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  1. I really hope you are being sarcastic.
  2. Proteus71

    The first player you ever drafted?

    Can't remember the year, but I had the 1.12 and 2.1: Took V. Testaverde and A. Freeman (can't remember who was first).
  3. Proteus71

    Week 15 QB's: Warner or Brees

    Do you know something that the weather forecasters don't know or was this just a matter of being a post that's a couple of days old?
  4. Proteus71

    2008 Rookie Scouting Portfolio

    Do you think scouts will see McFadden in the same light as yourself and we'll see McFadden slide on draft day?
  5. Proteus71

    Let's talk Packers

    I think LB is hard to gauge cause they have so many duties. Couldn't Bishop play Mike, move Hawk to Sam and Barnett to Will? Barnett's size would indicate (along with what seemed to be probs shedding blocks from OL) he would be better on the weak side. But I guess size is not the only thing to consider (like speed and cover abilities). BTW, Barnett is like 232 lbs and Hwak/Bishop are mid 240's.
  6. Proteus71

    Let's talk Packers

    As far as safety goes, are you guys saying FS or SS? As far as I know they are not really interchangeable right? FS is more of a cover guy where SS is more of a run stopper (who also needs to cover)? If this is true why is Rouse a FS? He's as big as many LB'ers so why is he not a SS? Someone please educate me.
  7. Proteus71

    Weather for the games this weekend.

    Milwaukee local news/weather said about -15 with the wind chill in GB on Sunday.
  8. Proteus71

    *** OFFICIAL *** Giants at Green Bay thread

    Alot of these types of posts seem to have a wierd resemblance. Do people really think that just because GB fans think their team will/should win, that the Packers are going to overlook the Giants? Like the team reads these posts and sees most people choosing GB to win, so the Packers are going to start gearing up for the Patriots today.
  9. The 15th is the deadline to declare for the draft, so this list would be easier after that day. However, if all the big time junior RB's declare (not including Slaton), then I see this as an extremely strong RB class.
  10. Proteus71

    Looking at the Rookie class next season...

    Mendenhall, RB, Ill
  11. Proteus71

    What happened to this league?

    Hey, Blitz Brigade (I think that was your team name). This league is still up and running. We play thru MFL and have our forums at another site. This site is just not stable enough. It was tough when it went down for all those weeks awhile back. The only reason I stopped by here was to check the old rule book.
  12. Proteus71

    longtime FFtoday league opening

    This is not a New England area league, atleast I hope not since I live in Milwaukee and am in the league. 1st dibs goes out to a member with a high number of QUALITY posts, so I'm afraid you're way down the list. PS dibs part not to be taken seriously
  13. Proteus71

    Some stadiums won't allow tailgating?

    Hmmm, nothing better than brats and beer in the parking lot before watching the Packers whoop up on the Bears!
  14. Proteus71

    Corey Dillon to the Packers?

    From what I've read, supposedly it's Culpepper, which I don't understand. Unless GB management figures they have seen enough of Rodgers, and he is not the future. Cpep takes over the reigns when Favre retires next year.
  15. Proteus71

    2007 NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: Green Bay Packers

    Minor detail. It's the first pick that I like. A. Peterson meat Rouse. <----- A.P. running into Rouse