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  1. jrbdmb

    Boycott the NFL

    Quit watching. If enough do that things may improve.
  2. jrbdmb

    Annual Dalvin Cook injury thread

    I'd almost rather he get it fixed now and end his season, so I don't have to hold onto him another 5 weeks just to make he doesn't score 20 against me in the fantasy playoffs.
  3. jrbdmb

    Christian McCaffrey out for the year

    Staying healthy is a talent in itself, and CMC just doesn't have it. Though plenty of blame can be put on the Panthers for overusing him massively in 2018 and 2019.
  4. jrbdmb

    Top Bust of 21

    And now he's out for the year. So who's gonna draft him 1-1 next year?
  5. jrbdmb

    Mahomes 3-3. That's average.

    Or maybe it's just the Raiders being the Raiders. It does make next week vs. the Cowboys more interesting.
  6. jrbdmb

    Why have USC QB's not done well in the NFL?

    This. A QB at a top school like USC may spend weeks between sacks while having NFL-caliber WRs going against inferior CBs. Then they hit the NFL where linemen are big and quick, defenses are usually disguised much better, and hitting a tight window to your WR is a must. Not every QB can make that adjustment.
  7. jrbdmb

    Titans Defense surging, yet mostly unrostered

    I thought the same about the Bengals DST vs. Baker's Browns.
  8. jrbdmb

    Stat Correction for the win

    And yet you are here to comment.
  9. jrbdmb

    Mahomes 3-3. That's average.

    Up to now the best bargain in my auction league ($200, 6 pt. TDs) is Wentz, 198 points for $1. Stafford at 242 points for $9 is another good buy. Mahomes at $35 for 226 points not so much.
  10. jrbdmb

    What do you need Wk 9 MNF?

    Steelers DST not to score -5 points. (Only possible if Pittsburgh gives up 35+ points without a sack or turnover.)
  11. jrbdmb

    Top Bust of 21

    CMC. Drafted as the #1 RB, currently #37. You can say "not fair, injury" but he was hobbled in 2020 due to being way overworked in 2018/2019 and apparently he still has not recovered. He was on my "do not draft" due to injury concerns. Hopefully he proves me wrong the rest of 2021, but I'm not betting on it.
  12. jrbdmb

    Aaron Rodgers - COVID/Out Week 9

    From Yahoo: I always knew Rodgers was a complete a**hat, but he is even stupider than I thought. Plus he lied about his vaccination status. I hope the NFL suspends him for multiple weeks, and fines the hell out of the Packers who knew what was going on.
  13. jrbdmb

    Stat Correction for the win

    Yup, happened in a Yahoo! league I didn't really care about maybe 5 years ago. Lost in the semifinals by a point or so, checked back on Thursday or Friday for whatever reason and saw a stat correction had handed me the win. Don't even remember if i won the final or not. Of course this year I lost in Week 3 by 0.06 points - 1 yard rushing or receiving or 2 yards passing would have given me the win - but no corrections that time.
  14. jrbdmb

    Calvin Ridley Out for Week 8

    Wonder if Ridley is a good buy low candidate - for example trade Lockett for him. Edit - nevermind, as Ridley now says he is stepping away from football for a while.