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I am not dead

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All, sorry that I have not been very active this year. Three kids, wife and job make it pretty tough as of late. Also, I have been redoing my home office and I am sometimes without internet. I did want to apologize to you for not pulling Steve Smith in week one. I really had no way of knowing that he wouldn't play and at the time I had no access to make the change anyway. It may be a small thing and no one ever cared, but I really should have made a better attempt to start someone anyway.


As most of you can see, my team totally bites ass this year. I figured I would just vent this out. Why, oh why, did you sign with Arizona, Edge? Has that team ever had a damn running game? I hate the damn Cards. On top of it, the Colts draft a guy who will replace Rhodes, so he goes to waste. I guess the good news is I really got that Cardinal running game locked up!


Then to Oakland, where there is suppose to be an NFL team. All I can say is the Raiders should not be permitted to use the NFL logo on their jerseys. A total abomination. And I love to hear Porter cheering when his QB is sacked. Hopefully the bye week helps that team out. Grats to Justin, as I see they have managed to reduce Randy Moss to a bench warmer for you.


At this point, I am seriously thinking about a re-building effort. If anyone is looking to move some draft picks or young guys, send me an e-mail.


Last, gratz to Bay Area and Cat, to who beat me in weeks one and two. Good luck guys.

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hey don't worry about it this whole league is dead except for me and ridas, I emailed the commish over a week ago still hasn't got back to me,,,oh well damn glad its a money league, as an commish myself I see how intrested can wang in this league, no site for 5 months hurts too. well all i can do is take care of my team and win this damn thing,, :blink:

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