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    Kyler this week

    Word this evening is that Murray is more likely to miss tomorrow than he is to play. Even if he does play, how much is he going to be able to run? Murray really isn't a QB you can use if he's restricted to throwing. With Burrow on bye I'm holding my nose as I scrape the barrel for a viable plug in. I'm looking at Carr out there with a late game as well and may have to let this go down to the wire. Other options would be Wilson, Dalton, Brissett, etc. What's most annoying is the prospect of having to drop someone else to make room for a one week QB play.
  2. Cretins

    Your worst draft pick ?

    I was coming in to post about Sutton as well. Only in this league there are 40 keeper picks off the board to start the draft, so I took him in the 3rd. Ouch!
  3. Cretins

    Nyheim Hines traded to Bills for Zack Moss

    That's correct. Non PPR. And I'll repeat for the elf as he seems a little slow... Hines hasn't run for 60 yards in a game nor crossed the goal line before week 8. His combined score for the entire season up to their week 7 bye was under 20 points in our league. Add to that the fact that he's clearly not even the second string RB on a piss poor offence, why the heck would you carry him? Weekly scores for our league before the bye .. 5.76, 3.7, 3.4, 1.1, 0.8. Sorry, there were much better stash options than Hines before that trade. But if you think that's value, I'll let you know next time we have an opening. You can save everyone else from the garbage.
  4. Cretins

    Nyheim Hines traded to Bills for Zack Moss

    Snarky snark snark. No, Mr Elfman, not 8 team. Long standing deep and aggressive keeper league, and given that he has yet to surpass 60 combined yards once this season with no TDs before 2 days ago, he was dropped a while back. But thanks for the completely useless post.
  5. Cretins

    Nyheim Hines traded to Bills for Zack Moss

    What does this do to Singletary's value? Will he continue to be fed 75% of their snaps, or is Hines going to eat into that more than Cook has been? They wouldn't have made this move if they didn't have some thoughts on how they could use him. As a Singletary owner I feel like I have to put the waiver claim in on Hines now.
  6. Cretins

    Buf at Bal Weather

    I hear ya! After regretting sitting Singletary for Dobbins last week, they both rode the pine this week.
  7. Cretins

    Buf at Bal Weather

    Debating what to do with Singletary with this. The weather should call for a lot of running, but could also mean a lost fumble here and there. After playing him weeks 1 and 2, then sitting him for his lone TD last week, which ever choice I make will be the wrong one.
  8. Cretins

    Week 2- What do you need from MNF to win?

    I felt pretty good going into last night down 4 points with Dalvin Cook and Singletary left, against only AJ Brown for my opponent.
  9. 18 round keeper league. Picked Jared Bernhardt as my long shot last pick. Last year it was Pat Freiermuth. I got a lot of "Who?" responses for Freiermuth at the time, but nothing like Bernhardt this year. He's not even in the nfl.com list of eligible players yet!
  10. 4-player keeper league, non PPR. Already keeping Dalvin Cook, Kyler Murray and JK Dobbins. Now trying to figure out the last keeper. I've narrowed it down to Higgins in the 4th round or Marquis Brown in the 9th. If all were even it would be Higgins in a heartbeat, but there's the round differential to consider here. Brown @ 9 is technically a better value up front, but the question is whether or not Brown + potential 4th round pick will out perform Higgins + potential 9th round pick. Brown could put up some great numbers in the first few games, but I can't see it keeping up once Nuke returns.
  11. Cretins

    WR keeper - Higgins @ 4 or M. Brown @ 9

    Thanks for the input guys. There was one other wrinkle to the equation that I wasn't thinking about with my initial post. Keeping Brown would also have push another keeper from 9 to 8 due to the way the mechanics of our league work, so really the choice was... - Higgins + 8th round pick - Brown + 4th round pick Given that there will be 40 players off the board already and I'm missing my 1st round pick to start (Cook), I figure the WR picking could be pretty slim by the time I get my 2nd round pick (2.02). I ended up keeping Higgins in the 4th.
  12. Cretins

