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  1. Sounds fockin stupid. Unless you’re talking about Carrie? That sh1t was dope
  2. IGotWorms

    Suicide Dominoes

    Did you do that hospital chick?
  3. IGotWorms

    Brandon McManus 'accused of sexually assaulting two women

    Grab em by the pvssy
  4. IGotWorms

    Happy Memorial Day "human scum"

    Why would anyone actually support this?
  5. IGotWorms

    Furiosa flops at the box office

    They needed a sequel that was grander in scope and said something about the state of the world today. Not politically but philosophically
  6. IGotWorms

    Justin Herbert wide receivers

    Johnson was at the absolute floor of how you can do in your rookie season and still turn into something as a WR. So it’s possible and I am intrigued, but man, he was so close to being an outright bust 🤏
  7. IGotWorms

    Furiosa flops at the box office

    Some are saying Anya Taylor Joy can’t carry a movie at the box office. I suppose that could be it, but I feel like they simply misread the desire for an origin story/prequel type movie
  8. IGotWorms

    The state of the Presidential race

    Yeah I guess I’m pretty impressed by trees that can pull off rape
  9. I’d do it, because when else are you going to get an opportunity like that? That said, if it was Trump, I can honestly say I wouldn’t.
  10. IGotWorms

    Furiosa flops at the box office

    Hollywood expected “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” to scorch the box office over the holiday weekend. Instead, the big-budget Warner Bros. prequel iced it over. “Furiosa,” which cost $168 million to make, not including tens of millions of dollars in marketing costs, collected an estimated $25.6 million in the United States and Canada from Thursday night to Sunday. Box office analysts expected the film to take in about $5.4 million on Monday, for a holiday-weekend total of $31 million. That would be the worst Memorial Day weekend result in 43 years after adjusting for inflation — ever since “Bustin’ Loose,” a comedic drama starring Richard Pryor, collected $24 million in 1981. (Box office records exclude 2020, when most theaters were closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.) The franchise’s previous chapter, “Mad Max: Fury Road,” took in $45.4 million in 2015, or roughly $61 million in today’s dollars — and that was without the benefit of a holiday weekend. Gee, I don’t know, maybe come up with an original idea for a change?
  11. IGotWorms

    Something Wicked This Way Comes

    I thought Shiva was good, or mostly good? Though, admittedly, I don’t know sh1t about religion
  12. IGotWorms

    Funeral for a person who committed suicide

    My first post in this thread told you that I understood where you were coming from. Yes she probably has given that son some rather focked up sh1t for life. Of course the husband will be scarred as well. My only point was, rather than just criticizing her and making yourself out as a saint for deigning to go to her funeral anyway, maybe think about how awful it must’ve been for her to resort to suicide, and also how nobody really gives a g0ddamn what you think — it’s not about you. But go ahead and keep ignoring the message. I don’t care. It’s my last post on the subject as we’re just going round and round here.
  13. IGotWorms

    Funeral for a person who committed suicide

    Very judgy, jer. It’s a tragedy. Nobody gives a fock what you think about it. It ain’t your family. It wasn’t your mom or your wife. Who knows what they’re going through but they don’t need your swooping in and offering criticisms. Anyway hopefully you managed to keep it in at the funeral.