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  1. graphix28

    London Juedy or Osborn

    Thanks! Leaning London. Juedy might finally be decent with a new qb and no Sutton
  2. graphix28

    London Juedy or Osborn

    Ppr. Just need 1
  3. graphix28

    Champion ship week Defense?

    Broncos vs Chargers Ravens vs Miami Bears vs ATL whatcha think??
  4. graphix28

    Jayden Reed

    I have no idea if reed plays. Would you play Kincaid or gabe Davis at flex?
  5. graphix28

    Carr vs rams??

    Thank you!
  6. graphix28

    Carr vs rams??

    Need 1 out of Carr Thursday vs rams Heineke vs colts O’Connell vs KC thanks for any help!!
  7. graphix28

    Raiders d tonight or Balt vs jags ??

    I'm leaning that way also, thank you. should get a turnover or two vs stick!
  8. Who do you guys like better this week?
  9. graphix28

    Ppr. Ford vs Stevenson vs swift

    Thank you!
  10. 1 point ppr. Who you think?? Just need 1. Thank you!
  11. graphix28

    Jamison or Juedy?

    I appreciate it
  12. graphix28

    Jamison or Juedy?

  13. graphix28

    Jamison or Juedy?

    Full point ppr whatcha think
  14. graphix28

    2 QB league

    Start a coach?