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  1. vuduchile

    Chips on sandwiches

    Putting ketchup on anything savory is considered a kid move because it sweetens it up.
  2. vuduchile

    Chips on sandwiches

    I drink the cheap stuff almost exclusively. In fact, I have a couple glasses nearly every night. You guys are a little off the mark. I've had the occasion to drink some really fine wines and many were incredible. There were even a few that had to have been made on another planet because they were unlike any wine I'd had before. Of course, a lot depends on individual preference, but I think it's more fair to say the differences between the cheap stuff and the middle of the road stuff is negligible. For example Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck tastes pretty much the same as your average $15-$30 bottle to me. But even then, there are exceptions.
  3. vuduchile

    NBA playoff ratings down big...

    Ho hum
  4. vuduchile

    NYC Travel Tips

    I always preferred LaGuardia. It was the shortest trip into the city via cab. But again, it's been awhile since I've been there.
  5. vuduchile

    **Official MLB 2019**

    He’s great but he does play lots of games at home run friendly Miller Park.
  6. I had a 300 lb offensive lineman with cleats step on my Achilles while I was on the ground. It happened over 30 years ago and it still flares up occasionally.
  7. Seriously. How’s a guy supposed to enjoy a glory hole knowing the eye in the sky has a video of him going in?
  8. vuduchile

    NBA Draft Lottery

    They can have a marquee player, but they still have to win. 33-49 won't even get that wagon out of the barn.
  9. vuduchile

    NBA Draft Lottery

    Golden State and Cleveland were franchises that went nowhere for a long time. But when they created a winning formula the bandwaggoners started hopping on en masse. The same thing could happen to New Orleans.
  10. I don't smoke weed. If I did, I definitely wouldn't do it on a golf course. I have a hard enough time concentrating as it is.
  11. Yeah. I'm generally not in step with SF city officials, but I agree with this one. I don't even like traffic light cameras.
  12. Sounds alot like a guy who used to post here alot. Except for the smart guy part.
  13. vuduchile

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Be sure not to miss LGBT night at Dodgers stadium on May 31. This special night includes a game ticket and a special LGBT dufflle bag. I assume the duffle is pink and contains a bunch dildos, some lube and bottle of AIDS medicine
  14. I’d prefer catchers call the game I’d like pitchers to work faster I’d also like batters not to unsnap their gloves, hitch up their pants, take 3 swings, scratch their balls, spit, raise their hands while screwing their foot into the dirt before they take a strike they had no intention of swinging at. But I still like to watch or listen to every Cubs game I can.