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  1. BunnysBastatrds

    Best fish You enjoy?

    Mick Mars: The illusive fish in the pantyhose that no one can seem to find. Brah!!!
  2. BunnysBastatrds

    ***Official I Am In New Orleans For The Super Bowl Thread***

    That was a fun day. Can still see my daughter doing the sign asking WTF is GFIAFP? And why did this come up?
  3. The stoopid have arrived. In numbers. If you want to to come here and act a fawking fool, leave your jersey on the hotel floor and act a fawking fool there. Don't wear your Rice jersey and tell bartenders to "Go fawk themselves!" If they love Brees and Colston. Idgets!
  4. BunnysBastatrds

    Been in New Orleans for work this week.

    Disney did there opening premiere of the Hunchback Of Norte Dame by having a parade in the Quarter. They dumped thousands of gallons of soap in the sewers to make it smell better. It smelled like a rose for one day.
  5. BunnysBastatrds

    Been in New Orleans for work this week.

    All the hotties show up for Saints games. I always look around and am amazed and wonder where they come from. It's been ridiculously hot here for this time of year. Bunch of fatties still wearing things they shouldn't.
  6. I was made to kneel in rice as punishment when I was bad kid. Awful. My knees are still fawked up because of it.
  7. BunnysBastatrds

    Joan Jett & Heart tonight...

    Met her at a locally fest. Little woman. But imposed.
  8. BunnysBastatrds

    Exotic animals you would like to own

    Pass the dutchy to the left hand side.
  9. BunnysBastatrds

    Exotic animals you would like to own

    When I was a kid I got invited to a pool party by a girl I didn't know. No . So I'm in the pool and frolicking and I look up.....there's a two hundred pound mountain lion staring at me. Water was cold but my balls shrunk at bit more at the site of her. I forget her name, but she was the sweetest animal I ever met. Imagine a beautiful two hundred pound lion sitting in your lap. Beautiful. We lived in a subdivision so it was not legal to have a mountain lion. New neighbors moved in and heard her roaring one night and called the police. They took her away from a home she lived in for ten years and never hurt anyone and lived happy.
  10. BunnysBastatrds

    Kids movie titles that would make a great pron

    It's Raining Meatballs Old Yeller
  11. BunnysBastatrds

    Do You Have A Number On The Wall?

    You bet. I'm in. Single now and mom is gone. Would enjoy that. Booze crawl is fun if you like history and eating and drinking. Fun tour. The D-Day museum is incredible. I know you like that. Wemens enjoy it. There's a hamburger place on Esplanade called Port of Call. Too many places to list for two days. PM me.
  12. BunnysBastatrds

    Do You Have A Number On The Wall?

    So I'm at the CVS pharmacy a few days ago. Was buying vitamins and beer. Get to the check out line. Black cashier asked if I have a CVS card. Me: I don't know. Jerome: What's you're phone number? Me: 867-5309. Jerome: you're in the system. Me::lol: All the old milfs behind me in line are cracking up and the porky fat black cashier next to me is cracking up and starts signing the song and dancing. Shenigua: Thanks. I needed that. Me:: You bet darlin. Went in a little while ago. She starts signing. :Shaniqua: You suck! I can't get that song out of my head. Me: How about a drink? Shaniqua: Tomorrow at 4:00? Huge smile. Looks like I'll finally live a long lost dream. Dark pretty chocolate with a beautiful smile.
  13. BunnysBastatrds

    Do You Have A Number On The Wall?

    My favorite is a shirt in college. Get em while threy are skinny
  14. BunnysBastatrds

    Do You Have A Number On The Wall?

    That she does!
  15. BunnysBastatrds

    Score one for Karma.

    Perfect ending.
  16. BunnysBastatrds

    Mom isn't doing well...

    Sorry my friend. That's rough. Hope everything goes well.
  17. BunnysBastatrds

    Whatever happened to: Fartgurl edition

    As a former girls softball coach, this is nothing. My father got recruited for dug out duty. He was in hell. Flatulent hell. Never did it again.
  18. BunnysBastatrds

    So I Started A New Life

    Hello fawkos!!! Hope all is well. Just got finished banging this Mexican broad and a large ass named Lola. I'm divorced and happier than ever. Got a new apparent and neighbors that don't ask me for rides and blow jobs anymore to the store for Henicans. Met a nice lady. Still curious why she stuck around. Black and blue maybe. So I did something fun today. Got a fawking pedicure. First time. Have seen the place for years. New girlfriend invites me to come. Me: Vietnamese chicks rubbing me? L'Oréal: Yes. It's all set up. Me: On my way!!! Woooo hoooo. Fawking get there and there's a bunch damn old lady's and my new girlfriend. Me: I'm a virgin. The last person to touch my feet is still comatose after all these years. Bring it on. Side bar: I have a thing for three types of wemens. 1-Plump 2-Deaf 3-Vietnamese Give me all three, I'd explain the game of courting after one night. So what happened to me? I walk in. My new girlfriend has her feet in pure water with rose petals in it. The milf next to me has pure water with cucumbers in hers. I'm thinking, cool shiat. Fawking a. The water in my sink was blue. Like airline blue. My feet are getting pickled. I'm feeling frustrated. Want some attention. Who do I get? Not the chunky Vietnamese woman with a beautiful lisp. I get Tony. The skinny little Vietnamese guy who owns the place. Tony? My girlfriend laughed her ass off at the irony of the situation.
  19. BunnysBastatrds

    Saddest music video

    In her prime......most beautiful woman on the planet.
  20. BunnysBastatrds

    100 The Best Blues Artists of All Time

    What? They're fawking incredible. The eeriness and vibe you feel listening to it is beautiful. It's hard to understand. But when you do and can, its magic.
  21. BunnysBastatrds

    So I Started A New Life

    So I'm getting my feet done. Two of them start talking jibberish but I realize they're talking about me. Me: Hey, my Vietnamese is not as good as it used to be . But I get it. Stop telling lies about these old wemens surrounding me with feet in need of repair. They laughed and the old fawkers laughed harder. The little chunky one gave her card. I'm getting number one fucky soon.
  22. BunnysBastatrds

    So I Started A New Life

    This old broad I'm seeing makes me to completion and has the wettest tootsie ever. Wooooi hoooooo!