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  1. Chark active but will he be effective in what should be a shootout. Singletary in spilt role now with moss? Non PPR
  2. I had singletary but that game looks in dought. Non PPR. Leaning Boyd cause I also have Connor and don't want to double up
  3. Another positive test this morning.
  4. I never start a TE in flex but this matchup against Seattle looks great. Non PPR
  5. stork

    Gesicki or L. Murray Flex

  6. L. Murray, Malcolm Brown, Hyde or I'm even thinking TE Gesicki in what could be a shoot out against the bad Seattle pass def.
  7. Do I start Scott or Dionate Johnson? .15 ppr
  8. stork

    Flex help. Non PPR

    Do I start Akers, D. Williams, or D. Johnson. I'm leaning towards D. Williams tonight just cause of KC offense and hopefully goal line carries.
  9. stork

    Flex help. Non PPR

    Sorry but it is D. Johnson wideout for Steelers.
  10. stork

    Boyd or AJ?

    .15 per reception.
  11. Need one RB and two WR. Standard scoring. Leaning Boone , Thielen and AJ. Will answer yours!!!!!
  12. I have Connor, Peterson and now Boone and Washington. Need one at standard scoring flex position. My starters RB are McCaffrey and Fournette. Will answer yours.
  13. Theilen and Gallup Cousins. From Wisconsin and could see a shootout with GB. GB defense very shaky at times. With Cook out Cousins will look to throw.
  14. Need two WR in standard scoring: Thielen, Golladay, Perriman or AJ Brown. Need one RB: Connor or Peterson
  15. stork

    Need help w/lineup for the SHIP!!!!

    I would go with Mostert and Mack. Cleveland is a train wreck and playing from behind I think Hunt will be used a lot. Gurley bad matchup. Mack playing worst defense in NFL right now. He could go off. WR I would go with Diggs and pickup Perriman. From Wisconsin and pack defense is up and down. Looking for a potential shoot out here.. Same with Perriman with high total score.
  16. Have a close match in semis AP or Connor- Standard-also have Snell if Connor doesn't play. Will he be in a timeshare or AP will get all the carries in a tough matchup . Thielen or AJ Brown.- AJ feast or famine scares me in a tight matchup.