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  1. vuduchile

    Beavis and Butthead

    I don’t think it’s gonna work. How will they talk about chicks and insult each other in the woke era?
  2. vuduchile

    Beavis and Butthead

    I like this one better
  3. I can’t condone this league. Too close to home. I’ll be watching, but I can’t participate.
  4. vuduchile

    Outdoor kitchen is complete

    We have done it a couple times already. Home fries were the big hit. If I ever get ambitious, I’ll hit Titans up for some scattered, covered and smothered tips.
  5. vuduchile

    Outdoor kitchen is complete

    I have used it a lot since I got it. The family favorite is the Benihana hibachi style meals. The stainless spatula set was a nice add on for this griddle. They also liked the smash burgers and Philly cheese steaks a lot.
  6. vuduchile

    Outdoor kitchen is complete

    If I’d known you were gonna doubt my set up, I’d have gone full digby and claimed a couple Vikings, a few green eggs and a half dozen yetis. I’ve never posted personal pics here. No reason to start now. It’s nothing earth shattering to look at. Just all black with a few stainless accents.
  7. vuduchile

    Outdoor kitchen is complete

    Just the side shelves on the Weber and the Blackstone. But, we also got the hard cover for the Blackstone, so that can be used for prep space when not in use as well. So far, it works great.
  8. vuduchile

    Outdoor kitchen is complete

    Yes and no. We scrapped the garage conversion plan when we learned that she lied to us about her financial situation. We reworked a guest room for her instead.
  9. vuduchile

    Outdoor kitchen is complete

    Not a fancy built in job, but 5 individual components lined up on the patio. Weber Grill, Blackstone Griddle, Smoke Hollow Smoker, Bayou Classic Deep Fryer, Permasteel Rolling Patio Cooler. The deep fryer can be used to boil stuff too. The Weber and the Blackstone both have side shelves that can be used to prep. Since COVID, I’ve been cooking at home even more than usual. No reason to stop now.
  10. vuduchile

    "Slow down Pee Wee"!!!

    Am Ba Lance
  11. vuduchile

    NBA Restart

    Cute. My original point is that this agenda will continually be shoved in our faces wherever we turn. Sports is entertainment to me. An escape from the daily grind. If I wanted to watch more social justice or political commentary, I'd watch CNN or Fox. Beyond that, BLM has been corrupted by criminals who've destroyed and looted private property. I can't support that. If they really wanted to make a statement, they'd come up with something original that's worthy of support.
  12. vuduchile

    NBA Restart

    Do they have fock the police on their jerseys too?
  13. vuduchile

    NBA Restart

    He's already backtracking and apologizing. But still.
  14. vuduchile

    NBA Restart

    There won't be any fans. Whitey can only scream and holler at the tv before he turns it off or smashes it.
  15. vuduchile

    Do you carry a knife?

    Yeah. Just a Gerber Paraframe. I use it all the time. Haven't we done this one before?