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  1. TheBlade


    I’ll second the app!! I use it almost exclusively, save for presetting my draft picks. Also, the trade bait area mentioned earlier can’t be found on the app. Other than that, it’s VERY user friendly to do whatever you need to do.
  2. TheBlade


    I don’t mind helping if you want some coin, just DM me. And I agree, they are d@mn proud of their 1980s -looking website for $90/year!!
  3. TheBlade


    If you DM me your PayPal, I’ll send you some money to help out. I’m a plank member, and have pitched in before. Let me know.
  4. TheBlade


    Just checking in to let Volty know that I’m “around”.
  5. TheBlade


    I’m in for next year.
  6. TheBlade

    As the 2018 draft starts...

    Thanks I thought he would be useful for me since I have DJ as my bell cow and Edmonds impressed me the other night on TV...
  7. TheBlade

    2018 Season

    Im here, too. I just posted on the thread at the site also. Im not around much, but expect to be more this year, and keep up with my team anyways. 90sbaby, DM me your PayPal address and how much the league was. Ill send you some of the money to help out.
  8. TheBlade

    The Future of the CCDL

    I went ahead and voted in the poll, but it prolly wasn't necessary. With these two topics, I'm game either way. I like the idea of 14 teams...it just changes the strategy and flow of things compared to 12 teams, but it really doesn't matter to me either way. As for the money, although I mentioned earlier being opposed to a buy-in, $20 is low enough that I don't care either way. It's never really been about the money for me, I just play in enough money leagues that I really don't want another, but $20 is throwaway money, so who cares.... Just my thoughts.
  9. TheBlade

    The Future of the CCDL

    Heres my thoughts on all of this: 1) Im going to miss you Volty! Ive enjoyed the many debates and discussions that have gone on as a part of this league. Youve always been an upstanding dude. I get it though. Its been a difficult year for me on a personal level, also, and Ive lost a lot interest in football in general and fantasy football specifically. Im also growing weary. 2) Im strongly against rebooting the teams, and dont even like the idea of cutting deep into the rosters. Ive built this team from the ground up to where its at now, and Im very happy with what I have. I have to fill a couple of more holes, but those only really become an issue in years like this where Ive also fought some injury issues. The injury bug is hard to overcome in most fantasy situations, but I think Ive weathered it pretty well. Ive done 90% of my work in the draft, and I think my team is set to be a front runner for several years. I dont want to start over. If the choice is to start over, then I will respect that decision and bow out, and someone else can take my spot. 3) I much prefer this as a free league, but Im not opposed to a small buy-in. I dont want a $50-100+ buy-in. Thats not why I got into this league and not what keeps me coming back. Im a plank owner in this league, and will be back next season provided there arent a bunch of wholesale changes made. Overall I like this league the way it is. Its different than my other leagues, and those different challenges are what I like. Just make sure someone polishes up that trophy for me this year, b!tches!!
  10. TheBlade

    FCFS Waivers

    Not you, but he should've been on waivers until after the first week. That's all.
  11. TheBlade

    FCFS Waivers

    So how does Hot Dog drop CJ Fiedorwhatever and 4 hours later he's picked up by Clerks???
  12. TheBlade

    2017 trade block

    Worked for me...
  13. TheBlade

    Guess im going to be "that guy"

    I just dropped a kicker. I had actually already dropped the other player I had intended to and forgotten about it. My roster is at 21+Tannehill on IR, so I'm at 22 total. I highly doubt my kicker would've made a difference to anyone, so it didn't affect the draft.
  14. TheBlade

    Guess im going to be "that guy"

    I understand your frustration. I disagree with your statement simply because I did nothing more than follow what the commissioner stated we could do. I shouldn't be penalized for doing that. That being said, all Volty has to do is say so, and my intended guy will be cut. And I won't take a WW pickup the first week. I don't care, I don't need it. It doesn't matter to me. But I will reiterate that I shouldn't be penalized for following the guidance of the commissioner.