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  1. bob_probert_2000

    Driver plows into group fight in Tampa

    nice pink high tops.
  2. bob_probert_2000

    FFT - Top 19 all time post leaders.

    What could have been with my posting career. I took the Barry Sanders route and retired at the top of my game.
  3. bob_probert_2000

    If you could change your Geek handle, what would it be?

  4. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    I know the real BP was dead and now that I think about it, that's probably about the time I quit posting here. Sorry I was slow on that reference.
  5. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    Maybe I am? Why would you think I was dead though?
  6. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    is GFIAP still around? That was intolerable within itself.
  7. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    Going well here. Haven't posted really at all on any boards. Just stopped in to see what was happening. Saw a geek draft, had to laugh- that used to happen back in the day as well. Need to stop in more. You keeping this all in line?
  8. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    your logic stands tall ed. Pissed on any chics lately?
  9. bob_probert_2000

    Geek Spermoff commentary

    I'm pretty sure Gutterboy was categorized incorrectly. Doesn't he fall under the vagina category? Also, go fock yourselves.
  10. bob_probert_2000

    When is the last time you have gotten a blow job?

    The last time yourr mom begged. So like an hour ago.
  11. bob_probert_2000

    FFtoday's top 5 villians?

    fast fish? I had WAY more alaii than him and most of the guys listed. I pissed more of you off than you know. Suck a bag of dicks. MDC, not ebecause he was good at it, because he didn't agree with anything and couldn't defend it. Best and worst villain ever on here.
  12. bob_probert_2000

    Geek of the Year: Round 1-Bracket 2

    Shotsup, but mainly because I know many of you better and think you're all pigs.
  13. bob_probert_2000

    Looking for fellow Ladies

    We have some effeminate men here, does that count?