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Mike MacGregor

Cheatsheet Compiler upgrade - help needed...

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Hi all. I am working on some upgrades on the Compiler right now and need some input on how some of these new features should work.


The biggest thing people keep asking for are expanded scoring systems such as:


- bonus for distance TDs and FGs

- bonus points for yardage milestones

- no points for yardage until hitting X milestone

- yards allowed by team defense (tiered scoring system similar to points against)


For anyone who has sent me an email about this I usually respond one or both of:


1. Adding scoring for all of these categories increases the file size which costs Mike and myself more to offer the Compiler at FF Today.


2. We can't possibly project all of these stat categories, like Corey Dillon will score 8 TDs but 5 will be within 10 yards, 2 will be beyond 40 and 1 will be beyond 60. Its hard enough projecting the stats we're doing now without opening up all of this.


So, here is what I'm asking, finally. I would like to implement these scoring features, but how can it be done keeping in mind the above restrictions?


One thing I was thinking is to test some stats from prior years to see what kind of distribution occurs given a total stat number for the season. For example, if a team allowed 3,500 pass yards for the season, how many games on average would be between 0 and 150, 151 and 200, 201 and 250, etc.? If a player is projected to catch 1,400 yards, how many will be over or under 100 yards (or any other milestone number)?


I took some stat courses in university but don't have much recollection from them. It seems to me though I should be able to implement some standard deviation data and normal distribution or confidence interval formulas so Excel could calculate the distribution given X stat for each category.


This is where I get lost and need some help. Is what I am contemplating even possible? Any math majors out there who can help me out? Looking forward to your responses.

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