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  1. Joey Gladstone

    Week 6 Waiver Wire

    I’ve been laboring over it for days, but I’m starting him over Moore and Lindsay. Big game, Andy is going to whip it out. I’m playing a monster team this week and don’t want to settle for “ok” at my flex. I have a really strong Hardman hunch this week. Good luck
  2. Joey Gladstone

    How do I not win this league every year?

    Whoa, what?! Had to be after week 1.
  3. Joey Gladstone

    Ryan droppable?

    You might not have a choice right now. I would want him later in the season, once Julio is healthy and their defense is still sus.
  4. Joey Gladstone

    Rank These WW QB'S for the ROS

    Dalton Tannehill Fitzmagic (until Tua) I had some interest in Goff early in the season, but McVay is out to win games. I refuse to trust Derek Carr. I just can’t do it.
  5. Joey Gladstone

    Le'Veon Bell to KC Chiefs

    The New Jersey Jets sure showed him! Gase to Reid was the best move Bell has made in years.
  6. Joey Gladstone

    Dak just broke his ankle

    actually, I see it as the gutter trash Dolphins wasting 7 years of Tannehill’s career.
  7. Joey Gladstone

    Josh Kelley droppable?

    I’m hanging as long as Ekeler is out. He’s nothing special, but has a set role and is getting goal line carries. He would be the best back on the wire by far should I drop him. (I laugh loudly every week seeing suggested RB pickups. Mattison was drafted and has been rostered all year). All the cautious optimism from earlier in the year is gone. Jackson looked a little better Monday, but is also a JAG himself. Both of LA’s starting tackles should be back after the bye, which should help.
  8. Joey Gladstone

    OK Dak owners - what's your backup plan?

    I was more than happy to grab Dalton as a backup to Josh Allen. If you just lost Dak, you could do worse than Dalton. I’m curious to see how targets are split from here on out.
  9. Joey Gladstone

    The hate for Sammy Watkins goes too far this year

    I know his snaps and routes are a little weird, but I’m surprised there isn’t a little more hype for Hardman. I’ve been fascinated with the dude since last year. He’s the kinda dude who will drive you crazy, but I’m feeling saucy this weekend
  10. Joey Gladstone

    Can Falcon's go 0-fer?

    Jets have a better chance of going winless. I bet Atlanta ends up with 4-5 wins.
  11. Joey Gladstone

    What to do with Melvin Gordon...

    Crazy. Who is starting Lindsay @ Gillette?
  12. Joey Gladstone

    Week 6 Waiver Wire

    Mecole Hardman with Watkins out. Volatile but a monster ceiling. Buffalo isn’t great against receivers. Im really close to starting him this week.
  13. Joey Gladstone

    D. Swift Breakout Coming?

    I would be happy if Swift just got the few touches going to Johnson. They need to feed Golladay more too. Matt Patricia is a fat bad coach and pos
  14. Joey Gladstone

    Metcalf, you focking moron

    Anybody remember George Teague doing that to a Viking’s receiver in the 90’s? I think it was a wild card game. Embarrassing, and it would have pissed me off if he was on my fantasy team. But Russ told him to never do it again, so lesson learned.
  15. Joey Gladstone

    Jordan Reed goes down

    MetLife turf has decimated the Santa Clara 49ers
  16. Joey Gladstone

    Carson in or out

    In, but approach with caution
  17. Joey Gladstone

    Josh Allen appreciation thread

    I definitely appreciate him.
  18. Joey Gladstone

    Let’s discuss Swift. Who’s holding? Who’s folding?

    It’s not his fault he plays for a fat dumbfuck coach who is playing a 37 year old running back over two younger options. Kid has talent though, and I have the luxury of waiting on it.
  19. Joey Gladstone

    The hate for Sammy Watkins goes too far this year

    I’m cool with Sammy. It’s garbage ass Demarcus Robinson taking snaps away from Hardman that drives me crazy.
  20. Joey Gladstone

    AJ Green done?

    I’m not ready to give up on Green yet. Dude hasn’t played in two years, rookie qb, yadda yadda yadda. He’s also drawn three tough corner matchups (defenses aren’t sticking them on Boyd yet). The Bengals will be throwing all year. The good ol days are over obviously, but he holds as much upside as anybody available in my league.
  21. Joey Gladstone

    Carson injured - dirty play?

    Trysten Hill is dirty af, and there should have been repercussions. But when is the league ever consistent with things like player safety? beware of Carson this week. All four running backs should be active for Seattle. The garbage defense will be without our best pass rusher (sadly a safety) so Miami should be able to keep up barring turnovers. Fitzmagic can provide those, but he won’t feel any pressure and Shaq Griffin and Trey Flowers have zero ball skills. Quinton Dunbar is out too. I’m not saying bench Carson, but if you’re lucky enough to have another option at RB, at least consider it. I don’t need to tell anybody to beware of Pete Carroll injury sunshine.
  22. Joey Gladstone

    Perriman or McLaurin

  23. Joey Gladstone

    All Rookie WR's - Pick 2

  24. Joey Gladstone

    Championship Help!!! Will answer back.

    I’m starting Thielen, Golladay and Perriman. if I had AJB I would start him over Golladay.