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  1. stork

    RBs and Team Def picks

    Gordon and McKissic and Giants. See mine
  2. Hurts or Wilson STD and Gallman, Brown or Matteson? One RB
  3. stork

    Flex help

    Tonyan See mine
  4. stork

    Flex help. Non PPR RBs

    Its a flex position. I have Connor and Davis in RB slot( i have McCaffrey). I could put Boyd in this flex but QB and Def matchup scares me. I have D. Johnson and Chark in WR
  5. stork

    Flex help. Non PPR RBs

    Standard- Duke, Ahmed, Gallman? Duke has done nothing, Ahmed little ding, Gallman doing better lately but we are talking about Giants.
  6. stork

    Week 9 RB starts?

    Jackson and Dallas See mine
  7. stork

    Need 1 WR PPR

    Cooks See mine
  8. stork

    Please pick one for Flex. Answer yours.

    I would play Patrick, bad Atlanta Def. See mine
  9. Two QB league I have Foles, Cousins or Lock. Most sites are split on all three crap QB's. Standard league and my opponent is playing Justin Jefferson so I'm thinking playing Cousins.
  10. stork

    Please pick 2nd RB, answer yours.

    Gallman see mine
  11. In a 2QB league for my second QB I need to pick either Foles or Cousin. Both weather forecast say 40mph winds. Both have crappy matchups plus the wind. Only players on wire are Tua or Lock. Standard scoring.
  12. stork

    RB and Flex help!!

  13. stork

    RB and Flex help!!

    rb in standard, need one in flex spot: Singletary, Gio, or J. Jackson? wr need two out of these three: OBJ, Chark or Boyd? Leaning Gio, OBJ and Chark. Hard to sit Boyd though. Dont want to start two from Cinny too.