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  1. bgsgfan

    Longtime FFToday Guys: IBL Opportunity

    I haven't been active recently, but I took part in this league the first year and it was a blast! More so than other leagues, being a good and active trader is very important. There was a kid on our team that year with the handle Da Bomb. He was maybe the best trader I ever saw in action. Anywho, good luck to whoever gets in this and maybe I will throw my hat in the ring next year.
  2. bgsgfan

    PITT WR's 2016

    Wheaton= highest floor Rogers= best chance of being PPR relevant Coates= highest ceiling based on being deep threat Its not that these guys are bad receivers, its a great group. The problem is that for FF purposes there isn't a #2 guy. Rogers is too much like AB. Sammie Coates is not as good this year as Bryant was last year. Wheaton is boring, but has a higher floor than the other 2 (on another team and the right circumstances he could be a solid ff WR2). All 3 are more valuable in keeper/dynasty leagues than redrafts. I wouldn't rank any WR in top 50 this week (other than AB), although Rogers and Coates may have good games. Pit COULD try to establish either as part of game plan. DHB is the WR that should benefit most from Wheaton's absence because he is only guy with seasoning that can play that role. But no no no do not add him to roster. Now, God help me for saying this, if AB gets injured both Wheaton and Rogers will take a big jump.
  3. bgsgfan

    Markus Wheaton?

    Markus Wheaton is solid but unspectacular (usually). Even as a homer, I would not draft him. The problem is that his ceiling is not very high. Meanwhile, in Coates and Rogers, Pit has 2 WRs with very high ceilings. Coates has been continuously touted by the press covering training camp and finally showed something in preseason week 3. Eli Rogers looks like an Antonio Brown clone. I like both of them as late round flyers, Even for a top-flight offense you have just a ton of guys who will get thrown the ball, in addition to the above: DHB, Green, Jesse James, Bell, and DeAngelo Williams all will get thrown the rock. Wheaton's fantasy value should be as a waiver pickup when you are not looking for a huge splash, just some production.
  4. bgsgfan

    Keepers thread 2005

    Assuming 10 teams Drafted 8th round:WR Roy Williams - Lions: cost 5th round Drafted 11th round(actually 2003 14th round): WR Steve Smith - Panthers: cost 8th round Drafted 16th round: WR Antonio Bryant - Browns: cost 13th round
  5. bgsgfan

    Monday or Wednesday night draft?

    Monday night is better for me, but either night will work. I would like to see the number of teams clarified as it has a huge impact on keepers.
  6. bgsgfan

    We need to hurry

  7. bgsgfan

    Teams in

    10 teams vs 14 teams totally changes the keeper aspect. I'd prefer keeping it at 14, but if we change it to 10 we need to have everyone verify keepers. Are we going to draft at MFL again?
  8. bgsgfan

    Teams in

    I am in agreement with Dan. We need to get going on this if we are to actually have a league this year. Welcome (tentatively) aboard Q Laz!
  9. bgsgfan

    Keepers, Draft Picks

    Here is the 2004 Draft. I don't see anything with final rosters.
  10. bgsgfan

    League 2005-06

    I'm in! Steel Buckles Any draft plans yet? Personally, my schedule is pretty open if we want to try a live draft. I just need to know about a week and a half in advance. Maybe easiest to just use MFL, but I'd suggest an aggressive draft pick timer.
  11. bgsgfan


    Looks great! Ummm, you have spelling and everything OK for my previous (and future) championship, right?
  12. bgsgfan

    Team/Owner info page

    bgsgfan Steel Buckles bgsgfan@yahoo.com
  13. bgsgfan

    Keepers thread 2005

    ***subject to change Drafted 8th round:WR Roy Williams - Lions: cost 5th round Drafted 11th round(actually 2003 14th round): WR Steve Smith - Panthers: cost 8th round Drafted 15th round: QB Ben Roethlisberger - Steelers: cost 12th round Drafted 16th round: WR Antonio Bryant - Browns: cost 13th round Drafted 17th round: WR Jabar Gaffney - Texans: cost 14th round Drafted 18th round: WR Terry Glenn - Cowboys: Cost 15th round This is assuming we have 14 teams again this year. If anyone wants any of those last 3 WRs, let me know (bgsgfan@yahoo.com). They are a slight bargain based on how the draft went last year and my expectations for them this year but I am not attached to any of them. A slight draft improvement can get any of the 3 (for Bryant, a 12th round pick; Gaffney, a better 14th round pick; Glenn, a 13th round pick). I know they are bums, but to put it into perspective, last year through 12 rounds 54 WRs were taken; through 13, 61; and through 14, 64.
  14. bgsgfan

    Lets get it going!

    Wind blows. Crickets chirp.
  15. bgsgfan

    Lets get it going!

    OK, whats going on? Are we going to do this? When, where, who? Me personally, I say the sooner the better. And lets definitely do it - I promise more chatter this year, if that helps