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Round 23

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Round 23


23.1--James Hall, DL, Detroit--Zap

23.2--Willie McGinest, LB, Cle--Doyle

23.3--Boss Bailey, LB, Det--Tex

23.4--Ryan Moats, RB, Phi--ExFajita

23.5--Maurice Morris, RB, Sea--Scooter

23.6--Ryan Clark, DB, Pit--BoneYard

23.7--Rod Coleman, DL, Atl--Waveman

23.8--John Henderson, DL Jac--DocJ

23.9--Trevor Pryce, DL, Bal--RLLD

23.10--Donte Whitner, DB, Buf--PIK

23.11--Rocky Bernard, DL, Sea--Pretender

23.12--Donovin Darius, DB, Jac--Diesel

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