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  1. graphix28

    Wentz or Brissett???

    Thank you! That’s true
  2. graphix28

    Quick need help at wr

    Robbie Anderson Alshon Fitz Need 2!
  3. graphix28

    Quick need help at wr

    Probably alshon
  4. graphix28

    Quick need help at wr

    Thanks! He's in but not sure about alshon or fitz?
  5. graphix28

    Start/Sit help (Round 1)

  6. Vs Giants with Sanchez. Start AP or Samuels?
  7. graphix28

    What do you think of AP this week?

    Yes it is
  8. graphix28

    Alshon/Fitzgerald/D Thomas

    Who would you start??
  9. graphix28

    Jalen Samuel or josh adams?

    Also Jordy Nelson or Desean Hamilton? Thanks for the help!
  10. graphix28

    Jalen Samuel or josh adams?

    Yes PPR
  11. graphix28

    Any sleeper WR for this week?

    Lost AJ and in need of a decent wr
  12. Thinking of starting him, but also have aaron jones monday night.
  13. graphix28

    Minnesota at Philadelphia: NFC Conference Championship

    Panthers, Bucs, Patriots were some of the worst beats I can remember
  14. graphix28

    Minnesota at Philadelphia: NFC Conference Championship

    Crushing them for YEARS!
  15. graphix28

    Dynasty Stashes

    From philly I like Trey Burton and Mack Hollins.
  16. 1. Rodgers 2. Brady 3. Wilson 4. Wentz 5. Watson 6. Brees 7. Cam 8. Jimmy G. 9. Goff 10. Ryan Just for fun. In a big 2 qb league and want to study early
  17. graphix28

    2018 Rookie Ranks

    Oh gotcha that makes more sense
  18. graphix28

    2018 Rookie Ranks

    Kirk running up the middle?
  19. graphix28

    2018 Rookie Ranks

    I have 2 - 7 - 11 and 12 Hoping for him at 7 also!
  20. graphix28

    2018 Rookie Ranks

    I'm taking Barkley in every league I can. First round
  21. graphix28

    2018 Rookie Ranks

    Character don't buy much these days. Although I'm pretty sure Christian Mccaffrey shows a lot of it even though he chose to sit out his bowl game. I don't blame a kid for sitting out one game to sure up his future. And for letting his college down,, do you know how much money these star players bring to their school?
  22. Cam Gurley Hyde Dede Byrd (I know) Alshon (yep) Chris Godwin Ertz Gano Eagles Thank you mr gurley I owe you a dinner for my championship
  23. graphix28

    How would you rank the top 10 qbs next season?

    Hopefully Luck is back on the field and is top 10 also
  24. graphix28

    Way too early first round PPR for 2018

    Murray will be a 4-5 carry a game guy. That's it. When cook gets back
  25. graphix28

    If Mike thomas sits...

    Who takes his spot??