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    2024 EdEx alternate league idea

    Do stats accumulate all year? If so, head to head each week instead might also be interesting, if we can do it.
  2. jerryskids

    What do you carry on your person?

    Front right: keys (if I'm driving) Front left: cell Back left: a care bag with stuff for the hole in my throat Back right: wallet Left wrist: garmin watch right wrist: medicalert bracelet that says I'm a neck breather, resuscitate by neck face: sunglasses (if daylight) I don't love rings so I only wear my wedding ring to go somewhere nice. Wife is the same. We know we are married.
  3. jerryskids

    Cancel Bud Light!

    The marketing folks at Busch and the other InBev brands are probably all WTF about the idiot at Bud Light (in private of course; can't anger the Woke Mafia).
  4. jerryskids

    Biden doing what he does best: falling

    How do you know this? Tree posted his source for his diaper assertion, what is yours?
  5. Was that your personal experience?
  6. jerryskids

    Greatest SNL Scenes

  7. jerryskids

    Mount Rushmore Of Superhero Villains

    Thanos Lex Luthor Joker Syndrome (from Incredibles)
  8. jerryskids

    Biden doing what he does best: falling

    Whassup Raven Fan?! I was worried you had a medical issue or something. Hope all is well.
  9. I'm not sure what to say, as what you just said is consistent with what I typed and as such I'm inclined to believe you haven't read a word I said and just want to rant.
  10. I agree with his post. I've got multiple posts here from those days talking about how any policy objection to Saint Barack of the MSM Church was met with accusations of racism. Obamacare, fast and furious, didn't matter, it was racist.
  11. Again, not relevant to my point. But to your separate point, I believe there are people with true gender dysphoria, although it is much rarer than the number of confused people claiming to be trans these days. As such I tend to give individual adults the benefit of the doubt, unless I learn otherwise. I believe that if you take the position that it is all fake, you create a non starter for the negotiation. If instead you acknowledge that a rare number exist but we need to address the social contagion in our youth. I feel that you have a solid position to defend.
  12. I disapprove of dropping something this important on your wife of 3 days, it's a selfish d1ck move and doesn't bode well for a future of honest communication. Guess that makes me sick, oh well.
  13. jerryskids

    Cancel Legos!

    We couldn't find the general box of Legos for my kids, but we did find Knex which are similar, actually a little more flexible which is good for younger kids.
  14. jerryskids

    Cancel Legos!

    I boycott Legos because all they make anymore is these prefab kits with directions to build. Where is the creativity? When I was in kindergarten we had the big box of Legos, and you had to come up with stuff to build. Sure those square wheels didn't work that well, but it was creative dambit$#@!
  15. jerryskids

    Cancel Legos!

    That's a disturbing song. Are you planning to shoot up a school?
  16. jerryskids

    Al Pacino, 83 to welcome 4th child.

    Apparently she dated Mick Jagger before him. Pretty accomplished golddigger by 29. https://www.eonline.com/news/1326885/al-pacino-steps-out-for-dinner-with-mick-jaggers-ex-girlfriend-noor-alfallah
  17. jerryskids

    Cancel Legos!

    Identifies as transracial? WTF does that mean?
  18. jerryskids

    Cancel Target

    He said "of" the Left, not "from" the Left. The latter, you don't seem to care about based on your posting history.
  19. Interesting, I recall now that you follow chess, thanks for the info. That would kinda suck for this Ding person, except the $1M, that wouldn't suck. And to an extent, all you can do is play the opponent in front of you.
  20. jerryskids

    Cancel Target

    Unless I misread that report on the bomb threats, it sounds like the source is from the Left. I presume you can provide a collection of posts from you objecting to such behavior from the Left.
  21. jerryskids

    January 6th Insurrection = Complete Bull

    I think the caring is because, say, one of the peaceful protesters during the summer of love who attempted to molotov cocktail a federal building got shot, there would be a shrine erected as we learned he was an aspiring ballroom dancer, and our current administration would contribute to his bail fund.
  22. What would Trump debate about? All he has said in the past few years is "I was robbed!" and insulting nicknames for his opponents. Hell, if it does end up Trump vs Biden, I predict zero debates. Neither one of those turds' campaigns would want to throw their candidate out there for embarrassment.
  23. jerryskids

    FB Friends and Family You Kept or Deleted over Politics

    My FB friends aren't very political, or maybe I just don't get fed such posts because I never do anything political there. As I've said before, FB is a platform for me to show you how my kids are better than your kids. Probably the worst is a niece of mine who, while 30 and married with a kid, is like a caricature of a teenage Tumblr white apologist zombie. She lives in Germany with her German husband and occasionally goes off about how terrible XXX is in America. I just laugh and think about how less inclusive Germany is to non-Germans. In general it seems I see more anti-conservative stuff than anti-liberal, but that could be my bias/perception.
  24. I'm mostly interested in the general election. I predict Camp Biden will shoot for zero debates, because, well, he has lost most of his faculties. My guess is they will acquiesce to one, extremely controlled format with set questions and responses. So not really a debate, but the MSM will push it as such. We'll see I guess.