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  1. graphix28

    Champion ship week Defense?

    Broncos vs Chargers Ravens vs Miami Bears vs ATL whatcha think??
  2. graphix28

    London Juedy or Osborn

    Ppr. Just need 1
  3. graphix28

    London Juedy or Osborn

    Thanks! Leaning London. Juedy might finally be decent with a new qb and no Sutton
  4. graphix28

    Jayden Reed

    I have no idea if reed plays. Would you play Kincaid or gabe Davis at flex?
  5. graphix28

    Carr vs rams??

    Need 1 out of Carr Thursday vs rams Heineke vs colts O’Connell vs KC thanks for any help!!
  6. graphix28

    Carr vs rams??

    Thank you!
  7. graphix28

    Raiders d tonight or Balt vs jags ??

    I'm leaning that way also, thank you. should get a turnover or two vs stick!
  8. Who do you guys like better this week?
  9. 1 point ppr. Who you think?? Just need 1. Thank you!
  10. graphix28

    Ppr. Ford vs Stevenson vs swift

    Thank you!
  11. graphix28

    Jamison or Juedy?

    Full point ppr whatcha think
  12. graphix28

    Jamison or Juedy?

    I appreciate it
  13. graphix28

    Jamison or Juedy?

  14. graphix28

    2 QB league

    Start a coach?
  15. anyone know a site I can join a league?
  16. graphix28

    Dynasty trade question

    Hey all! I was offered Jameson Williams and pick 1.10 in RC draft for Kupp. Whatcha think??
  17. graphix28

    Dynasty trade question

    Thanks for the reply’s I’ll probably hold off
  18. I’d like to start a playoff league. Can you recommend any good free sites?
  19. graphix28

    RB and WR Decision

    I’d trust gallop more
  20. graphix28

    TE revolving door

    TE is tough this week. Leaning taysom but not
  21. graphix28

    Taysom Hill or patty Friermuth

    Yeah I had pat in to play and picked up taysom. They’re saying with the bad weather he could run a lot but who knows
  22. graphix28

    What are you doing with Hop

    Thinking of starting Ayiuk over him