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  1. IGotWorms

    What??? No Search Party???

    Not a bad show, had it’s moments and funny running gags. Little weird near the end though
  2. IGotWorms

    Electric Cars in 2022

    Those CRVs have a really impressive amount of cargo space. I’ve got one I was trying to upgrade to a full size for more space, turns out the bigger ones don’t use the space nearly as well and actually even lost out to the CRV in some instances!
  3. Well you can’t take that away, but at the same time it’s obvious Brady was integral to his success
  4. IGotWorms


    First 2-3 seasons were phenomenal. Then it got silly AF
  5. It is. And then there was the 2009(?) season with Cassell. But you add it up, career-wise w/o Brady, he’s usually got a team that’s almost good enough to make the playoffs but not quite, and which is never even close to competing for a championship.
  6. Belichick is like .500 at best without Brady. That’s gotta mean something, right?
  7. Probably dated him because of it. Made some suggestion in private about how great her pvssy must be and she was interested. Now the team wants to hang him out to dry so it was a “crude” (doesn’t even say unwelcome) comment versus a successful line
  8. IGotWorms

    Is everyone ready for what's coming?

    That’s true and it’s part of the plan. The powers that be think you need an unemployment rate around 5 or 6% for a “healthy” economy. I have no idea if they’re right but that’s the theory. The idea is, yes, obviously the more people that work the better for them, but at some point inflation and just general market sh1ttyness from being unable to attract good talent creates diminishing returns and eventually overwhelms the benefit from lower unemployment
  9. IGotWorms

    Is everyone ready for what's coming?

    So the rate hikes are working and will cool off inflation at the end of the year? That sounds good. There will be some pain but hopefully not too much
  10. IGotWorms

    Electric Cars in 2022

    Yep, they cost too much. Range isn’t great either, though you could definitely get by with a second hybrid or gas powered for any road trips. But I’d like to buy an EV and I just can’t bring myself to spend that much $$, and for what? Won’t make much of a dent on global warming if only wealthy people can afford one
  11. IGotWorms


  12. That’d be funny. Slut shame all female staffers, turns out it was the owner’s gold digging trophy wife that couldn’t resist the bbc
  13. He’d have the greatest angler ever on his squad and then when that guy left he’d go back to bringing in mediocre catches like he always had before