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  1. IGotWorms

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Trey Lance, 49ers

    Garropalo doesn’t lose. He just gets hurt. But when he plays the niners have been nearly unbeatable. Well except in the super bowl
  2. Lots of people that don’t let their political leanings color EVERYTHING they see and do in life
  3. IGotWorms

    CA Governor Recall

    Rest my case
  4. IGotWorms

    It's good to be Tom Brady

    Of those who were free agents. Try to keep up
  5. IGotWorms

    I do not like the 7 inning double header

    It’s not just options. Who regularly has time to just sit and watch a three hour ballgame anymore?
  6. IGotWorms

    It's good to be Tom Brady

    Yeah I guess nobody was interested in the best pass rusher in free agency or two of the top WRs either. All in their prime including the aforementioned TEs. Nothing to do with the cap for sure
  7. IGotWorms

    It's good to be Tom Brady

    It was real to the Patriots last year and a bunch of other teams this year. Or did you think no one else was interested in two of the top TEs in the game?
  8. IGotWorms

    Anybody been to Tulum or Cancun?

    True. Also while I’m still an ass man, I have come to appreciate a great set of t1ts more in my old(er) age
  9. IGotWorms

    CA Governor Recall

    Yeah you pretty much do. I guess this’ll be like the QAnon thing where now you pretend like you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about
  10. IGotWorms

    Anybody been to Tulum or Cancun?

    I’m an ass man
  11. IGotWorms

    Anybody been to Tulum or Cancun?

    Is she hot and does she do BJs?
  12. IGotWorms

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Mac Jones, Patriots

    Stidham doesn’t have it
  13. IGotWorms

    Never thought I’d agree with Bruce

    Politics sure does make strange bedfellows. Never thought I’d see the day you guys would swoon for a tranny
  14. IGotWorms

    Have you noticed anything about the bored lately?

    Well this is ironic