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  1. stork

    For 3rd place and a little $

    Connor, Anderson and Mixon. This is assuming Connor a go. Go Bucky!!!
  2. Thanks!!! From Wisconsin, go Bucky
  3. Need three in standard points. I think i'm going Gordon and J. Williams/. Any thoughts? Gordon - Yes Mccaffrey- Is he sitiing Connor- Time share? Sameuls- Time share? Ware- Time share? Dam Williams-Time share? Jameul Williams- Yes CJ Anderson- Yes? Do I dare sit Conner if active over Anderson ,Maccaffrey or the other time shares.
  4. Pick one in non ppr. Thanks
  5. stork


    Connorsday your right. Was out of town at a business meeting. Just got back.I always try to answer everyone questions. Been playing FF for 25 plus years. Huskeyhater did you leave a link??????????????????????????????????????
  6. stork

    Tough QB decision

    Go with Brees
  7. Pick one standard Sutton, Jefferies, Samuels, Shepard, Reynolds Will answer yours.
  8. I want to start Big Ben but do I take a chance that he won't play on Sunday and miss out on Rivers tonight? It sounds like Ben will play but you never know. Hate to take a zero in the playoffs. Will answer yours.
  9. Have Gordon out, have Ekeler now he's out, picked up Ware now he's out, have connor now he's out. Also lost OBJ. Still in a two weeks playoff down 16 points.would you Who would you start in standard league? Need two, Samuels, Jackson or Damien Williams or Gordon on pitch count. Will answer yours.
  10. stork

    Pick 1 (Standard): K Cousins or J Winston

    Winston by a ton
  11. stork

    Which RB?

    Ekeler, Sameul,Ware, Edwards? Need two
  12. jackson and adams
  13. ive lost gordon, connor and now obj. Which two in non ppr. ware,edwards,samuel or ekeler?