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  1. DauntesInferno

    Notre Dame

    I responded to your last email... the one asking if I was spell checking... lol - no... Did you get that? And things are going great... busy, but great... had a good Thanksgiving... You?
  2. DauntesInferno

    Notre Dame

    That's what I thought! Well, if you sent it to my work email, it'll probably take an hour or two to work it's way through the 8 gazillion email marshall filters...
  3. DauntesInferno

    Notre Dame

    Nuh uh... where?
  4. DauntesInferno

    Notre Dame

    Ummm... who is "Snoopy1?" Is there another name in your FFToday past? If this is who I think it is... I replied to your "huh?" email with my sad ass explanation... then never heard from you.
  5. DauntesInferno

    Notre Dame

    ?? Huh?
  6. DauntesInferno

    Notre Dame

    Any conference with Indiana, Illinois, and my Gophers... who got lucky and didn't lose to North Dakota State this year... a Division IAA school... can't possibly be the strongest conference.
  7. DauntesInferno

    Hey strangers!

    I am back. but I'm her.
  8. DauntesInferno

    Hey strangers!

    He is? Who is "he?"
  9. DauntesInferno

    Hey strangers!

    That good eh?
  10. DauntesInferno

    Hey strangers!

    How ya'll been doing?
  11. DauntesInferno

    Al Gore on SNL

    Anyone know if there's a video of this available. I missed most of it because I kept looking at the screen and saying... "That's not really Al Gore is it?" "That's gotta be an impersonator. This guy has a personality."
  12. DauntesInferno

    My dog just ate his own poop.

    It's called Coprophalgia and lots of dogs do it. There's a lot of possible reasons, A female dog may eat her puppy's feces to help conceal their presence, hiding them from predators and other threats. A puppy imitating his mother may pick up the habit. The dog may be trying to get the owner's attention. She may be imitating the owner after observing them pick up feces. She may be suffering from stress and/or anxiety. Recent changes in her daily routines that effect her diet. She may be suffering from a B-Vitamin deficiency. She may be suffering from disorders of the pancreas or intestine. My vet thinks it's most likely a vitamin deficiency, or that the dog is just really gross. This stuff, Deter Coprophalgia Treatment works great. It's inexpensive, my dog ate it like it was a treat, and apparently it makes their shiot taste worse than shiot!
  13. DauntesInferno

    Why does the dog roll in stinky ShlT

    Oh my god! That's why my Beagle/Jack Russell mix does that. It is so completely disgusting! One time I took her to the park down the street from me that has a hockey rink up year round. If it's not winter it's just a bin enclosed area and she can run in there and play catch, but isn't loose. She found, and rolled in, what I swear I thought was peanut butter when I got to where she was rolling. I don't know what focking animal ate what nasty crap to get the diarhea ass that produced that pile, but it was the most foul, gag inducing stench I have ever encountered.
  14. DauntesInferno

    Got hurt at work

    Where was the assisted living staff? Why didin't they answer the door? What the heck kind of "assistance" is there if she's lying on the floor pressing her "I've fallen and I can't get up button" and the cops have to show up to assist? (Well try to assist. Apparantley your city hires anyone with a pulse for their force.)
  15. DauntesInferno

    Where do you live

    I have never lived in Shaqgopee, or Shakopee for that matter. I have a sister who lives there with her hubby and kids. I actually live in Edina. It's a suburb of Minneapolis. I say Minneapolis so I don't have to explain what I just explained.