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  1. BuschWack

    Packers at Vikings: In-Game Discussion

    I was nearly the same. Opponent had Thielen, I had Boone and I was down by about 3.5 pts.
  2. BuschWack

    Packers at Vikings: In-Game Discussion

    Cousins looks like.... Cousins
  3. BuschWack

    Packers at Vikings: In-Game Discussion

    Vikings O getting cute.. not good for the Booner. *edit for my Booner
  4. BuschWack

    Packers at Vikings: In-Game Discussion

    Boone Goes the 🧨!!!!
  5. My opponent is up by 8 and still has ThIelen. I have Boone. It'll be a Christmas Miracle if I pull this out. Opponent started Indy D.
  6. BuschWack

    Championship weekend FU thread

    FU Carolina! In the Championship game and going against the Indy D. Unreal
  7. BuschWack

    Texans at Buccaneers: In-Game Discussion

    No kiddin. My opponent has Perriman and 4 catches for 17 yards isn’t getting it done. Hopefully they’re setting up Hopkins for a double move deep. PLEASE
  8. BuschWack

    L Bell VS Steelers D

    I'm starting the Pitt Defense in the Championship game, although a little worried about this Steelers vs Jets/Bell scenario. I also have the KC defense going against the Bears on my bench.
  9. Nervous going into Championship with Godwin likely OUT and Landry going against the Ravens. I could also see the Raiders shutting down Jacobs, with Week 15's loss. Not optimistic.
  10. Out point-totaled every other team during regular season by over 200+ 16 Team, .5 ppr, start: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 3 Flex (RB, WR, TE), K, DEF QB: Lamar, Jameis RB: Carson, Jacobs, D. Washington, Wilkins WR: Hopkins, Godwin, Landry, Bourne, Allison TE: Waller K: Elliott DEF: Pitt, KC
  11. Might not have any impact in Weeks 15-16 but worth watching. McGuire could be lightening in this offense.
  12. BuschWack

    Trump Won't Be Impeached Anytime Soon

    This impeachment effort is NOT really to impeach President Trump. The Democrats in the house and senate know this. They don't have the votes in the Senate and it's totally partisan.The real reason is to keep the Democrat-base enraged and engaged for the 2020 vote. Without keep the the left's voter base glued to the TV and news, they run the risk of having the base lose interest. With the economy as good as it is, to stand a chance in 2020 the Left needs to keep its base engaged and somehow attract enough of the independent and minority vote to have a chance. This is all a tactic.
  13. BuschWack

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    When will Elijah McGuire make his Chiefs debut?
  14. BuschWack

    The Official Week 8 FU Thread

    +1 I draft you just for this week when Lamar is on bye and this is the way you treat me!