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  1. jerryskids

    Pests of the Geek Club

    Anyone who doesn't know how to spell "Chtulu" is borderline retarded
  2. jerryskids

    Movie you’ve watched the most

    1/2 way through the movie, the station took an intermission. 20-30 minutes of just a curtain on the screen. This was before pause buttons of course. People went and had dinner, pooped, sex, maybe all 3 if they played it right.
  3. jerryskids

    Movie you’ve watched the most

    Interesting question... the answer lies probably in something that was on every year when I was younger, probably as part of a holiday. I keep thinking of The Ten Commandments which one of our network stations showed every year at Passover. Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner... so let it be written, so let it be done.
  4. jerryskids

    Anyone own or consider buying a franchise?

    Interesting, I just looked it up. Despite its success, Chick-fil-A charges franchisees only $10,000 to open a new restaurant, and it doesn't require candidates to meet a threshold for net worth or liquid assets, the company told Business Insider. That's cheaper than every major fast-food chain in the US.Apr 24, 2019
  5. jerryskids

    Anyone own or consider buying a franchise?

    Funny you ask; I drove past one on my way to the conference which was downtown, and I drove thru a sketchy part of the city when I saw it. I thought "who needs a franchise, I can just buy a shithole and kidnap people and call it an escape room!"
  6. jerryskids

    Fake Meat

    My daughter is vegan and enjoys the smell and taste. It gives me hope that she'll end it and get back to what I consider a healthier diet.
  7. jerryskids

    Fake Meat

    Nobody says that it tastes better, the "point" is that it tastes comparable to real meat. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you get to enjoy the taste and the convenience of driving thru.
  8. jerryskids

    Anyone own or consider buying a franchise?

    Went to the event today, it was meh at best. - Jabz Boxing, fitness place for women only, the guy described their target market as women who look like shiot. - Stumpy's, where axe-throwing meets drinking, what can go wrong? Nothing ever has happened, according to the booth dood. - Java Brew Collection, which provides a machine for fancy coffees in the workplace. Probably the most viable franchise I saw. - I also sat in on a presentation about creating your own business from Allstate Insurance. Then they said they aren't really a franchise, although they are looking for a few good agents. Not what I'm looking for, but seemed like the most viable business.
  9. jerryskids

    Anyone own or consider buying a franchise?

    We've got one near me unfortunately. Would be a good choice with Sundays off.
  10. This might get me bannored by Mike FFT but I never got the Anniston thing. Courtney Cox was 100000X hotter on Friends IMO. Anniston had a great body but somewhat of a basset hound face. She has aged well, I'll give her that, but I didn't know it at the time.
  11. jerryskids

    Anyone own or consider buying a franchise?

    Ah... I used to work there, that wasn't the only bad bet they made.
  12. jerryskids

    Anyone own or consider buying a franchise?

    I don't get it.
  13. Not a sports franchise, a regular business one. There is a convention here tomorrow and I'm planning on checking it out; wondering what the major things (plus or minus) I should be on the lookout for. TIA
  14. jerryskids

    Fake Meat

    My daughter is vegan and likes them; I've tried hers and it tastes pretty much like meat. Seemed a little dry and the texture wasn't quite right, but that happens with real burgers at fast food joints. If I hadn't known I probably wouldn't have noticed. Thankfully she knows they are no better health-wise than a real burger so she usually eats actual vegetables instead of that crap.
  15. jerryskids

    NFL Draft is going full Vegas

    My brother lives just west of the stadium in Vegas; if a meat happens I could probably make it work. Also, back to the draft, the Bucs should take the Treasure Island boat and attack the Bellagio. :