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  1. Cretins

    Fournette to Bucs

    So with all the injuries to elite RBs today, are we looking at Fournette being the league winning draft choice that no one wanted? He was the butt of a few jokes at our draft as he continued to fall to the 8th round.
  2. Cretins

    The week of the TE!

    Fant's on the board now with a TD and a 2pt conversion. Not a lot of yards at 35, but his box score's pretty good.
  3. Cretins

    Laviska Shenault

    At this point in the season, what have you got to lose to pick him up and stash him (if you don't have any sort of cap involved)? I took Golden Tate as my Mr. Irrelevant pick this season. With Tate hurting, I'm going to drop him for a potential unknown lottery ticket. If it doesn't pan out, m'eh, he gets dropped next week. I like the news of potentially moving to RB when needed.
  4. I see what you did there. Nicely done.
  5. Cretins

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    Geez, can't tell you my first year, but pretty close to 2000. Around years 3-4 I rode Priest Holmes to two consecutive championships. Hard to remember who else was on those rosters.
  6. Cretins

    Wind Concerns - Week 8

    Weather report means playing Brees over Allen for me. I'd prefer to see Brees get a game under his belt before playing him, but with the wind in Buffalo now predicted to be in the 29 - 34 mph range with "gusts as high as 55 mph", Allen becomes a huge risk.
  7. Man, this is the exact same dilemma that I've been flip flopping on all morning. I was hoping to wake up to reports that the wind and rain have calmed down in Buffalo, and while the rain doesn't appear to be as much of an issue, the wind sounds like it's still going to be a huge issue. So on one hand a healthy Allen in heavy wind, or a returning Brees that we haven't seen yet. I feel like I'm leaning towards Brees now. I think the ceiling is higher this week, but unfortunately the floor is probably lower if he doesn't last long. "Windy, with a southwest wind 23 to 28 mph increasing to 29 to 34 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 55 mph"
  8. Cretins

    Antonio Callaway - 4 Game Suspension

    Now with Callaway coming back this week, is he worth a stash? There are a lot of mouths to feed in that offence with OBJ, Landry and Chubb, but he showed some decent flashes in the past. My team has been hit badly with injuries, so he's catching my eye as a possible hidden gem.
  9. Cretins

    muscle hampster

  10. Cretins

    NFL.com Waiver setting question

    We tried the "worst to first" strategy once. Everyone hated it and the next year we were right back to a rolling waiver. It adds an element of strategy as to when you want to burn a high priority.
  11. Cretins

    Drew Brees Thumb Injury - Out 6 Weeks

    FML. I had two QBs on my roster. Brees and Big Ben. Time to find a scrub off the wire!
  12. Cretins

    Who are you dropping?

    Thompson is the one I'm struggling with. Late round lottery pickups are worthy in our keeper league as value next year is this year's pick -1 round for a maximum of three years kept. I struck gold with an unknown rookie called David Johnson a few years back. He tied up a bench spot for the season because I liked the flashes I saw behind C2J and that paid off big time the following year at a super cheap price (14th round). I grabbed Thompson late this year before news of Shady going to KC in the hope that he would be the next DJ-like late round gem. I thought I'd park him until it was his turn, but now we're not even getting a chance to see what he can do in a real game. I'll kick myself if I drop him and he starts to blow up. With a WW pickup later in the season his keeper value won't be as good (round 9 vs round 13). Other than Thompson, the other one I'm likely going to drop is Big Ben (behind Brees) and possibly MVS (I have lots of WR depth already).
  13. Cretins

    Predictions for Opening Night

    Good job AxeElf! Although I don't think I'd share that you nailed Jimmy Graham. You should change that to Natalie Portman.
  14. Cretins

    Buffalo RBs

    With all the talk of McCoy's impact in KC, there's little about how things are going to shake up in Buffalo. Are we looking at Gore providing the veteran experience to groom Singletary? Or is Singletary going to be given the reins right off the bat? I haven't been following Bills camp at all to know how they've each been looking, but gut says the season starts with Gore starting with a slow transition to Singletary taking more and more snaps as the season goes along.
  15. Cretins


    He was active in our league in a game between two teams playing for the last playoff spot. One manager is very happy this morning. The other .. not so much.