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  1. Cretins

    4 Keeper League

    Thanks for the input guys! One comment re: getting Higgins in round 3 or 4, with the draft starting with 40 players already off the board, players tend to go earlier than their ADP in the earlier rounds. Chances are he won't make it out of the 2nd round. And to the question about scoring, QB TD = 6 points, so Burrows @ 5 really does make sense. I've yet to come up with a combination I like that doesn't include him. I think my biggest waffling now is between Cook @ 9 and White @ 13. Grabbing White 4 rounds later is tempting, but I really don't have much faith in that Bucs offence this year. I think I have to stick with Cook.
  2. Cretins

    Stevenson & Adams for Chase?

    Keep Chase. We don't know what the Stevenson/Elliot timeshare is going to look like yet, so it's hard to predict his value. You know what you have in Chase.
  3. Cretins

    Blockbuster trade…why am I hesitating?

    Another vote for accepting that trade. I'd take Kupp in round 2 over Kelce in round 1 in a keeper league.
  4. Cretins

    A keeper question on RB's

    I'll echo Walker. Mattison doesn't hit me as a true starter. I'm surprised Minni hasn't brought in one of the free agent veterans. ...yet.
  5. Cretins

    Early Keeper Question (Keep any 3)

    Chubb and Allen are the obvious first two. I don't see any way you don't keep those two given there's no cost to them. That 3rd one is a bit harder. I see the arguments for Hock and Pitts, but I just wouldn't be able to bring myself to keep a TE not named Kelce over a decent starting WR or RB. I think #3 for me would be Walker.
  6. Cretins

    4 Keeper League

    10 team non PPR league. Play 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR and 1 flex. Up to 40 players off the board right from the start due to keepers. The slam dunk / no brainer Tyreek Hill @ round 2. He's a given, so really it's just 3 of the following 5... The guys I really like, but early picks Tee Higgins @ round 3. (Am I being blinded as a life-long Bengals fan finally seeing success?) Joe Burrow @ round 5. Starting with a top tier QB and not having to worry about a backup until later means some comfort for that position. Guys I'm not as high on, but the value is pretty sweet Rachaad White @ round 13. Late pick, but that O line looks horrible and game script will probably call for heavy passing when they get behind. Tyler Lockett @ round 14. Was last year an illusion? Can we really trust Geno Smith? The guy I'm really on the fence on James Cook @ round 9. I kept waiting for the Bills to pick up one of the veteran free agent RBs, but still nothing. Does this mean they have faith in Cook? I want to start with at least 1 RB and I'm leaning towards Cook but could be swayed over to White at his value. Originally I was looking at Hall @ round 4 but the Dalvin signing killed that.
  7. Cretins


    I would have said Hall a few days ago, but the Dalvin signing throws that out the window. Gotta go with Mattison.
  8. Cretins

    Kyler this week

    Word this evening is that Murray is more likely to miss tomorrow than he is to play. Even if he does play, how much is he going to be able to run? Murray really isn't a QB you can use if he's restricted to throwing. With Burrow on bye I'm holding my nose as I scrape the barrel for a viable plug in. I'm looking at Carr out there with a late game as well and may have to let this go down to the wire. Other options would be Wilson, Dalton, Brissett, etc. What's most annoying is the prospect of having to drop someone else to make room for a one week QB play.
  9. Cretins

    Your worst draft pick ?

    I was coming in to post about Sutton as well. Only in this league there are 40 keeper picks off the board to start the draft, so I took him in the 3rd. Ouch!
  10. Cretins

    Nyheim Hines traded to Bills for Zack Moss

    That's correct. Non PPR. And I'll repeat for the elf as he seems a little slow... Hines hasn't run for 60 yards in a game nor crossed the goal line before week 8. His combined score for the entire season up to their week 7 bye was under 20 points in our league. Add to that the fact that he's clearly not even the second string RB on a piss poor offence, why the heck would you carry him? Weekly scores for our league before the bye .. 5.76, 3.7, 3.4, 1.1, 0.8. Sorry, there were much better stash options than Hines before that trade. But if you think that's value, I'll let you know next time we have an opening. You can save everyone else from the garbage.
  11. Cretins

    Nyheim Hines traded to Bills for Zack Moss

    Snarky snark snark. No, Mr Elfman, not 8 team. Long standing deep and aggressive keeper league, and given that he has yet to surpass 60 combined yards once this season with no TDs before 2 days ago, he was dropped a while back. But thanks for the completely useless post.
  12. Cretins

    Nyheim Hines traded to Bills for Zack Moss

    What does this do to Singletary's value? Will he continue to be fed 75% of their snaps, or is Hines going to eat into that more than Cook has been? They wouldn't have made this move if they didn't have some thoughts on how they could use him. As a Singletary owner I feel like I have to put the waiver claim in on Hines now.
  13. Cretins

    Buf at Bal Weather

    I hear ya! After regretting sitting Singletary for Dobbins last week, they both rode the pine this week.
  14. Cretins

    Buf at Bal Weather

    Debating what to do with Singletary with this. The weather should call for a lot of running, but could also mean a lost fumble here and there. After playing him weeks 1 and 2, then sitting him for his lone TD last week, which ever choice I make will be the wrong one.
  15. Cretins

    Week 2- What do you need from MNF to win?

    I felt pretty good going into last night down 4 points with Dalvin Cook and Singletary left, against only AJ Brown for my opponent.