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  1. So... we're not supposed to discuss a hero-worshiping mural because we don't live in SF? I learned yesterday from Hawkeye that we're not supposed to discuss a socialist DA absolving homeless taking dumps in SF for the same reason. Please advise what exactly we can talk about. Near as I can tell active posters from the Phoenix area are Big Guy and ShorePatrol, I suppose I can start a thread for only the three of us. But neither of those knuckledraggers roots for the Cardinals, so that limits things. Hey guys, did you hear that Northrop Grumman is opening a new facility in Chandler$#@!
  2. jerryskids

    Browns / Steelers War ( madness )

  3. jerryskids

    ISIS bride deemed NOT a citizen

    She's kinda cute. Wood!
  4. jerryskids

    MLB 2019 Season Awards...

    Good to see Ketel Marte in a solid 4th; he had a great year and that is as high as he could realistically have finished. Also good to see Bellinger win, he's a local AZ player so I root for him even though the Dodgers are evil and failures in general. Somebody voted him 5th.
  5. jerryskids

    Browns / Steelers War ( madness )

    I guess I'm the minority but, just watching those clips, I see it differently and I don't get all of the Garrett hate. His tackle of Rudolph was downright gentle. Rudolph tried to take Garrett's helmet off; Garrett took Rudolph's off in return, then let himself get backed up by other Steelers, trying to disengage. Rudolph kept playing tough guy with his lineman in between and came after Garrett. After the helmet smack Garrett let himself get taken down, after which Pouncey punched and kicked him on the ground. I'm not saying Garrett is a saint, and I know hitting a concussed QB in the haid with a helmet is bad legal optics, but Rudolph is more to blame for the altercation. Is Garrett a known bad guy? To compare him to Burfict is pretty damning IMO.
  6. jerryskids

    Can anyone tell me what a “cuck” is?

    That sounds fun but... wait, where was I?
  7. jerryskids

    Can anyone tell me what a “cuck” is?

    I had the same reaction; almost posted "welcome back our incomprehensible naomi!
  8. On a certain level I don't object to your first sentence. However, announcing to the world that you aren't going to do it seems kinda dumb. Also, the issue should still be addressed; prosecution is just one tool in the box (maybe SF is doing so, but from my visit last year they have a lot of room for improvement).
  9. If you've read this site at all you know that I tend not to be on the whackjob end of things, although Worms sometimes thinks so. Anyway, I find this intellectually interesting -- you just finished saying that you don't envision homeless people pooping on your lawn so it doesn't bother you. Where do we draw the line of what remote actions should bother us? It's already illegal to shoot people indiscriminately.
  10. It's not in my neighborhood, why should I care?
  11. Not directly to your question but I'll post anyway. You've stated that what others call a Christmas tree doesn't affect you. Fair enough, and I personally agree. It also doesn't affect me if companies call their products "holiday [product]", unless I don't search for "holiday" and thus don't see it. The bigger issue though is the boiling frog of word control. Today it is the word "Christmas," can't use it, might offend someone. Tomorrow it will be "holiday" and we'll have to call it "winter tree". Then that might offend a Maori in the southern hemisphere and we'll call it a "green tree." Then that might offend those with red/green color blindness, but by that time we'll be scrambling to learn Chinese for our new masters.
  12. I turned it on after I read this; wow is that an awful movie! Anyway, the TV said it was from 2003, 16 years ago... how old is she? I wondered. Looked it up, she is 46.
  13. After a few watches in the interest of science, I want to say that I'm grateful that she hangs around the house in a bikini top, yoga pants, and knee-high boots. GB Instagram hoes.
  14. jerryskids

    Anyone ever had Coquito?

    Looks like Rumchata with coconut milk added. I like the taste of Rumchata and egg nogs in general, but IMO they get sweet and cloying really fast. Chicks often dig that though -- if you want to get your aunt drunk and dancing on the dinner table, go for it.
  15. jerryskids

    Mayor Pete leading Iowa?!

    That's kinda how I feel. If the Dems roll out one of the other old guard candidates, IMO they are toast.