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  1. https://www.youtube.com/live/EfEkqNe7LoY?si=YVCnJdRwqrZnRiNy
  2. Yeah like I said, a spokesman repeating the lie is a colossal screwup even given what they knew at the time. I presume the Dodgers also allowed it, who should be concerned with the PR surrounding Ohtani. But I just listened to the press conference, and sounds like they do have good evidence that it was theft. Congrats, you were most likely right. You still didn’t have good reason to be so confident about it originally without having this evidence.
  3. “Someone else” that was also being paid by Ohtani. That is a pretty colossal screw up if they were simply taking the word of the guy they already knew had $4.5 million in gambling debt, and if Ohtani was not present when Mizuhara was relaying the story to the representative. Even if they were only speaking English, it seemed people speaking English was how Ohtani supposedly figured out that something was up.
  4. It is hilarious to see how @jonmx has acted regarding Ohtani compared to usual. But to clarify. Saying Ohtani was the one gambling would be a conspiracy theory. I don’t think saying Ohtani may have paid Mizuhara’s debts is a conspiracy theory. It’s literally the explanation official Ohtani representatives initially gave.
  5. If Ohtani paid Mizuhara’s debts, what evidence would there even be? Maybe some text messages if we’re lucky, but doubtful
  6. Would you consider him “innocent” if he paid off his friend’s debts? @jonmx seems to think there’s no way that scenario happened either
  7. I’m pretty sure I said BOTH the theft story and the original story of Ohtani helping him were plausible, just that I’d lean towards the original story. It’s also possible Ohtani is paying him millions more than the gambling debt to take the fall.
  8. TimHauck

    Quiet on Set

    I watched. It was interesting. (Spoiler:) I did think it was odd though that they seemed to spend more time making accusations against the main producer dude, despite no real hard evidence, and not as much time on the guys that were actually convicted pedos.
  9. All right what Geek Club poster is really Jesse Watters? Peefoam? Or maybe @Casual Observer?
  10. Are there? I thought anyone could go to an HBCU
  11. TimHauck

    Dont let dems fool you. Violent crime is up 75%

    I am growing. I think I’m going to make you the first poster I’ve ever put on ignore
  12. TimHauck

    Dont let dems fool you. Violent crime is up 75%

    Great, another tranny thread
  13. TimHauck

    Dont let dems fool you. Violent crime is up 75%

    You realize you’re arguing with yourself right? You were the one talking about “everyone”
  14. TimHauck

    Dont let dems fool you. Violent crime is up 75%

    Just one obvious example of someone that wasn’t “hit” by the 2008 crash. Although he did “hit” a home run.
  15. TimHauck

    Dont let dems fool you. Violent crime is up 75%

    So you think every single person in the country was “hit” by the 2008 crash? Got it
  16. TimHauck

    Dont let dems fool you. Violent crime is up 75%

    Once again. I’M NOT SAYING THE ECONOMY IS FINE FOR THE LOWER CLASSES. But it’s not worse than 2008. Oh and if you’re going to nitpick about words (which you used first), “everyone” was not hurt by the 2008 crash. Michael Burry as just one example.
  17. Yes thank you for confirming that $25 for 40 nuggets and 2 large fries is a decent deal. Although for a single person, the Wendy’s “biggie bag” is one of the best deals around
  18. TimHauck

    Dont let dems fool you. Violent crime is up 75%

    Hmm, don’t you think the lower classes were included as part of “everyone”? You’re unbelievable. TimHauck: the economy isn’t good RLLD: TimHauck says the economy is good! Also RLLD: you’re statement is bordering on lying lolololol I’ll admit (and already did) that I thought some of your earlier comments were implying you thought the entire economy was worse than 2008, which at least you actually answered with a yes or no for once. But that is not even close to me specifically saying I didn’t think the economy is good, and you saying I think it is.
  19. I didn’t say it was the best deal, just a decent deal, especially for California. I have 3 kids and live in a state with a much lower COL, if I go to a fast food place it costs like $35 for 3 kids meals and 2 adult meals.
  20. Ok that was good, I’ll give you that. But my comment was referring to the restaurant Newsom owns, not the new minimum wage
  21. Just spitting facts. Like I said, $25 for 40 nuggets is a decent deal (particularly in California). But if it’s $10 or something for a burger, that is not a good deal