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  1. IGotWorms

    No Chiefs/Pats thread?

    Meh, maybe the Pats can play spoiler in the post season but otherwise they’re irrelevant
  2. IGotWorms

    Bench Lamar for Russell?

    You’re overthinking it
  3. So to draw an actual analogy that makes sense, I credit for Roberts for not striking down Obamacare as he knew it would delegitimize the Court. There are surely other examples but that’s the one that springs immediately to mind.
  4. Another one missing the point. Well, nobody ever said you were smart
  5. Well actually they keep getting stuck down but granted that’s mostly trumps executive orders versus acts of congress. Regardless, you seem to have missed the point. I was talking about justices of the Supreme Court making their decision based on law rather than whether a democrat or republican appointed them. You don’t seem to see that too much any more, on either side.
  6. Can’t even give credit this one little time, huh? Can’t say I’m surprised.
  7. Good for her, glad to see at least one Supreme Court Justice still rules based on the law
  8. IGotWorms

    : Christmas List Ideas

    I’ve requested a sous vide cooker and something else I don’t remember at the moment
  9. IGotWorms

    What does one do with a jar of oysters?

    Yeah I don’t know what I was thinking. Ill-advised impulse buy. I think maybe I was supposed to use em in Turkey stuffing or something?
  10. They were on sale and seemed like a good deal, so I bought em. But while the missus and I do like oysters, we’ve only ever had them on the shell. What the fock am I supposed to do with these things? Do they go in a dip or a sauce or something? Feed em all to Gloria and see what she does on aphrodisiacs?
  11. IGotWorms

    Favorite Christmas Movies!

    Debbie Does the (Peter) North Pole
  12. IGotWorms

    Vudu is who I said he is: a jealous liar

    I did it in July but fell off the wagon somewhere thereafter. First two weeks (maybe a little less) are tough then I felt great
  13. IGotWorms

    God, this Guy is F'ing Retarded

    Gross. Now that would be an impeachable offense
  14. IGotWorms

    God, this Guy is F'ing Retarded

    It’s true, I often have to flush numerous times
  15. IGotWorms

    Bust of the Year Nominees

    His job. “Injury” a convenient excuse for sucking ass