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  1. jerryskids

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    Nope, same guy (Steve Keim). He had a good run a few years ago so he has some leeway, but I sense that this draft needs to be good or he is done. He loves to draft athletic guys from small schools, with mixed results at best.
  2. Where is Mungwater these days?
  3. jerryskids

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    One of the rumors is that they think Quinnen Williams is the best player in this draft. Another is that the NFL asked them to hold off on trading Rosen until draft day, to create hype that day. Nobody knows at this point.
  4. jerryskids

    Geek Club NFL Draft Talk

    Nobody in AZ seems to have any idea what the Cards are going to do with the #1 pick. Well, I presume the Cards themselves do...
  5. This is certainly me. Also I found the article quite interesting, largely because it didn't blame humans and I hadn't thought about the feedback loop concept. In fact the ancient climate researcher talked about historical temperature pulses, before humans were the debbil. I also liked RHR's other post about nuclear capabilities. We are how many generations behind now? That would help to solve so much of whatever humans contribute, but the cult isn't interested in actually solving the problem.
  6. If he is married with 3 kids, the right answer in the real world is "never." In the Geek Club it is "during the wake". HTH
  7. jerryskids

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

    Do you go out of your way to be a kvnt?
  8. jerryskids

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

    Yesterday? Yeah. Saw the DBacks tie it up in the top of the 9th, then Archie Bradley blow it in the bottom of the 9th. Bradley is an enigma... he seems to have the stuff to be a closer, but every year the DBacks bring in some retread to be the actual closer and Bradley seems to show himself to not be a closer.
  9. jerryskids

    Did Your Direct Ancestors Help Kill Off the Indians?

    My family all got here in the early 1900s from Poland, Italy, and what is now Slovakia. So no. But... my mom's dad (Italian) disappeared long before I was born; his nickname was "Primo" as the first born and all I've really heard of him was "he ran a reputable pool hall." So he possibly killed some people and had to disappear. My grandmother never wanted to talk about it. I was contacted by some relatives of his in Arizona about 20 years ago. My wife was all "we need to meet them and find out what happened$#@!" I was meh; in the end I respected my grandmother's wishes and let the whole thing die, pardon the pun.
  10. jerryskids

    Interesting baseball stat.

    Some DBack dood named Taylor Clark yesterday became... I find that remarkable. Baseball loves its obscure stats but it seems that in 50 years somebody else would have done this.
  11. jerryskids

    Muslims spreading love in sri Lanka

    My wife and I talked about it earlier. I wonder what the current generation thinks about Islam. When I was young, it truly was the "religion of peace." Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul Jabbar... Places like Egypt were extremely progressive: https://allthatsinteresting.com/1960s-egypt And then... those countries all turned into shiot shows. What happened?
  12. jerryskids

    NBA playoff ratings down big...

    Apparently this was a local Phoenix problem, as near as I can tell from Twitter.
  13. jerryskids

    NBA playoff ratings down big...

    So... I had the Pacer/Celtic game on ABC. A few minutes ago it went dark for a few seconds and now I'm watching America's Funniest Videos hosted by Carlton. Anyone else have this problem?
  14. jerryskids

    Happy Easter!

    My son actually likes hard liquor (Jameson is one of his faves). My generation drank cheap beer at his age. Middle daughter occasionally has a glass of wine with us. And of course drinks with her college buds. Youngest I know has partied some but she is the diabetic and is wising up as she gets older. Based on our recent Mexico trip where a bunch of classmates went down as well to party, she has become the "mom" who takes care of the drunk kids.
  15. jerryskids

    Happy Easter!

    But then I'd never hide them.