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    ***Happy Football Day Week 7***

    Lol @ Newton, Belicheat and every Pats fan on this board. Now, take your shots at the Cowboys They deserve it.
  2. vuduchile

    I'm building a house

    Congrats. Enjoy
  3. vuduchile

    Randy Arozarena

    Broke the record for post season HR’s with 9. Broke the record for post season hits by a rookie with 25. Tied the AL record for extra base hits with 13. This kid is on fire, but he needs his teammates to deliver.
  4. vuduchile

    Randy Arozarena

    And Randy scored the winning run even though he stumbled coming home. This kid lives a charmed life. Series tied 2-2.
  5. vuduchile

    Randy Arozarena

    Un focking real what a game
  6. vuduchile

    Randy Arozarena

    Tied up again. How can any red-blooded American male not love October baseball?
  7. vuduchile

    Randy Arozarena

    and Lowe just did. Good for him.
  8. vuduchile

    Antonio Brown signed with Tampa

    He’s definitely unstable, but might be able to hold it together long enough for the Bucs to make a run at it this season. They’re all riding high now since they smacked the Packers around so they think they have a shot. I sorta doubt it, but you never know. And the Covid wild card makes things even more interesting.
  9. vuduchile

    I just bought these...

    Yep. I don’t wanna feel shirts and pants all over me while I’m sleeping. In the summer, just gimme a sheet. In the winter, I’ll take a fleece blanket.
  10. vuduchile

    I just bought these...

    I never wear pajamas. I sleep nekkid, even in the winter.
  11. vuduchile

    Football Update

    HS team started the season 3-0. Won the first 2 games by 50+ points against a couple of bad teams. Won the 3rd game by a touchdown against a team that smoked us last year 60-0. Lost a close one against a rival then lost again last week when our 2 best players were knocked out in the first half. First kid suffered a season-ending injury in the 1st quarter. 2nd kid was ejected for fighting. Those 2 were our 1st and 2nd string QB's. Because our 1st string QB was ejected, he also has to sit this week. Today is game day, so we're limping into the last regular season game with our 3rd string QB. And just now, I was informed that our starting tailback has to quarantine for 14 days because of COVID exposure. Next man up and all that, but we're running out of next men. Playoffs start next week, and it's a weird year, so everyone gets an automatic spot in the playoffs. We get our QB back, but our chances of making a run aren't good. On a side note, my youngest (11) was hit hard on an illegal crack back block last night. The kid led with his helmet and my son didn't get up for awhile. I thought it was a concussion, but it ended up being his back/ribs that were hurting. He eventually went back in, but it really sucks when you see your son laid out on the field like that. And how 'bout them Cowboys?! Football sucks right now.
  12. vuduchile

    I just bought these...

    Nice outfit Nancy. Take a seat by the space heater while I make you a hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles.
  13. vuduchile

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    At least that was somewhat watchable. The moderator clearly favored Biden and it showed.
  14. vuduchile

    One Hit Wonder

    This gets my vote
  15. vuduchile

    One Hit Wonder

    Is this the sh!ttiest one-hit wonder song of all time thread?
  16. vuduchile

    ever tell your gf / wife her butt looks juicy?

    Juicy? Not the word I use to compliment my wife’s ass. Tight, firm, nice, hot, gorgeous. But never “juicy”
  17. vuduchile

    2018 NFL draft

    I agree on both here. They’ve both shown the skills necessary to play at a high level. But their coaches and teammates have made it tough for them. The Browns are playing better this year. They’re 4-2, in a pretty tough division. Also, edjr doesn’t watch or understand sports.
  18. vuduchile

    I have Cancer :/

    Still hangin’ tough and keeping a positive attitude. Happy to see it!
  19. vuduchile

    Mashed Taters

    Peeling is too much work. I only do that on Thanksgiving. Other times: boil gold potatoes (thinner skin) Mash with butter, salt, pepper and a little milk.
  20. vuduchile

    I want the Dodgers to win the World Series

    Arozarena is a good story, but the rest of the Rays offense hasn’t been great. I think Lowe had a decent reg season, but nobody else did. Their starting rotation is pretty good, but that Dodgers’ lineup is stacked. Betts and Bellinger get the press, but Seager is hitting well again. Muncy, Turner, Hernandez and Taylor are also solid. Kershaw and Buehler have nagging injuries so they might need to rely on their bullpen, which is a little better than the Rays’ group. I don’t care who wins, but this looks like a good matchup to me.
  21. vuduchile

    I do NOT wear a mask.

    That’s just because you’re ugly as hell.
  22. vuduchile


    Jeezus H.
  23. vuduchile

    Week 6 Waiver Wire

    Bridgewater if he’s still out there
  24. vuduchile

    dude shoes

    Men of a certain age shouldn't be wearing such a non-supportive shoe.
  25. vuduchile

    Michael Thomas update???

    This was my first thought too. Not a good sign.