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  1. graphix28

    2018 Rookie Ranks

    I have 2 - 7 - 11 and 12 Hoping for him at 7 also!
  2. graphix28

    2018 Rookie Ranks

    I'm taking Barkley in every league I can. First round
  3. graphix28

    2018 Rookie Ranks

    Character don't buy much these days. Although I'm pretty sure Christian Mccaffrey shows a lot of it even though he chose to sit out his bowl game. I don't blame a kid for sitting out one game to sure up his future. And for letting his college down,, do you know how much money these star players bring to their school?
  4. Cam Gurley Hyde Dede Byrd (I know) Alshon (yep) Chris Godwin Ertz Gano Eagles Thank you mr gurley I owe you a dinner for my championship
  5. graphix28

    How would you rank the top 10 qbs next season?

    Hopefully Luck is back on the field and is top 10 also
  6. graphix28

    Way too early first round PPR for 2018

    Murray will be a 4-5 carry a game guy. That's it. When cook gets back
  7. graphix28

    If Mike thomas sits...

    Who takes his spot??
  8. graphix28

    Anyone rolling with bibbs?

    I'm kinda forced to. Also have kerwynn, what a Super Bowl team
  9. graphix28

    D. Byrd?

    Yep I have Byrd and Godwin at wr 3 and 4
  10. graphix28

    D. Byrd?

    Think he is starting today with no rus Shepard. Start him or Bibbs?
  11. graphix28

    Anyone rolling with bibbs?

    That's tough. Probably Bibbs if Perine out
  12. graphix28

    If Mike thomas sits...

    Ginn Coleman Snead?
  13. graphix28

    Perine - Groin injury

    I'm rolling with Bulbs too! If he starts.
  14. graphix28


    Thinking chris Godwin
  15. graphix28

    RBs for superbowl help

    been hit by the injury bug and left with these guys..... Mike Davis Booker Blount Burkhead (out) D. Williams (??) OR I can pick up Kerwin Williams/Penny and Gillislee???
  16. graphix28

    wtf would you do?

    Bortles been on fire. Ajayi if Vikes win. Wr is tough Gordon probably, flex Diggs or Westy?
  17. graphix28

    RBs for superbowl help

    Thanks! I have to drop Burkhead and D. Williams to pick up K Williams and or Pinny
  18. graphix28

    Prediction for burkhead today?

    Hope he's alright!!
  19. graphix28

    Anyone else benching Nuk

    Hopkins Corey davis or Blount for me. Probably sticking with Hopkins hoping for a TD
  20. I lost Wentz and Mccown. Picked up Foles Siemian and Yates. Starting Foles and either Siemian or Mariota??
  21. Hard to watch! Glad I didn't have to start Siemian!!
  22. graphix28

    Semi Finals Pick 2

    thanks for the help. ppr I like westbrook for sure,, Perine probably also but close with stewart
  23. graphix28

    Marcus or Trevor?

    Terrible choices I know. Superflex league, or I could start Blount or Corey Davis
  24. Yeah I'm staying away from the short week players and should be low scoring.