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AND...this is what I drafted - AND YOU THINK?

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OK - from the 7th spot:


Vick [PHI] (1.07)

Flacco [bAL] (9.07)


McFadden [OAK] (2.06)

Felix Jones [DAL] (3.07)

Reggie Bush [MIA] (6.06)

Tolbert [sD] (8.06)

Michael Bush [OAK] (11.07)

Ben Tate [HOU] (12.06)

Sproles [NO] (14.06)



Harvin [MIN] (5.07)

Santana Moss [WAS] (7.07)

Burleson [DET] (10.06)

Lance Moore [NO] (13.07)

M. Williams [sEA] (15.07)

A. Brown [PIT] (16.06)



Gates [sD] (4.06)


Folk (NYJ) (17.07)


ARI D/ST (18.06)


Self-analyzing: I'm the most weak @ WR. I need Harvin and Moss to have really good years. I'm also injury prone - but this team is potential extremely explosive. Whatchew think?

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Not to bad... of course Vick is solid... F.Jones should have a great season. I have read that Tolbert will be the short yardage guy inside the 5, so he could get quite a few TDs. You are correct about needing Harvin and Moss to have solid years but Nate Burleson could be your savior as Stafford connected with him several times in the preseason and he had some phenomenal catches.


Good Luck.... you have a great chance for the playoffs ...from there its a crap shoot of course. :-)

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