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  1. The Postman

    Week 2 steamer defense

    Man, Luck looked like his old self. I would steer clear of the Skins.
  2. The Postman

    Phillip Lindsay - DEN RB

    I have to agree Agree 100%. Every back has down games, I was impressed that he was still able to put up 17 points.
  3. The Postman

    Who is your late round upside RB?

    you may have got him as a 4 but he could end up as your 2 imo.
  4. The Postman

    Bold Predictions

    Kamara finishes outside the top 15 Rb.
  5. The Postman

    David Johnson- Bad Oline, Tough Sch, QB, Coach

    Im with you. I think talent outweighs a lot and Sam Bradford when healthy is certainly more than adequate.
  6. The Postman

    Biggest Bust of 2018?

    he won't get 200. I just don't think he will be that effective. We will see.
  7. The Postman

    Biggest Bust of 2018?

    Lets just let the season play out and then we will decide who is "special" my little friend. Did your parents know you up at 3:46 AM???
  8. The Postman

    Biggest Bust of 2018?

    NFL personnel guys?? You are high if you think anyone including the "nfl personnel guys" predicted his success last year. Not even close. He overperformed. I watched him in college and I'm telling you he is NOT that special! I'm tired of debating it, let's just let it play out.
  9. The Postman

    Biggest Bust of 2018?

    I would certainly hope so.
  10. The Postman

    Doyle or Ebron?!

    I'm struggling with this question as well. One of them will have a big year!! Ebron is so much more athletic but Doyle is very consistent, something that Ebron has never been in the past.
  11. The Postman

    Biggest Bust of 2018?

    He will be in a time share starting week 1 this year. Trust me he will not take Ingram's work. He is not a between the tackles runner. Ingram's suspension won't affect anything but Ingram.
  12. The Postman

    Biggest Bust of 2018?

    Well by your posts it was obvious you drafted him, lol! Again, we shall see. We can compare notes in December. This post will still be around to reference!
  13. The Postman

    Biggest Bust of 2018?

    Sproles was never a fantasy 1st round pick.
  14. The Postman

    Biggest Bust of 2018?

    Take him in the 1st round. He has gone middle of 1st round in most of my money leagues so the majority is definitely with you. I will stick by my assessment and we will how his season unfolds.
  15. The Postman

    Biggest Bust of 2018?

    He pretty much sucked last year. 3 TDs? You can't be a superstar with 3 TDs.