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  1. BunnysBastatrds

    I Drink Out Of The Botle

    I'm recently divorced and am banging a lot of wemens. Have one who hates the fact that I drink vodka straight out of bottle. Me: I just ate you out for an hour and you have a problemo now?
  2. BunnysBastatrds

    I Drink Out Of The Botle

    You bet brother. PM when and how long.
  3. BunnysBastatrds

    Mount Everest

    In the ass. Thanks. Needed that.
  4. BunnysBastatrds

    Can your wife get do simple tasks while getting laid?

    That fish in the boat loves me
  5. BunnysBastatrds

    When I hear this song I'm reminded of.....

    Home. And I've been to that house. And U2 doing their version of it when they reopened the Superdome after Katrina for that Monday night game against the Falcons. Incredible experience. "There is is a house in New Orleans, they call the Super Dome....." The Saints Are Coming was their version of it.
  6. BunnysBastatrds

    I killed a girl I used to date recently

    Knew a guy who had a great job as a river boat pilot navigating ships up the Mississippi River. Found out his wife was cheating on him and killed her. Doing life in Angola. She was fat.
  7. BunnysBastatrds

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    He had to prove that he was a low handi or they wouldn't let you play. Said there was a hole that you had to carry 240 over water. I almost got to play the purple course but it rained all day.
  8. BunnysBastatrds

    How do you reconcile your views vs your actions?

    If abortion was legal the year I was born, I wouldn't be posting right now. Fawk you if you think otherwise . You're a fawking idiot if you think different. I was adopted.
  9. BunnysBastatrds

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    A friend of mine got to play it a few years ago. He's a 3 handicap. He shot 93. Said it was the hardest test of his skills he ever "endured".
  10. BunnysBastatrds

    Fishing with Vicki Stark

    Red Snapper!
  11. BunnysBastatrds

    So I've Been Divorced For Fivr Momths

    Lost forty five pounds. Am banging a milf and a noe a Mexican with a big ass.and probably going to jail for tax evasion. How are you?
  12. BunnysBastatrds

    Chernobyl on HBO

    Katrina times a billion.
  13. BunnysBastatrds

    When TV was wholesome.

    FWk that Scooby Doo is the reason I did drugs!
  14. BunnysBastatrds

    Everyone has a fish story. Here is mine.

    My ex wife went out on a boat recently with three guys. Saw on FB she came home with a big red snappper.
  15. A friend of mines husband died a few years ago and it's the same scenario. Smoking hot (38D") Everry guy at the wake was asking "When is the right time?" Debating or hearing that debating cracked me up. Me: When the jaw drops.
  16. BunnysBastatrds

    Texas to Execute John William King 2day.

    This topic is an interesting one. I'm all for the death penalty. I still wish they used the chair. There have been many threads on here about it. Two of my favorite are what was their last meal and what were their last words. I can't link them from this phone. But they're quite amusing considering. One said "Go Raiders!".
  17. BunnysBastatrds

    Happy Easter!

    BunnysBastards is well. Forgot myself
  18. BunnysBastatrds

    Remember when Republicans HAD to change French fries

    I was in a truck stop bathroom taking a piss here in the Deep South when all that was going on. I look over at the rubber machines and one was selling Freedom Ticklers instead of French Ticlers. I bought ten of them.
  19. BunnysBastatrds

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    Missed you much!
  20. BunnysBastatrds

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    Where the Fawk have you been darlin?
  21. BunnysBastatrds

    Shot thru the heart...

    I hate Illinois Nazis.
  22. BunnysBastatrds

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    One of the coolest things I ever did was wait for my ship to come in. Tracked it for a month. No internet. Called the port of New Orleans every day asking aboutt its whereabouts and when it would dock. Was a freighter that the captain was being subpoenaed and ducked out on many times. They wanted him bad. The maritme attorney hired me. When the ship docked, the attorney and I were waiting. He's getting off and I walk up and say "Hey, Captain Sparrow, long trip? Got a present for you." Served him the subpoena and the attorney seized his ship. The attorney, young guy like me says "Thanks for the hard work. Seizing a million plus $ ship for my company was better than sex!" Made a lot on that one.
  23. BunnysBastatrds

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    Another part of surveillance is being patient. I handled a few slip and fall/ accident cases where they said they couldn't pick up a bag of chips. Ive seen them go on the stand or deposition and claim such. Then follow them to a Mardi Gras parade and film them carrying a cooler and then put their kids on their shoulders. Insurance fraud and lying in court. Have seen a few attorneys shake their heads in disgust.
  24. BunnysBastatrds

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    When I first started there was a guy owned a red car and we told him to get rid of it as it draws attention to those who might be aware. He was. The car to use is a silver anything without damage. There are so many on the road, they all look the same. I only had a problem once and it was Asian woman who drove crazy.
  25. BunnysBastatrds

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    This and a few others get it. You'd never know. We are creatures of habit. Most live and work/personal within five miles of where one lives. Even if I lose you, I'll have a good idea of where you might go. Where you stop, shop, play. It's creepy work and is why I stopped.