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  1. Sounds like they really don’t know squat
  2. IGotWorms

    Dash cams

    I think they’re creepy but I used to say the same thing about doorbell cams — now they’re everywhere
  3. IGotWorms

    Wood or no wood?

  4. IGotWorms

    Wakanda Forgetta

    Where the crawdads sing was watchable but not great. SPOILERS!! For one thing I had a wee bit of a problem with the idea that we were supposed to celebrate a murderer getting away with her crime. I mean yeah the guy was an ahole but boy isn’t that a slippery slope!
  5. IGotWorms


    Real cheese; haphazard. Gotta watch the baking times though. You want the cheese melted and bubbly but NOT crusty
  6. And that’s all typical, but the one guy suggested Fauci should be executed. Seems like that’s going a tad far
  7. IGotWorms

    Wakanda Forgetta

    My precise reaction
  8. Not necessarily the kids themselves, though I do wonder if they were a conduit to the Greek community. However, two of the victims’ parents unfortunately have substantial and recent (like very recent) drug charges/convictions
  9. Could be drugs… seeming more and more likely
  10. IGotWorms

    Thanks fellas

  11. I don’t give a fock one way or the other. I find the people who insist on it a little weird, and the people who obsess about how others insist on it just as weird too
  12. It’s not agreeing or disagreeing on anything. It’s four college kids are brutally and shockingly murdered in the prime of their lives and all you can think to do is connect it to grievances with the media and crap like Black Lives Matter? Seriously, you’re not well.
  13. This doesn’t even make sense. You’ve always been a bit odd but lately it seems like you’ve gone way off the deep end. Seek help - seriously
  14. IGotWorms

    D. Swift. The Real Story?

    Isn’t swift kind of a nut? And injury prone? I can see why they’re not overeager to rely on him
  15. IGotWorms

    Roomba and other robotic vacuums?

    I have a Roborock. Like it but they don’t seem to hold up super well. I’ve heard Roomba is more durable
  16. You’re damn near the worst poster on here now. Please leave
  17. IGotWorms

    Curtis Samuel

    Yup, no good w/ Heinicke
  18. IGotWorms

    Thanksgiving: Patriots at Vikings

    Agholor fockin blows. Cut his ass
  19. IGotWorms

    ** Turkey Day Football Thread **

    Fockin Patriots. Finally get the offense going and the special teams sh1ts the bed. Oh well, they just aren’t that good
  20. IGotWorms

    ** Turkey Day Football Thread **

    Was really hoping the Lions would win so my Pats could potentially pull even with the Bills. But Lions are still kinda dumb, like that stupid 3rd and 1 going for the TD to Chark when you needed to keep alive with a new set of downs
  21. The ex is cleared too. Looking more and more like a serial killer. And really, who else would enter a full house in a relatively large neighborhood and stab 4 people to death in their sleep? That takes skill and commitment
  22. IGotWorms

    [ vote ] who will post the most on christmas morning?

    Wiffleball always has the potential to come out of nowhere