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  1. Cretins

    2022 stash

    Yeah, I had a note at the beginning of the season to pickup Akers before the end of the season for our keeper league. I came across an article about his specific injury since then, and it went into depth about the top notch RBs who have had this exact injury. None have come back to their previous form. I wish I had kept a link to the article, but either way it has me looking at someone like Etienne instead.
  2. Cretins

    Lamar Jackson Watch - Week 11

    Chicago D shoots up the rankings with this news.
  3. Cretins

    Robert Woods Torn ACL

    On the other hand, if Woods being out for the season was known it would have given OBJ's agent more leverage to demand more money.
  4. Cretins

    Stat Correction for the win

    That Bills blocked kick changed my squeaker win into a loss last week too. Annoying, but to quit the league over it? Someone needs to take himself a little less seriously.
  5. Cretins

    Kyler Murray is the #1 fantasy QB

    I have Murray going up against Brady. Hard to say which one was going to end up ahead. In the end Brady edged out Murray by less than 1 point. Amazing that Brady's still got it!
  6. Cretins

    anyone got any good scoreboard websites?

    As an added comment to how fast they update their stats, when I was listening to a game on SiriusXM this afternoon The Score app was about 3 plays AHEAD of the broadcast. I had to stop looking at that game in the app because it was giving away touchdowns a few minutes before I heard them.
  7. Cretins

    anyone got any good scoreboard websites?

    I second The Score. I'm rarely at home Sunday afternoons anymore, so the app is a great way to track what's going on when I can't watch. The stats are great too. They're updated within about 30 seconds of the play (if that). Highly recommended.
  8. Cretins

    WR1 in Miami

    "WR1" and "Miami" together in the same sentence? Isn't that pretty much an oxymoron?
  9. Cretins

    Cordarrelle Patterson...

    RB only on nfl.com
  10. Cretins

    Josh Gordon

    I have a move I need to make before the weekend, but I'm going to use the spot to pick up Gordon first just to get the reaction from the group.
  11. Cretins

    David PatteRn rides again!

    I came to the site tonight expecting to see exactly this. RIP David PatteRn.
  12. Cretins

    Keeper choice decision

    Thanks guys. Obviously I was overthinking this! I actually submitted Montgomery as my final keeper, but with time to change before our actual deadline I kept questioning that choice and started leaning the other way. Way to set me straight!
  13. Cretins

    Keeper help...Claypool or D. Harris?

    This. We know what Claypool is and that he will be boom or bust. A NE RB, on the other hand, is and will always be a complete mystery as long as Belichick is around.
  14. Cretins

    Keeper choice decision

    Argh! I'm struggling with this decision far too much and keep flipping. Background: non PPR league, 4 keepers. Already keeping Dalvin Cook (1st), Nick Chubb (6th) and Kyler Murray (7th) Now I'm down to two players for my final keeper who will end up as my 3rd RB: David Montgomery @ 4 Chase Edmonds @ 11. Both have a lot of questions, mainly Montgomery with Cohen coming back and Williams looking to steal carries. I held Edmonds all last year hoping for another David Johnson scenario (he paid off in spades for me as a late round keeper for a few years), so the Conner pickup was a bit deflating after the initial anticipation after Drake moved on. Between Conner, Kyler's goal line running and Arizona gearing up to be a pass-first team, the luster of Edmonds has faded. IN the end, while Montgomery's late season push last year is really appealing, I think I'm down to the theory that Edmonds + whoever I can draft in the 4th will have better potential than Montgomery + whoever I can get in the 11th. What say you? Keep Montgomery @ 4 or Edmonds @ 11?
  15. Cretins

    Keeper preference: Cook or Hill?

    Being able to keep both Hill and Cook would completely change the situation and there'd be no question, but this is a situation where I can keep one or the other, not both. The dynamics to the league rules using a franchise tag option is too complicated to get into here. Suffice to say it's setup to force talent back into the draft pool. In this case I have to let one go.