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  1. Cretins


    He was active in our league in a game between two teams playing for the last playoff spot. One manager is very happy this morning. The other .. not so much.
  2. Cretins

    Help needed: Gordon game time decision

    Whew. That score made up for the uncertainty.
  3. Cretins

    Help needed: Gordon game time decision

    Disaster indeed. With Gordon, Mack and Chubb on my roster, I just traded away DJ for some WR help in Julio Jones. If Gordon doesn't go, I may regret this. Late game flex pickup/plug in would have to be Inman, MWilliams (if he goes) or roll the dice on Cobb coming back tonight.
  4. Cretins

    Jackson wants out of Tampa

    Add to that a comment on NFL Radio just now that the rain could be torrential at times with a decent wind, and that passing game becomes one to lean away from with others usable choices.
  5. Cretins

    Jackson wants out of Tampa

    With this news coming out, what does that do to his play today? I have him in my last flex spot and am debating pulling him for Funchess or Baldwin.
  6. I need Ryan and Engram to combine for 35 or more. I'd say this could go either way. I'm hoping Ryan pulls his typical home field magic. If not, I'll end up staring at Mack's 29.9 points on my bench dreaming about what could have been (over DJ's 7 points).
  7. Cretins

    Melvin Gordon Questionable

    The highs and lows of fantasy football. Excitement when Hyde got traded (I had Chubby on my bench), only to be followed by this. Guess I'm playing Chubby over Gordon. Can't say I'm overly excited by that.
  8. Cretins

    Questions - Steelers

    Sirius NFL radio has discussed a few times this season how self-serving the NFL's head of officiating has been this year. While in the past they've admitted to mistakes, this year has been all about justifying every call, no matter how bad. "It's easy to pass when you're self grading".
  9. Cretins

    Thoughts on Enunwa?

    I'm struggling with an underperforming WR lineup with Baldwin and D.Thomas, so looking for a spark where I can get it.
  10. Cretins

    Thoughts on Enunwa?

    Guy in my league dropped Enunwa after a weak game last week. Surprisingly, he made it past waivers and is sitting there free for pickup. I'm tempted, but I'm having a hard time figuring out his potential with the rook throwing to him. Where do you see him ending up? Potential drops I'm contemplating would be Sanu or Funchess.
  11. Cretins

    FU Week 3

    FU Tom Brady and his inability to get through the Lions defense that a rookie QB sliced and diced two weeks ago. So much for playing him over Matt Ryan this weekend.
  12. Absolutely! It's an affront to our masculinity! Our penises might fall off if we allow these "women" to cross the lines of all we hold sacred to our manliness!
  13. Cretins

    Site hacked

    Thanks NorthernVike … I didn't realize the thread would have been that far back. Funny it took this long to surface. I've received two or three more of the same message since then. And, yeah, totally a scam.
  14. Cretins

    Site hacked

    So I received an e-mail this morning to an e-mail address that I rarely use anymore stating something along the lines of "We know your password is xxxxxx. Send us money or we'll send video of your webcam while you were on porn sites, blah blah blah". Thing is, the password they quoted is one that I only use on FFToday, and the e-mail address is the one registered here. So, uh, I think FFToday has been hacked with user profile and password information stolen. Luckily I don't use that password anywhere else, but it may be worth looking into and notifying users....