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    Top 100 movie moments

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High Brad Hamilton: You know what Mrs. O'Rourke, you don't know me at all. I broke up with my girlfriend this year, I lost my job at All American Burger and two other places. I wake up, at 5:30 to go to work at Mi-T-Mart. Then, I go to school and, go back to Mi-T-Mart. My grades aren't that bad and, you're telling me the fun is over. Man, I'm still waiting for the fun to start!
  2. Vince44

    Top 100 movie moments

    Death Wish 2 Paul Kersey: Do you believe in Jesus? Thug: Yes, I do. Paul Kersey: Well, your gonna meet him. (Shoots him dead)
  3. Vince44

    My favorite cover song

  4. Vince44

    My favorite cover song

  5. I was watching the latest episode of the series "CNN 2000's" and the main story was the 2008 election. McCain was hosting what looked like a town hall a month before the big vote. A old racist toothless conservative hag took the mic to say "I don't trust Obama. He is an Arab" and McCain shot that down right away. McCain: No, ma'am. He is a good decent family man. A bunch of southern hillbilly country bumpkins in the crowd started chanting against Obama. McCain: No, sorry. We are not going to do this. We will treat him with respect. My only issue with him is we disagree. It might have cost him votes. It might have pissed off his party. But that man is a true class act.
  6. Vince44

    John McCain is a really good man

    Bump for the reminder. As a whole, this country and senate is a little weaker since this great american hero passed away. It's a shame how his party turned on him for trying to do the right thing.
  7. Vince44

    Waco - Netflix Documentary

    He was riveting in this role. I was surprised it didn't result in any award nominations. My favorite moment of the series was the last minute of episode five. Koresh rocking out to that song from the Lost Boys from the top floor of the compound. Great show. Loved watching it.
  8. Vince44

    The Last Dance

    I know. I remember well. The Bulls and Lakers were in talks about a Scottie Pippen and Eddie Jones trade during the 1997 NBA draft. Peter Vescey reported this live on TNT at the end of the night. Buss didn't want to pay another max contract was the sticking point.
  9. Vince44


    Oh look. What a surprise. Another baseless conspiracy theory by the right wing to deflect and distract from the real story. Not rooted in any facts as usual in this twelve year fantasy land game of trying desperately to beat Obama. Keep on reaching and spinning over nothing like always.
  10. Vince44

    Mitt Romney is LOSER!!

    True. Romney is the only Republican left in the Senate that ever puts country over party. McCain and Flake were the only others left that weren't corrupt to the core and always tried to do the right thing. Never sold their soul. Kept their legacy intact. Everyone respects them except the Trumpers.
  11. Vince44

    MLB Network Today

    John Sterling: David Wells! David Wells has pitched a perfect game!
  12. Vince44

    Best absolutely loathsome character

    Brad Wesley - Roadhouse
  13. Vince44

    Favorite Song - Elton John

    I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
  14. Vince44

    1995 Braves WS Rings

    Yankees were not relevant in the decade until 1996 and Toronto did absolutely nothing after 1993.
  15. Vince44

    Favorite 80’s Movie

    Major League Back to School
  16. Vince44

    Favorite 80’s Movie

    Spader was great as the teen villain in the 80's. Steph/Pretty in Pink Rip/Less than Zero Dutra/The New Kids
  17. Vince44

    Favorite Album - Aerosmith

    The late 80's to early 90's albums were my favorites. Cryin Crazy The Other Side Love In A Elevator Dude Looks Like A Lady Rag Doll What It Takes Livin On The Edge Angel Shut Up And Dance (Wayne's World 2)
  18. Bring back Countdown with Olbermann for the 7PM EST slot.
  19. Vince44

    Milwaukee Mass Shooting

    Official Statement from Senate Republicans/NRA "Thoughts and Prayers. Mental Illness."
  20. Vince44

    2024 Democratic candidate?

    Truth be told. All joking aside. Bernie will be running for a 2nd term at the age of 82.
  21. Vince44

    Official Coup attempt 3.0 thread

    Come on, guy. Start a thread about Boston sports. Get yourself a much needed win.
  22. Jodie Banks (The Fall Guy) Christine Sullivan (Night Court) Kelly Taylor (Beverly Hills 90210) Amanda Rollins (Law and Order: SVU) Laurie Partridge (The Partridge Family)
  23. Vince44

    Movie you’ve watched the most

    Rocky IV Death Wish 3 Vacation
  24. Vince44

    Wednesday non-political thread - Movie quotes

    Men at Work
  25. It's not NBA basketball anymore for starters. A three point and foul shooting contest is the game now. Two plus hours of this chit is not entertaining to watch.