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    MNF Discussion: Seahaws at Giants

    Danny Jones, $40 Million Dollar Man.
  2. jrbdmb

    MNF Discussion: Bills at Jets - Week 1

    I guess I made a mistake avoiding Breece in the draft this year. The “It takes a full year plus to come back from an ACL” apparently doesn’t apply to him.
  3. jrbdmb

    Week 10 bold breakout prediction

  4. jrbdmb

    Lamar Jackson is dropable

    On a per-week basis, my league shows Lamar as #5 behind Allen / Mahomes / Hurts / Burrow. Yes he's been cold recently, but guaranteed the week you drop him is the week he puts up 40+ points.
  5. jrbdmb

    OBJ; grab off the WW?

    Putting in a big FAAB bid for a WR who through Week 10 hasn't played yet, hasn't practiced yet, hasn't signed with a team yet, and is coming off of his 2nd consecutive ACL tear. What could go wrong?
  6. jrbdmb

    Can Toney be Mahomes new Hill?

    What did Toney do with the Giants this year (or last year for that matter) to make anyone think can he Hill-lite?
  7. jrbdmb

    Frank Reich out as Colts HC

    And you can't fire the owner.
  8. jrbdmb

    Don't spite drop or trade your SF RBs yet

    They won't trade with the Rams - don't want to make their road to the playoffs harder.
  9. jrbdmb

    Hubbard or Foreman?

    Foreman averaging 3.1/carry with limited work. Hubbard averaging 5.7 based on 6 carries for the year. Meh on both of them.
  10. jrbdmb

    Christian McCaffrey traded to SF 49ers

    So much for stashing Mitchell the last six weeks. Is either RB in Carolina worth starting? Can Carolina ticket holders get a refund?
  11. jrbdmb

    TNF Discussion: Saints at Cardinals - Wk7

    Well my decision to dump the Saints DST last week is working out better than expected.
  12. jrbdmb

    Brian Robinson expectations tonight?

    True, but Hall didn't do much either for the Jets for the first month, and he wasn't recovering from a gunshot wound. Not many rookie RBs bust out in their first pro game ever. To me, Robinson is more of a stash for the 2nd half of the season.
  13. jrbdmb

    Battle of the Bums

    2021 regular season: Stafford sacks 1.8/game. 2022 regular season: Stafford sacks 4.2/game. I'm not sure it's Stafford that's the bum here.
  14. jrbdmb

    Davante Adams to the Raiders...

    Note to self: if walking in the hallway at work and somebody bumps into me in a rush, it is perfectly cool for me to shove them hard to the ground, because they just might have a gun.
  15. Including Weeks 4 and 5 with Pickett as the QB: George Pickens: 16 targets, 12 completions, 185 yards. Diontae Johnson: 17 targets, 7 completions, 71 yards. Chase Claypool: 11 targets, 5 completions, 50 yards. Yet when I take a look at updated weekly and ROS rankings, I'm still seeing Diontae ranked well ahead of Pickens, and some experts(?) still have Claypool ranked ahead of him as well. I understand that all three will be downgraded somewhat due to being dependent on a rookie QB and lack of TDs, but I don't know why Pickens' performance since Pickett as the starter seems to be discounted so much.Or am i just biased because I want my recent pickup (Pickens) to work out?
  16. Time to give the QBs a jersey with embedded sensors. As took as a defender touches the QB the play is over.
  17. jrbdmb

    Good players on Bad Teams

    New Orleans DST. Continually being put in a bad position due to horrible play by the offense and special teams. Negative 7 turnover differential after four games.
  18. jrbdmb

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Kenny Pickett, Steelers

    Very unprofessional of Kenny to score those rushing TDs before fantasy managers had a chance to get him in their lineup and sell high on Najee Harris.
  19. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    FU to the entire Saints offense and special teams. My Saints DST might be OK this year if they weren't continually stabbed in the back - now up to a minus Minus 7 turnover differential after four games, worst in the league.
  20. jrbdmb

    Saints at Vikings (London) - Sunday Morning Football

    Saints now up (or is it down?) to a -7 turnover differential for the year. I picked a helluva year to pick the Saint DST.
  21. jrbdmb

    Boycott the NFL

    Quit watching. If enough do that things may improve.
  22. jrbdmb

    Annual Dalvin Cook injury thread

    I'd almost rather he get it fixed now and end his season, so I don't have to hold onto him another 5 weeks just to make he doesn't score 20 against me in the fantasy playoffs.
  23. jrbdmb

    Christian McCaffrey out for the year

    Staying healthy is a talent in itself, and CMC just doesn't have it. Though plenty of blame can be put on the Panthers for overusing him massively in 2018 and 2019.
  24. jrbdmb

    Top Bust of 21

    And now he's out for the year. So who's gonna draft him 1-1 next year?
  25. jrbdmb

    Mahomes 3-3. That's average.

    Or maybe it's just the Raiders being the Raiders. It does make next week vs. the Cowboys more interesting.