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  1. IMMensaMind

    I want to party with Greg Robinson!!

    I'm just gonna guess, but his morals likely involve not voting for leftist soft-on-crime types and then whining about it when the consequences of their vote come home to roost.
  2. If the team remains the same, I'd rather have Pollard 6 rounds later.
  3. IMMensaMind

    NFC Playoffs

    "I was playing GREAT until Jesus made me fumble!"
  4. IMMensaMind

    NFC Playoffs

    Pittsburgh? No chance. NO chance. Against the spread...7% chance.
  5. IMMensaMind

    Playoff Rankings

    I am entering a similar league, except with 1QB, 1TE, 4 FLEX - and only 12 players chosen. I agree with a lot of your picks, except that I am going Allen @ QB and Kelce as one of my FLEX.
  6. IMMensaMind

    Playoff Rankings

    Wow. I filled out a bracket and have it - game for game - exactly as you see it. Which means you're screwed
  7. IMMensaMind

    M. Evans - if out Wk 16, then ..

    I was stuck with Perriman subbing for Evans, so I got a bagel at WR2. Unless there’s a stat adjustment, I just won 115.9 to 115.28. Ironically, I had Dak and Gibson, and he had Lamb. Dak and Gibson were sat, and Lamb was playing. He dropped a flat pass on the 1 that would have won the game for my opponent. Wow.
  8. IMMensaMind

    Players coming off Covid

    My team name has been “Rushin’ Collusion” for the past several years, but I think I may change it to my original name, ‘Red Cross’ because of this crap. I have to sit Evans now, and am wondering if Perriman is going to be a go.
  9. IMMensaMind

    FU week 15

    I did that exact thing.
  10. IMMensaMind


    Welp…Herbert is balling…
  11. IMMensaMind

    Week 14 FU

    FU Dak, Gibson, Crowder, etc.
  12. IMMensaMind

    Brandin Cooks?

    I sat Amon-Ra and started Cooks and Crowder. Looks like I should have started Darrel Williams Amon-Ra.
  13. IMMensaMind

    Division tie breaker

    1. Head to head 2. Total points scored 3. Record against common opponents