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  1. jerryskids

    War in Israel

    This was in America. Well, kinda, it was Oakland
  2. jerryskids

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    If my wife announced tonight that she wanted to leave me, I would be very surprised because I had seen no indication of it coming. Had I seen it coming, I would have tried to discuss it earlier. But presuming this scenario, I would discuss it with her and also suggest we go to counseling, perhaps both together and separately, to try to work through things. I would be open to behaviors of mine which contributed to her feeling and if it makes sense to modify them. If she refused to do it, again I would be surprised because that is contrary to her personality, and to this point we have both been good about addressing things before they fester. But again presuming she wouldn't try to work on things, or if we exhausted those avenues and she didn't change her mind, then sure, divorce is an option. I had already said that no-fault divorce should be available but rare. I assert that what I described above does not happen in the majority of no-fault divorce: letting things fester instead of addressing them, losing sight of the good parts and the importance of the union, refusing to work on things because "I've made my decision and it's final," are the rule and not the exception. Again, I'm talking no-fault here. The "we just grew apart" type of divorce.
  3. jerryskids

    Spinal Tap 11

    If the movie industry is relying on me, they've got bigger problems. I saw Oppenheimer in theaters this summer; the previous movie that got me to a theater was American Sniper I think, which came out 9 years ago.
  4. jerryskids

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    How old are you? I know you are young, but clearly you have very little idea of how a healthy relationship works. You seem to think it is two people sharing a place, both working their own jobs, splitting up the expenses, and occasionally focking?
  5. jerryskids

    Hunter & James Biden Subpoenas Issued

    True, we wouldn't want them curating the info and only releasing what helps their case *cough* 1/6 tapes *cough* Seriously though, I don't love this "what's good for the goose..." approach. I'd rather the Reps take the high road.
  6. jerryskids

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    Yes, but those aren't the same. Those insure against accidents and malicious intent from others. If I wear a seatbelt because I fear my wife may drive the car into a wall to kill me if I don't, then your analogy works.
  7. jerryskids

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    To me, a prenup (other than the exception I mentioned) is basically saying, "I'm betting that we're going to fock this marriage up and get divorced." I don't think that is consistent with my stated belief that you should find a person who shares your desire for a lifelong union.
  8. jerryskids

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    I think that once the kids are grown, women get much less out of marriages on average than men. Remarriage statistics bear this out for widowed people: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8807029/
  9. jerryskids

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    He knows how to get a prenup. I'm not a fan of them for first marriages, although I understand the need for prenups for future marriages, if there are kids involved from the first. FWIW, he makes more than his current GF, but not crazy more, maybe 30-40%. They are both in tech jobs, but his area pays more.
  10. jerryskids

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    I see my post has had a significant impact, as we've now moved to the "how can we make it even easier to leave your life partner if you are having a bad day" phase of the discussion.
  11. jerryskids

    Spinal Tap 11

    I'm intrigued, thanks for the info. I'll probably watch it.
  12. jerryskids

    Nikki Haley in 2024!

    Not even close. Nothing about Trump is kingly; in your example he came off more like Veruca Salt. Obama looked like King Joffrey that day with McCain.
  13. jerryskids

    Nikki Haley in 2024!

    You keep saying this, but it doesn't make it true: ETA: Remember a smug Obama to McCain: "Elections have consequences." That was the closest I've ever seen a president act like a king.
  14. jerryskids

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    A few years ago he was vehemently against marriage, for the reasons you just posted to gutter. Then a funny thing happened: I got cancer, and he watched his mom and dad fight through it together. He realized that he wasn't going to be 25 forever, and that he wanted someone to be there for the bad times and the good, and that he wanted kids who would care like he did about me. He has really matured in that time, so much so that I sometimes forget and still think of him as the immature boy he recently was.
  15. jerryskids

    Kansas City Chiefs Fan vs The Woke Mob

    Bless your heart. This is categorically wrong; Europe realizes it finally, but the American wokesters haven't gotten there yet. Anyway, I don't want to sidetrack your defense of your behaviors here, carry on.