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    Driver plows into group fight in Tampa

    nice pink high tops.
  2. bob_probert_2000

    FFT - Top 19 all time post leaders.

    What could have been with my posting career. I took the Barry Sanders route and retired at the top of my game.
  3. bob_probert_2000

    If you could change your Geek handle, what would it be?

  4. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    I know the real BP was dead and now that I think about it, that's probably about the time I quit posting here. Sorry I was slow on that reference.
  5. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    Maybe I am? Why would you think I was dead though?
  6. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    is GFIAP still around? That was intolerable within itself.
  7. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    Going well here. Haven't posted really at all on any boards. Just stopped in to see what was happening. Saw a geek draft, had to laugh- that used to happen back in the day as well. Need to stop in more. You keeping this all in line?
  8. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    your logic stands tall ed. Pissed on any chics lately?
  9. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    I'm pretty sure Gutterboy was categorized incorrectly. Doesn't he fall under the vagina category? Also, go fock yourselves.
  10. bob_probert_2000


    Guys we have talked about it for 2 years and it yet to happen. How about I get this done. It will maybe take a few weeks but I can go pick a plaque out with engraveable plates. Nothing to unreal, but something that can travel each year. We also talked about a small entry fee to pay for it and each year a buck or two entry to pay to ship it. Are we all still up for this?
  11. bob_probert_2000

    When is the last time you have gotten a blow job?

    The last time yourr mom begged. So like an hour ago.
  12. bob_probert_2000

    FFtoday's top 5 villians?

    fast fish? I had WAY more alaii than him and most of the guys listed. I pissed more of you off than you know. Suck a bag of dicks. MDC, not ebecause he was good at it, because he didn't agree with anything and couldn't defend it. Best and worst villain ever on here.
  13. bob_probert_2000

    Geek of the Year: Round 1-Bracket 2

    Shotsup, but mainly because I know many of you better and think you're all pigs.
  14. bob_probert_2000

    Looking for fellow Ladies

    We have some effeminate men here, does that count?
  15. Well I am going to go jerk off to this thread. That's something right?
  16. bob_probert_2000

    French Ticklers

    Who's the French guy you're trying to tickle? Maybe he has a preference.
  17. bob_probert_2000

    GOP wants to ban Porn

    I love you guys.
  18. bob_probert_2000

    GOP wants to ban Porn

    I'm not a liberal. I am not even sure where your post is going. There's nothing even implying I said the Government can or should fix it. All I said it is a shame there is exploitation that is forced and that it bothers me. Who says I am morally superior? That's like saying I am a Christian, so I never sin. This isn't a random message board to me, I've been coming here for over ten years and know some of these guys personally. I voiced my opinion that it bothers me that pron is more exploitation than self-choice, so in that I choose to not seek it out. Further, I don't want the Government in more places they don't belong, but somewhere there needs to be a safeguard to continue to protect children, etc from being exploited as well. As to changing a man's map for pleasure, etc. -I am sure kid's watching pron changes the process of how kids' decipher what love is, but good parents should be able to take sex talk to a place where they can see the difference between love and lust. I don't see anything changing. I certainly do not support the Government being more involved unless it was to crack down on kid porn or human trafficking.
  19. bob_probert_2000

    Sleeper Pics?

    A few players that I think can be had cheap are: C. Benson - GB's likely starter that is falling. Not going to kill it, but should be good for 1000 yds. and all the GL carries. 8-9 round E. Decker- could be the main guy in Den and has the tools to be. Solid #2 WR for any team, possible #2 production. 4-5 round Titus Young - DET WR - someone is going to catch balls besides Megatron and TY is likely to be in single coverage a lot. 6-8th round.
  20. bob_probert_2000

    Paul Ryan - "Rape is a method of conception"

    Even Romney said this guy was out of line. This has nothing to do with party backing.
  21. bob_probert_2000

    GOP wants to ban Porn

    WHo all have skills to make the money. What did you miss? You think a lot of these girls you see on web sites are supporting their drug habits because being a Doctor doesn't pay enough? No, they don't have that skill. I am sure nearly all of them would love not to be pinning their ankles behind their heads to pay their bills either. I'm not defending the right wing, I just said I made a personal choice not to support people trafficking. Sorry for making a conscience moral choice for myself. It's not like I am calling you guys out for not following.
  22. bob_probert_2000

    GOP wants to ban Porn

    Na, I'm still around.
  23. bob_probert_2000

    GOP wants to ban Porn

    I doubt she was making the money these girls make in pron, so that kind of pales in comparison. I think you guys are also implying that I am saying to follow me. I'm not, I'm just saying that even know I like to see a girl's tonsils through her ass- I've given it up.