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    Cardinals at Cowboys: MNF Discussion

    Cincy dumped him for a reason.
  2. jrbdmb

    Cardinals at Cowboys: MNF Discussion

    This week Matty Berry called Dalton a "professional QB" and said he would be Top 12 for the rest of the year. reminds me why I watch ESPN fantasy shows for entertainment value only.
  3. jrbdmb

    Big Bad Baker Benched

    What a wuss!
  4. jrbdmb

    Official Green Bay vs Tompa Bay Thread

    Davante does almost nothing and then gets hurt again. Thanks for nothing, consensus #1 WR.
  5. jrbdmb

    Week 6 FU

    FU Eric Ebron, you worthless sack of pus. Noah Fant was inactive today due to injury, and I picked you up to cover for him. I would have been better off picking up a used tampon. The Steelers score 38 points, yet all you can manage is 2 receptions for 9 yards. FU. On the bright side, my opponent picked up and started Mattison so I still have a chance. Edit: But I have Davante, who did next to nothing before getting hurt again, so now I have no chance. FU too.
  6. jrbdmb

    The FF Gods were with me!

    My fantasy team thru Week 5 ... - Record in the league 1-3, soon to be 1-4 - My Points For is #3 out of 10, but my Points Against is #1. All but one team put up their high score of the year against me. - My top two auction picks (Davante and Micheal Thomas) have one decent game between them over the first 5 weeks. Third WR (AJ Brown), Fifth WR (Diontae Johnson), and TE (Fant) also out. - My top RB (Dalvin) just went down with a groin injury. - My QB (Dak) is now out for the year. I'll probably have to replace him with a rookie. There is no God.
  7. jrbdmb

    Week 5 FU

    He used to be OK in fantasy because he usually managed to put up a bunch of garbage time stats. He can't even do that anymore. Bench him.
  8. jrbdmb

    Dak just broke his ankle

    Jerry Jones refused to give Dak a contract and will now say this proves he was right. F*** Jerry. Hope the Cowboys get humiliated every game from here on out.
  9. jrbdmb

    Michael Thomas update???

    Rumor now is that he is out, per Schefter.
  10. jrbdmb


    Axe Elf has upside?
  11. jrbdmb

    Collusion Watch....?

    Team A trading his only starting RB for a backup who will be droppable once CMC is back in a week? Shady AF.
  12. jrbdmb

    AJ Green done?

    I picked up AJ Green at the very end of my auction draft, paid a few dollars. So far it looks like I massively overpaid, I know he was hurt in the past quite a bit, but never saw him this ineffective when healthy. Any chance he comes back somewhat, or is it time to cut bait?
  13. jrbdmb

    Week 4 Appreciation thread

    Thanks to the Cowboys DST for (1) being a dumpster fire that allows over 300 yards rushing to the CLE RBs, and (2) putting DAL in such a hole that Dak / Amari / CeeDee were in garbage time basically the entire 2nd half.
  14. jrbdmb

    AJ Green done?

    1 catch for 3 yards. Not saying he may not have a good game at some point, but what's the chance of him being in your lineup that week?
  15. jrbdmb

    AJ Green done?

    Hello Nostrodamus!
  16. jrbdmb

    AJ Green done?

    Looking at game stats for Sunday: Targets/Catches/Yards/TD: Boyd 13/10/125/0; Higgins 9/5/40/2; Green 6/5/36/0. Snap %: Higgins 79%, Green 76%, Boyd 75%. Not sure there are any WRs other than Boyd worth rostering unless you are in a deep league.
  17. jrbdmb

    AJ Green done?

    The good news is AJ is getting paid around $18M this year to average 38 yds/game with no TDs.
  18. jrbdmb

    Leonard Fournette vs the World

    Is Fournette the guy? I’m not sure yet. But I am sure that RoJo is not the guy. Barring injury I don’t see how RoJo can be in lineups except in the deepest of leagues.
  19. jrbdmb

    AJ Green done?

    And one target in the first half today (Boyd 6, Higgins 4). Has Burrow given up on him?
  20. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    FU to every WR. I currently have 6 WRs on my roster, of those Davante / Thomas / AJ Brown / Dionte Johnson are injured. TY Hilton and AJ Green are playing like dog poo. My season is over in Week 3. FU.
  21. jrbdmb

    Jordan Reed goes down

    Water is somewhat wet.
  22. jrbdmb

    FU semifinals

    FU Hooper. Pick you up when you're injured, let you take up a bench spot for a month, and now that it's payoff time you give me two weeks of squat. Thanks for nothing. Secondary FU to the Rams offense. Sucked so bad that my starters Dak and Zeke basically took the 4th quarter off.
  23. jrbdmb

    Scoring 183 and losing

    Strange thing, fantasy football. In one semi I've already won, while my opponent would have beat either team in the other semi. Of course in my second league I am losing, while I would have beat either team in the other semi by at least 20. Strange.
  24. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    FU to Derek Carr. I thought you were supposed to be a *good * QB, not a *POS* who brings down all of your WRs and TEs with you.
  25. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    FU Matt Ryan. Need Atlanta to cover the spread for a decent parlay win and you can only manage completions to the defense. What an overrated overpaid sack of shat. Edit - oh and now a fumble to give NO another short field. Atlanta should call NFL Customer Service to get a refund on your $30 million/year contract.