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  1. jerryskids

    GME - Gamestop Stock up $70 today to 148

    You would do it in options: buy puts or sell calls, that’s where the high risk/reward is. That’s how they got the Dukes in Trading Places.
  2. jerryskids

    Masks Protect you and others from COVID

    @nobody is an engineer and a smart ass. I don’t want to speak for him, but I suspect he was NOT seriously suggesting that as a viable option. It struck me as more of a hyperbole.
  3. jerryskids

    Jock or Band

    I was both, but mostly hung with the smart kids, which had overlap with the band. Main sports were baseball and golf, and was the lead trumpet player in the band. Graduating class was small, 163 kids. My kids had about 1000 in each class; they graduated years ago and still meet people they graduated with.
  4. jerryskids

    Geek Super Bowl Squares 2021

    Paypal sent.
  5. jerryskids

    Geek Super Bowl Squares 2021

    I’ll take 5, 21, 37, 59, 73
  6. jerryskids

    Your thoughts on family members dating.... [Update #2]

    Seems kinda weird to me, but as others have said, they are adults and you can’t stop them. And you can be thankful that you have the kind of relationship with your son that he would tell you about it, vs. doing it on the sly. I guess the only thing I’d add is: if your son can be a playah with the ladies, you might point out that this is not a good situation for that.
  7. jerryskids

    Bills @ Chiefs

    I come from the small hick part of NE PA that uses “hoagie.” After I left I quickly learned that nobody else used it so I long ago moved to “sub.”
  8. jerryskids

    Bills @ Chiefs

    Good point, I’m not a fan of that anise taste at all. I retract my objection: you may hate the weck.
  9. jerryskids

    Bills @ Chiefs

    I just looked that up; roast beef on a roll with an jus and horseradish. Seems pretty nondescript to me, not bad.
  10. jerryskids

    Salad toppings

    Nine? Store bought dressings tend to be full of sugar, especially the “lite” ones.
  11. jerryskids

    Bills @ Chiefs

    And... this is what happens when you lose control. Personal fouls every play.
  12. jerryskids

    Bills @ Chiefs

    Refs kicked the can on that, should have ejected 76 and 73 for the Bills.
  13. jerryskids

    Bills @ Chiefs

    Kicking that FG was a bit of a white flag. In general I agree with taking the points, but they aren’t going to beat the Chiefs with FGs. Basically the Bills have mustered 6 points, other than the TD off of the muffed punt.
  14. jerryskids

    Life/College advice for teens

    Interesting; while I mostly agree, I meant to mention that if you attend a local in-state university, I would still have her live away from home if financially possible. I think kids learn a lot living on their own in a relatively low-risk environment. I also agree with the job, within reason. If the kid has a tough STEM semester, it may be best to focus on school. Definitely work in the summer, take out some loans, and contribute to the funding. Another excellent life lessons. Suddenly some of those less-valuable degrees don’t seem so interesting if you are footing part of the bill and don’t see a path to recouping the money. Research university is great advice, again depending on the major. Although there are excellent jobs for technicians in STEM including health care. During my cancer journey I have been amazed at how many jobs are available in healthcare. But those tech jobs tend to be more “jobs” than “careers.” I don’t mean to disparage trades, those are fantastic pursuits. But if his daughter has great grades, at least in AZ, that gets you pretty much a free (tuition) ride at ASU/UofA/NAU. So I would look into that first.
  15. jerryskids

    Salad toppings

    Olives of any type, cheese of any type, leftover meat from dinner of any type. I love homemade croutons but... I try to eat lowish carbs, and if we have homemade bread I prefer it with either eggs in the morning or a soup or sauce in the evening, so I don’t generally do them. Dressing is generally oil and vinegar or blue cheese (skip the above added cheese). We got some rosemary-infused olive oil as a gift recently which is really good — we’ve got 3 large rosemary bushes in our yard and we plan to try the infusion ourselves. ETA: The above is for a salad intended to be a meal, not a side. For a side I’d skip the meat and often the cheese, unless we have some gorgonzola or feta already crumbled.