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Best Rookie Draft?

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Well who had the best draft?


1.01 Panama Porn Pirates -- Reggie Bush (NO)

1.02 Michigan Big Cats -- Deangalo Williams (CAR)

1.03 Panama Porn Pirates -- Laurence Maroney (NE)

1.04 Ricky's Dime Bag -- Joseph Addai (IND)

1.05 Michigan Big Cats -- Lendale White (TEN)

1.06 Bay Area Ballerz -- Vernon Davis (SF)

1.07 Knights of Sirrod -- Santonio Holmes (PIT)

1.08 Panama Porn Pirates -- Matt Leinart (ARI)

1.09 Michigan Big Cats -- Vince Young (TEN)

1.10 Amish Drive By -- Chad Jackson (NE)




2.01 Ricky's Dime Bag -- Jay Cutler (DEN)

2.02 Untouchable -- Maurice Drew (JAX)

2.03 Amish Drive By -- Derek Hagan (MIA)

2.04 Amish Drive By -- Jason Avant (PHI)

2.05 Knights of Sirrod -- Brian Calhoun (DET)

2.06 Bay Area Ballerz -- Jerious Norwood (ATL)

2.07 Knights of Sirrod -- Jerome Harrison (CLE)

2.08 The Biggums Boys -- Sinorice Moss -- (NYG)

2.09 Untouchable -- Kellen Clemens (NYJ)

2.10 Knights of Sirrod -- Michael Robinson (SF)

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Here's how I would rank the drafts.


1) Panama Porn Pirates ( Bush, Maroney, Leinart )

- Bush looks every bit the stud as advertised. Maroney and Leinart look solid too.


2) Bay Area Ballerz ( Davis, Norwood )

- Davis is a beast, catching a TD last week, and Norwood has looked as good as anyone not named Bush.


3) Ricky's Dime Bag ( Addai, Cutler )

- Cutler looks like a stud. The book is still out on Addai.


4) Michigan Big Cats ( Williams, White )

- Williams looks good, White hasn't shown anything.

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