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  1. Cretins

    Made it to the ship?

    Woohoo! Made it to the final dance! I was worried after week 6 with a 3-3 record, but went 6-2 after that. Fortunately the 4th place team who squeaked into the playoffs knocked out the top team in the semi's so I'm hopeful, especially after setting a season high score this past weekend. It was basically a two-horse race at the end of the season before #1 seed tanked, so the odds are definitely in my favour now. But any given Sunday, right? Can't say the payout will be anywhere near as good as the OP, but I'll take it.
  2. Cretins

    Buy Low: Cam Akers

    I'm getting excited about his keeper potential for the future!
  3. Cretins

    Girls in Football

    Seriously? There's no crying in baseball!
  4. Cretins

    Best/Worst draft values...

    Not sure how Mark Ingram was missed in worst RB value. 40 points on the season after 10 games. It took me until he hit the COVID list last week to finally drop him. What a waste of a draft pick and bench spot! For WR, I was questioned by league mates about not keeping Juju coming into this season after having him for the past couple of seasons. I just didn't trust him after last year's performance (even without Big Ben, I felt the signs were there). I'm much happier with my D.Johnson pick a few rounds later!
  5. Cretins

    Titans players/staff test positive for COVID-19

    I wouldn't say laughing stock. From here it's more like a mix of shock, disbelief and even pity. The numbers coming out of the States are mind blowing, and not in a good way. (quote attribution corrected)
  6. Cretins

    Falcons at Packers: MNF Discussion

    Matty Ice looks sloppy tonight.
  7. I was thinking about this earlier today and have proposed this to my league, but I can't force it in for this week given that I'm probably the biggest beneficiary. With Diontae Johnson and Jonnu Smith already forced into a bye week and Godwin out, not knowing whether or not Hill is a go this week is painful. I'm scraping the barrel with Sanders, Renfrow and whatever other waiver wire scrub I can find to fill in for Hill (likely Greg Ward). I wish I thought of this earlier!
  8. Cretins

    Fournette to Bucs

    So with all the injuries to elite RBs today, are we looking at Fournette being the league winning draft choice that no one wanted? He was the butt of a few jokes at our draft as he continued to fall to the 8th round.
  9. Cretins

    The week of the TE!

    Fant's on the board now with a TD and a 2pt conversion. Not a lot of yards at 35, but his box score's pretty good.
  10. Cretins

    Laviska Shenault

    At this point in the season, what have you got to lose to pick him up and stash him (if you don't have any sort of cap involved)? I took Golden Tate as my Mr. Irrelevant pick this season. With Tate hurting, I'm going to drop him for a potential unknown lottery ticket. If it doesn't pan out, m'eh, he gets dropped next week. I like the news of potentially moving to RB when needed.
  11. I see what you did there. Nicely done.
  12. Cretins

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    Geez, can't tell you my first year, but pretty close to 2000. Around years 3-4 I rode Priest Holmes to two consecutive championships. Hard to remember who else was on those rosters.
  13. Cretins

    Wind Concerns - Week 8

    Weather report means playing Brees over Allen for me. I'd prefer to see Brees get a game under his belt before playing him, but with the wind in Buffalo now predicted to be in the 29 - 34 mph range with "gusts as high as 55 mph", Allen becomes a huge risk.
  14. Man, this is the exact same dilemma that I've been flip flopping on all morning. I was hoping to wake up to reports that the wind and rain have calmed down in Buffalo, and while the rain doesn't appear to be as much of an issue, the wind sounds like it's still going to be a huge issue. So on one hand a healthy Allen in heavy wind, or a returning Brees that we haven't seen yet. I feel like I'm leaning towards Brees now. I think the ceiling is higher this week, but unfortunately the floor is probably lower if he doesn't last long. "Windy, with a southwest wind 23 to 28 mph increasing to 29 to 34 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 55 mph"
  15. Cretins

    Antonio Callaway - 4 Game Suspension

    Now with Callaway coming back this week, is he worth a stash? There are a lot of mouths to feed in that offence with OBJ, Landry and Chubb, but he showed some decent flashes in the past. My team has been hit badly with injuries, so he's catching my eye as a possible hidden gem.