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  1. jrbdmb

    Baker Mayfield

    But it's those 3 picks, one a pick-six. People said Bortles would get better to, until he didn't.
  2. jrbdmb

    Baker Mayfield

    I kinda feel bad for OBJ, it's going to be a long winter in Cleveland.
  3. jrbdmb

    Baker Mayfield

    Browns gonna Brown.
  4. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    Mayfield. I don't own him, but I must say FU to him just because of all the hype that he is not living up to today.
  5. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    FU Cam the Sham. The Panthers could sign any bum off the street just to hand off to McCaffrey. And FU to my bench QB Goff, who isn't doing any better.
  6. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    FU ESPN. Halftime of the 1 PM games and I have not been able to log in to check my scores since the before 1 PM.
  7. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    Agreed. A rant like that is a sight to behold, makes the rest of our simple FUs seem almost quaint. Such is the power of getting shafted by your studs in the FF playoffs.
  8. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    FU Lamar Miller. 0.8 points for my Flex position in a PPR semi-final. Absolutely brutal.
  9. jrbdmb

    FU week 13

    Good call Nostrodamus.
  10. jrbdmb

    DeAndre Hopkins Trade (Dynasty League)

    Disband the league. Obviously the commish is in way over his head.
  11. jrbdmb

    Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    If this guy is real, i can't imagine anyone sticking around more than a year with all the drama this commish generates. But chances are not real.
  12. jrbdmb

    Falcons at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    3 lost fumbles inside the red zone tonight for the Falcons offense. Almost as if they want to clean house, from QB to OC to head coach. At 4-7 they may get their wish.
  13. jrbdmb

    FU Thanksgiving week 12

    FU Amari Cooper for scoring 30 points (non-PPR!) while seated on my bench. I'm sure next week I'll be starting you and you'll go back to your typical 25-yard, no TD performance. Thanks for nothing.
  14. jrbdmb

    Allow Or Veto This Trade? (Dynasty FF)

    The trade should be vetoed and the league immediately disbanded. Seriously, unless this is a dynasty league, why are you allowed to trade draft picks?
  15. jrbdmb

    The Official Week 9 FU Thread

    Interesting how many of us have the same problems ... Coleman blowing upon my bench. Cohen doing nothing in my starting lineup. Road Ben goes gaga right after I dropped him to cover WR bye issues.