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  1. Orgazmo

    How does one become a member of the Sanctuary?

    hehe. I forgot about that. But originally it was thrown up (as was thedanzone) for fft refugees when Mike was having serious server issues. Some stuck around and that's about it.
  2. Orgazmo

    Gocolts, I am throwing down the gauntlet

    I guess not. I remember a time when MDC was happy with honest wholesome werewolf movies. Now he's someone the feds should monitor.
  3. Orgazmo

    If We Had an FFToday Hall of Fame

    Well maybe if Spiller could penetrate a little better, he's get more carries.
  4. Orgazmo

    The Sanctuary is broken

    Ah. I was going to ask how much to host in order to retain the sanc's db, but when TK told me the annual figure I swallowed my gum.
  5. Orgazmo

    The Sanctuary is broken

    toosbrah, I should come clean. I really hated it over there and spent most of my time lurking over here, silently high-fiving posts from drobeski and edjr.
  6. Orgazmo

    If We Had an FFToday Hall of Fame

    Woah. Half a second more and we would have named a league in your honor. But this is better, though don'tgetmewrong.
  7. Orgazmo

    The Sanctuary is broken

    First time hearing the name Duptel. Different from Digital Solutions? oh, and what's the hosting company your shirt site is on?
  8. Orgazmo

    The smilies here are really lacking

    you'll have to forgive me. I think it was the only censored word at that other place. I'm not used to all the pound signs.
  9. Orgazmo

    The smilies here are really lacking

    After checking that other thread you raised from the grave, I wish I could travel back in time and stop past-self. Eagle has been run into the ground.
  10. Orgazmo

    Christmas party recipes

    A little respect, teej. We're guests here.
  11. Orgazmo

    Christmas party recipes

    If only my wife was here at the moment. I can say to stay away from canned chilis if at all possible. If you don't want to process fresh chilis, some markets have them in the frozen section.
  12. Orgazmo

    Christmas party recipes

    Especially in your wife's eyes. This has taken on new, critical importance!
  13. Orgazmo

    Christmas party recipes

    fuzzy bunny?