    Keeper help

    Stafford all day. Here's mine: https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/509931-wr-keeper-higgins-4-or-m-brown-9/
  13. Cretins

    Pick 1 WR to keep in 6th or 9th round

    Deebo hands down. Here's mine: https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/509931-wr-keeper-higgins-4-or-m-brown-9/
  14. Cretins

    Help w keeper selection please

    Mooney given PPR, thought I'm not super sold on him. I'd go Dobbins in non-PPR. Here's mine: https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/509931-wr-keeper-higgins-4-or-m-brown-9/
  15. Cretins

    WR keeper - Higgins @ 4 or M. Brown @ 9

    That's a hard one to predict without seeing everyone's keepers yet. I do know one manager who's pretty high on him, so it wouldn't surprise me if he reached for him. I love Brown's early season potential, but I'll be annoyed later in the season if he crashes down to earth and Higgins explodes. I'm also a Bengals fan, so trying to not to look at this through Homer glasses!
  16. A. Super solid start, plus a lot of potential in Akers. While Deebo in the 6th is tempting, the value of Akers in the 17th will likely be much higher. Then again my Achilles heel has always been rolling out a potent RB corp with middling WRs. Season success depends on catching those breakout WRs which tend to appear more often than breakout RBs. Here's mine: https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/509931-wr-keeper-higgins-4-or-m-brown-9/
  17. Cretins

    Keepers for 2022 Season

    Harris and Kupp hands down. Here's mine: https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/509931-wr-keeper-higgins-4-or-m-brown-9/
  18. Cretins

    who to keep?

    Swift in the 2nd. Depending on how many keepers are kept in your league, Swift would likely go in the 1st round if you didn't keep him. Keeping him puts him on your roster with a 1st round pick still to go giving you a solid start. Dobbins I'm more worried about (granted I'm keeping him in the 9th, but wouldn't for a 4th).
  19. Cretins

    What would you do here? Help please

    With Stafford on the roster you can wait for another QB. Hard to say who's going to be available to you with the 7th pick, but I would go into it thinking RB in the 1st and best available RB or WR in the 2nd. You have to be flexible based on who's available to you. Here's mine: https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/topic/509931-wr-keeper-higgins-4-or-m-brown-9/
  20. Cretins

    Site hacked

    So I received an e-mail this morning to an e-mail address that I rarely use anymore stating something along the lines of "We know your password is xxxxxx. Send us money or we'll send video of your webcam while you were on porn sites, blah blah blah". Thing is, the password they quoted is one that I only use on FFToday, and the e-mail address is the one registered here. So, uh, I think FFToday has been hacked with user profile and password information stolen. Luckily I don't use that password anywhere else, but it may be worth looking into and notifying users....
  21. Cretins

    2022 stash

    Yeah, I had a note at the beginning of the season to pickup Akers before the end of the season for our keeper league. I came across an article about his specific injury since then, and it went into depth about the top notch RBs who have had this exact injury. None have come back to their previous form. I wish I had kept a link to the article, but either way it has me looking at someone like Etienne instead.
  22. Cretins

    Lamar Jackson Watch - Week 11

    Chicago D shoots up the rankings with this news.
  23. Cretins

    Robert Woods Torn ACL

    On the other hand, if Woods being out for the season was known it would have given OBJ's agent more leverage to demand more money.
  24. Cretins

    Stat Correction for the win

    That Bills blocked kick changed my squeaker win into a loss last week too. Annoying, but to quit the league over it? Someone needs to take himself a little less seriously.
  25. Cretins

    Kyler Murray is the #1 fantasy QB

    I have Murray going up against Brady. Hard to say which one was going to end up ahead. In the end Brady edged out Murray by less than 1 point. Amazing that Brady's still got it!