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Let me Get This Straight

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Old news.


Bill Clinton said the same thing in the late '90s. He even made regime change in Iraq official U.S. policy.


Hitlery said the same thing when she voted for the invasion of Iraq, as did the the vast majority of the Demwits in the house and senate. They just have short memories.

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Owl Gore is a moron. Here's what the genius had to say about Iraq in a September 2002 speech:



Now one of the central points I want to make here today is that we have an obligation to look at the relationship between our war against terrorism and this proposed war against Iraq. We have a goal of regime change in Iraq, we have had for a number of years. We also have a clear goal of victory in the war against terror. In the case of Iraq, it would be difficult to go it alone, but it's theoretically possible to achieve our goals in Iraq unilaterally. Nevertheless, by contrast, the war against terrorism manifestly requires a multilateral approach. It is impossible to succeed against terrorism unless we have secured the continuing, sustained cooperation of many nations. And here's one of my central points; our ability to secure that kind of multilateral cooperation in the war against terrorism can be severely damaged in the way we go about undertaking unilateral action against Iraq. If the administration has reason to believe otherwise, it ought to share those reasons with the Congress, since it is asking Congress to endorse action that might well impair a much more urgent task - that is, continuing to disrupt and destroy the international terror network.


He was still talking about regime change in 2002! Oops... :unsure:

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