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  1. jerryskids

    Take on me.....Fock off if you don't like it...

    I’m with TBBOM. To be more general, I like different remakes/takes of songs. I enjoy Disturbed’s Sounds of Silence for instance. Back to the OP, I loved that version and hadn’t really thought about the vocal range needed to sing it until I watched that. Quite impressive. Speaking of great vocal ranges, here is Jared Leto from back in his 30 Seconds to Mars days with The Kill (Bury Me) acoustic.
  2. jerryskids

    Who taught you to use a firearm?

    I went with self-taught because I have no specific memory of an event or person teaching me. My dad had a rifle (.30-06) that he never really shot with us, that thing has a hella kick. My first memories of shooting were with a BB gun shooting birds in our back yard. I became quite a good shot, to the dismay of the birds. Over my life I’ve done the occasional target shooting at a range or out in the wilderness, but other than one class a year ago never had formal training. I still don’t own one, but my son is getting into them, so I’m thinking of getting one myself.
  3. Interesting thought... but fear not, I’m sure our liberal posters will be around soon to tell you that you are making up slippery slopes which don’t exist.
  4. Is it possible that you are completely oblivious to the progress of the trial?
  5. jerryskids

    UPDATORED: Oh, it is focking ON!

    Since Sux bumped @davebg’s marriage thread, I’d thought I’d find what IMO is the ultimate thread of his — dog poop on his balcony. If you search “poop” with him as the author it ends up that there was an entire series of threads about his issues with poop, but I bumped the one that started it all.
  6. POTUS also doesn’t want to take your guns. Much. Just the scary ones.
  7. jerryskids

    Hello From Sober Geek Bunnysbastards

    Aye aye.
  8. jerryskids

    Hello From Sober Geek Bunnysbastards

    But those aren’t letters. Maybe if we were doing notes on a musical scale, and you typed “sol sol”?
  9. jerryskids

    Poll: 72% of Americans support voter ID laws

    I’ve explained numerous times that shotgun blasting out ballots with old unvetted addresses and voter rolls is different than the vetted absentee processes which existed prior to 2020. You choose not to see it, and will respond with more inanity about how it wasn’t a problem in the past. Carry on.
  10. jerryskids

    Poll: 72% of Americans support voter ID laws

    We’ve been through this numerous times; you are either too obtuse of an MSM rube to see my point, or you just hope if you keep saying the same logical fallacies you hope I’ll believe you. I’ll leave with your assertion that NOW is the time to change laws. One, if you don’t think more laws regarding voting changed more in 2020 than any other time besides when former slaves and women were allowed to vote, I don’t know what to tell you. Two, the changes are not to “make it harder to vote.” This is a typical liberal logical fallacy; you guys misuse the transitive property. Example: Poor people have worse health insurance. Minorities tend to be poorer. Therefore our health system is racist. Example: Conservatives oppose abortion. Abortion affects a woman’s body. Therefore conservatives want to control womens’ bodies. Correlation is not causation. I doubt you’ll see my point, and I truly don’t say this to be offensive, but rather nothing in your response pattern indicates that you ever see my point.
  11. I read an interesting post on FBG, from a lawyer I believe. He pointed out that the point of our system is not to have justice served, at least in the connotative sense. It is to have the law served. Just because someone died does not mean there has to be someone to blame. I’m not saying Chauvin is or isn’t guilty of anything, I’m just saying that if you are rooting for “justice,” you are saying let’s just skip the trial and hang him, 3rd world dictatorship style.
  12. jerryskids

    Yeah, you can’t do that

    I sometimes find it hard to believe that Worms is a lawyer.
  13. jerryskids

    Hello From Sober Geek Bunnysbastards

    Si si.
  14. jerryskids

    Anybody here eat liver?

    Yeah that’s good of course. I also like the grilled liver with onions as well.
  15. jerryskids

    Poll: 72% of Americans support voter ID laws

    Well, one possibility would be a bunch of states shotgun blasting ballots out to unvetted people using untested processes, combined with ballot harvesting. Here are a few simple oopsie examples from a quick Google search https://www.gjsentinel.com/news/western_colorado/voters-find-ballots-blowing-in-parking-lot-at-clerks-office/article_356e972c-b191-11ea-bde0-6be2673802d5.html https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/crime/nampa-police-department-report-rise-in-mail-thefts-residential/277-076da88e-4319-4b36-a056-7843e21c7e47 Of course Google, like you, tries to point the searcher to the logically fallacious argument that since there is little evidence of “widespread” (note that word is increasingly used) voter fraud prior to the cluster Fock which was the 2020 election process, that same conclusion ergo can be drawn for 2020. Again, I realize that this logical fallacy is beyond some folks to comprehend.