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  1. TimHauck

    Vick Dropped!

    It's definitely stupid to drop him, but I would say there's about a 30% chance either Kolb is named the starter or Vick gets hurt again.
  2. But even that can backfire...IMO, Ryan Grant was pretty much the surest thing there was, and obviously you can't predict injuries, but look how that turned out...
  3. TimHauck

    Sterger wants money?

    "She will not go on record..." Isn't it a little late for that?
  4. TimHauck

    Kolb > Vick

    From a tickets-selling perspective, LOL at Jacksonville if they traded for Vick after passing up Tebow (although highly unlikely he gets traded there, or anywhere for that matter).
  5. TimHauck

    Kolb > Vick

    Yeah I'm sure Maclin is complaining after he just got 159 yards and 2 TD's...
  6. TimHauck

    Deshean Jackson

    During the Phillies game they said he suffered a "severe concussion" and had some memory loss. Not sure how long he'll be out for, but yeah, it could be awhile
  7. TimHauck

    Kolb > Vick

    If there's one thing we learned about the Kolb/Vick situation this year, it's don't trust a word Andy Reid says about it
  8. TimHauck

    Kolb > Vick

    I really don't know who the starter should be, but the Falcons D > any of the defenses Vick succeeded against
  9. TimHauck

    Deshean Jackson

    I wouldn't really say that play was on Kolb. He was about to get sacked and was just trying to get rid of the ball.
  10. TimHauck

    Deshean Jackson

    Not totally dirty, but I think it was a little dirty. If it wasn't dirty at all then Robinson wouldn't have knocked himself out cold as well.
  11. TimHauck

    Deshean Jackson

    Hakeem Nicks is the #1 WR in fantasy right now...not sure why this would be an FU to the experts. That said, Jackson always had/has big play ability, no matter who the QB is.
  12. TimHauck

    So you drafted a kicker high?

    Yes, I usually do take my kicker in the last round. But drafting a kicker a few rounds before the end of the draft isn't always that stupid. If you drafted a guy like Bironas (I believe ranked pretty high in the preseason and performing well so far), you're probably better off than if you had drafted Chaz Schilens in that spot.
  13. TimHauck

    Is Fitz still a top 10 wr?

    I guess he's not top 10, but he's definitely top 30, probably top 20. He had his highest yardage output with a QB making his first career start, and is currently sitting at the 21st ranked WR in my league. I don't think he can get much lower than that.
  14. TimHauck

    Week 6 Defenses

    Is the Titans D for real? They're the second-highest scoring D in my league, and still available with a decent matchup against Jacksonville this week. They've given up a decent amount of points, but are forcing turnovers. Looking ahead, if anyone dropped KC for their bye week, I like their upcoming schedule after this week of JAX-BUF-OAK. Yeah they didn't score many fantasy points this week, but holding the Colts to under 20 points is pretty impressive and leads me to believe they may be for real.
  15. But don't you see...he traded him to the guy he plays the week that Rodgers has a bye! That's brilliant! Oh wait, there's still 10 other weeks that Rodgers will be playing...
  16. TimHauck

    When did Vick learn to pass?

    Huh? Him getting injured on a running play has nothing to do with whether or not he learned to pass. The fact that he could now both run and pass effectively is what made him so valuable. I too am skeptical of when he actually faces a good defense (especially coming off an injury), but he looked better than "good" against Detroit and Jacksonville.
  17. I had Tolbert in over him as well at first, but with Bradshaw seeming pretty confident he'll be fine for Sunday, I think I may stick with Bradshaw.
  18. TimHauck

    The Cancel Out Theory

    I don't see how you can say it's not hedging though. It's definitely hedging, you basically admitted that with your last sentence. The debate is just whether it's worth it or not. Hedge: verb. to mitigate a possible loss by counterbalancing Yes, by starting Hill, there's a chance Johnson scores more points. But not a great one, and it most likely won't be by very much if he does, so I'd be minimizing my losses. There's also a chance that they both put up duds. But I'm okay with that, because I know although my QB put up a dud, so did his WR, hence the term "cancel out." Obviously there's still 8 other players that will determine the outcome of the matchup, which is probably a reason some don't believe in this theory. But if Johnson goes off, and I start a different QB who puts up a dud, then I'm doubly screwed.
  19. TimHauck

    The Cancel Out Theory

    I said he will MOST LIKELY score AT LEAST the same amount of points as Johnson. Obviously I'm happy if he throws TD's to other WR's, but it's not that likely that he's going to throw 4 to Johnson, which is the only way Johnson scores a significant more amount of points than Hill (in my league, ESPN projects Johnson for 13 points and Hill for 12). Re-read my posts. I said I know "start who you think will get the most points." But if you think they will score about the same amount of points, then what's wrong with using this as a tie-breaker?
  20. TimHauck

    What moves have you made?

    And you're sure this is a competitive league?
  21. TimHauck

    The Cancel Out Theory

    Did you read what I posted? I agreed with "start who you think will score the most points." But you say that like you know exactly who's going to score the most points. FF players are not fortune tellers. If you're choosing between guys like Shaun Hill, Bruce Gradkowski and Ryan Fitzpatrick, do you really know who's going to score the most points? No. So why not give yourself a little piece of mind by knowing that your waiver wire QB will most likely at least score a similar amount of points as your opponent's #1 WR?
  22. TimHauck

    The Cancel Out Theory

    Well the reason I'm doing it for a QB is because I was undecided. But why wouldn't you do it for a QB if you were undecided yet you'd do it for a WR?
  23. TimHauck

    What to do with DeAngelo Williams...

    This. I wouldn't write off DeAngelo even if Clausen does suck. Wouldn't having a bad QB make the Panthers want to run more? It's not like the defenses are making it so they can't run...Williams is averaging nearly 5 YPC (edit: and over 6 YPC in the 2 games Clausen's started).
  24. TimHauck

    ESPN Undroppables

    I guess you don't really need it, but as long as it's updated it's usually not too bad. I think last week they even had Vick on it.
  25. TimHauck

    Kevin Kolb

    Probably true, but they do think all fans in Philly throw batteries and snowballs (the latter which happened over 40 years ago). At least we don't fight first base coaches (Chicago), dump beer on players (other side of Chicago), or have nearly an entire stadium throw beer bottles onto the field (Cleveland). The main point was to argue against anyone actually suggesting that the fans had anything to do with "running McNabb out of town." They didn't. No, they may not be totally upset that he was traded, but they're not the ones who traded him. But again back to Kolb, he could be a risky play this weekend, but as I've been saying if you're thin at QB he could also provide some reward.