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  1. IGotWorms

    Why are you weird?

    I’m not sure, probably something to do with my childhood. I blame my parents.
  2. IGotWorms

    Rodgers 2021 Performance

    He’s had very good or elite receivers. Usually at least a decent TE. Sometimes good RBs, sometimes not. I hear what you’re saying but it’s not like he hasn’t had some weapons.
  3. IGotWorms

    Wentz Out

    Ouch, you okay? MDC just slapped the piss out of you
  4. IGotWorms

    Wiff vs nikki

    Ticking clock caught up to her
  5. IGotWorms

    Rodgers 2021 Performance

    He’s an interesting player. Very good, elite even, and yet still overhyped. Not that stupendous in the playoffs, only ever won a single title despite Green Bay fielding competitive teams almost every year. I mean he did win the one title and has been to several other conference championships, but that ability to just will victory doesn’t seem to be there.
  6. She can see three years into the future?!
  7. IGotWorms

    The Best Burger in Every State

    Ugh. A chain is a chain. Even the best won’t come remotely close to a good local joint.
  8. Plus you got an extra game this year, Henry can’t expect to keep doing all this with an extra game to boot. I like the call
  9. IGotWorms


    Agree on TE but you can get burned with sh1tty QBs. I’m willing to wait on a low end starter but don’t let yourself get into the QB15 range. I don’t find it that beneficial to wait so long anyway because you have to immediately turn around and draft your QB2 and maybe even 3, while others are picking up quality WR3s and potential gem RBs
  10. IGotWorms

    Naomi Osaka — now with Simone Biles!!

    Chris Rock also called other black people the n word. You can’t. I know it’s really horrible and unfair
  11. IGotWorms

    Rodgers 2021 Performance

    He’d absolutely love to stick it to GB with another huge season. His wet dream is all the fans sobbing and calling for the GM’s head as he rides off to the next Tampa
  12. I can see how this would be your take, if you were an entirely unsophisticated rube
  13. IGotWorms

    Naomi Osaka — now with Simone Biles!!

    Lol you’re gonna get sanctimonious with me over continued racist comments about black women and their hair??
  14. IGotWorms

    Naomi Osaka — now with Simone Biles!!

    So then it’s bullsh1t. Which is my guess. She realized she wasn’t going to cakewalk to multiple golds and quit.