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  1. jrbdmb

    FU semifinals

    FU Hooper. Pick you up when you're injured, let you take up a bench spot for a month, and now that it's payoff time you give me two weeks of squat. Thanks for nothing. Secondary FU to the Rams offense. Sucked so bad that my starters Dak and Zeke basically took the 4th quarter off.
  2. jrbdmb

    Scoring 183 and losing

    Strange thing, fantasy football. In one semi I've already won, while my opponent would have beat either team in the other semi. Of course in my second league I am losing, while I would have beat either team in the other semi by at least 20. Strange.
  3. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    FU to Derek Carr. I thought you were supposed to be a *good * QB, not a *POS* who brings down all of your WRs and TEs with you.
  4. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    FU Matt Ryan. Need Atlanta to cover the spread for a decent parlay win and you can only manage completions to the defense. What an overrated overpaid sack of shat. Edit - oh and now a fumble to give NO another short field. Atlanta should call NFL Customer Service to get a refund on your $30 million/year contract.
  5. jrbdmb

    Saints at Falcons: In-Game Discussion

    Younghoe is kicking like an old ho. Wonder if he could be cut after one disastrous outing.
  6. jrbdmb

    End of the Trubisky experiment?

    His stats were decent last year. What happened? (24 TDs, 12 picks, 94.5 QB rating
  7. jrbdmb

    Evan Engram

    Yes, keep him because you almost definitely don't have any TEs worth spit on the WW.
  8. jrbdmb

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    Looks pretty clear by now that Rudolph is not the future Steelers QB. Only effective when given a extremely limited game plan.
  9. jrbdmb

    Steelers at Browns: In-Game Discussion

    Two hits to the helmet. Any not even a penalty. Seven blind mice ...
  10. jrbdmb

    FU week 10

    Nah, he's sucking too. Both a victim of Trubisky and his FU style of quarterback play.
  11. jrbdmb

    Your worst pick this year

    Antonio Brown. Nuff said. Honorable mention to Cam Newton, though I was lucky enough to cut bait in both leagues I drafted him after Week 1.
  12. jrbdmb

    FU Week 9

    I had all those guys, plus Allen Robinson and Juju. F this game. Only bright spot is that I dropped Scary Terry for Ty Williams, and he sucked too.
  13. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 8 FU Thread

    I think we're entitled to say "FU Browns" when they literally turned the ball over three plays in a row, 1st quarter or not.
  14. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 8 FU Thread

    FU Baker Mayfield And Chubb. How the F* is OBJ supposed to get any points when you are literally turning the ball over EVERY SINGLE Play? LOL when Jim Nantz said "You've got to be kidding me!"
  15. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 8 FU Thread

    FU to Bears head coach Matt Nagy. Not even fantasy related - but the Bears are on the 21 (for a 38 yard FG) with 53 seconds and a time out left. Instead of trying to get closer on a windy day or (heaven forbid) score a TD they elect to burn the clock down to 5 seconds, call time out, and then of course miss the FG for the win. Play calling this stupid should result in an immediate firing.