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  1. And I don't know who I should drop for him. ...and I already have the Hard Man. RBs: Jacob/Mack/Coleman/McCoy/Mattison WRs: Julio/Godwin/JuJu/McLaurin/Hardman/AJ Green TEs: Olsen/McDonald Don't worry about it, or make a move?
  2. IMMensaMind

    Who do you regret drafting so far?

    Similar. I opened with Julio, then went JuJu. I have Godwin as well, and AJ Green in the wings. And now I've picked up the Hard Man and McLaurin. But I really would have loved to draft a back who would have complemented Mack and Jacobs - though looking at the draft recap, there were a lot of players taken that I would have also regretted. Mahomes was picked after I chose JuJu. My team with Mahomes at the helm would be dominating the league already.
  3. IMMensaMind

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 2

    I have a very narrow window. Chubb has 14.2 points so far. I have Chubb in a league in which I'm currently trailing by 19 points. I am playing against Chubb in a league in which I'm currently winning by 21 points. So Chubb: score more 20 points. On the button.
  4. IMMensaMind

    Derek Carr - Talk me out of it...

    I'm sitting Rodgers for Carr.
  5. IMMensaMind

    Post your odds AB is a Pat week 16

    Well, I'm pretty sure I'm not that missed - lol I'll be around all season I'm sure.
  6. IMMensaMind

    Post your odds AB is a Pat week 16

    Ah, ya know: living life, playing golf, watching my girls grow up. And then getting here during football! Hope you're doing well!
  7. IMMensaMind

    Post your odds AB is a Pat week 16

    I'm going to say it's 100%. He knows that the Pats don't tolerate it, and he knows that this has to work, or he's Kaepernick'd: talent or not.
  8. 12 team PPR (QB/2RB/2WR/TE/FLEX/K/DST), out of the 9th position. CBS says I had the 'toughest path through the draft', which I assume means good picks before mine. This team is going to be, IMO, about how the RBs turn out: QB - Winston/Trubisky RB - Jacobs/Mack/Coleman/McCoy/Pollard WR - Julio/JuJu/Godwin/AJ Green TE - McDonald/Reed K - Maher DST - Packers Whatchew tink?
  9. IMMensaMind

    Courtland Sutton, Zay Jones, or Dante Pettis

    I like Zay, and I have committed to him over Robinson.
  10. IMMensaMind

    CBS Shartsline live scoring down again?

    1.5 minutes later, just up. This is the power of this FU bored.
  11. IMMensaMind

    FU week 13

    Ingram. Ware is now your replacement. GTFO.
  12. IMMensaMind

    Who are you starting Ware over?

    I am starting Ware at flex in both leagues. Sat Kittle for him in one; Josh Adams in the other. Going forward in the Kittle league though, Ingram is going to be sitting for Ware, and Kittle will remain @ FLEX most weeks.
  13. IMMensaMind

    Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    ] You tell them: no transactions unless dues are paid in full. After that, you consider the equity in the transaction, and deny if needed.
  14. IMMensaMind

    Why is Tre'Quan Smith ranked so high this week?

    Well, I started this clown. Over John Ross; over Allen Robinson. Go me.