get some sort of trade done with the Gainwell owner first.. that would be ideal. so you own both. but may not be doable.
  2. BuschWack

    McLaurin's value with Heinicke?

    tough call.
  3. BuschWack

    McLaurin's value with Heinicke?

    Although I still like McLaurin with Heinicke at QB, considering your roster, this trade would make sense. Can you also pick up Gainwell off waivers?
  4. BuschWack

    McLaurin's value with Heinicke?

    I think Heinicke is a very capable backup QB. He knows where to put the ball. I'd hold McLaurin.
  5. BuschWack

    Raheem Mostert to IR

    IMO.. Elijah Mitchell. Better O Line
  6. Put him in the flex spot over likes of Gabriel Davis and D Parker. Lord help me.
  7. BuschWack

    Cowboys at Buccaneers: TNF Discussion

    Sean Murphy-Bunting...Broken elbow. He done for year
  8. BuschWack

    Gus Edwards injury?

    I may drop Tony Jones Jr. for Bell. I'm not sure at this point what to do.
  9. BuschWack

    First game predictions!

    Top performer?
  10. BuschWack

    First game predictions!

    Bucs win 21-20 Gronk scores 2 td's and tops Zeke by a hair.
  11. BuschWack

    Latavius Murray being released

    This could also work the other way.. however. As the staff will get to see more of Tony Jones Jr. in-game and utilize him the way they could not utilize Murray perhaps in passing game.
  12. BuschWack

    It's Bold Prediction Time

    Amon-Ra St. Brown leads all rookie WR's in Fantasy Points in both Standard and PPR. Finishes in Top 25.
  13. BuschWack

    Latavius Murray being released

    Does Tony Jones Jr. have much stand alone value? Had a roster spot and jumped on him.. may hold for awhile and see what happens.
  14. BuschWack

    David Montgomery or Gibson with pick #20

    My League is 16 teams...going on it's 17th year. Got Montgomery at #34. Considering it a steal. Gibson went #14.
  15. BuschWack

    UPDATE: J.K. Dobbins - Knee injury

    I'm not considering him unless he falls in my draft. Too much doubt and history with that team at RB.