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  1. IMMensaMind

    UPDATE: Kittle - Doubtful for Week 10

    Yikes. LOL
  2. IMMensaMind

    UPDATE: Kittle - Doubtful for Week 10

    Well, I'm still leading my league as a result of a solid lineup with really good depth, but I'm getting stung with having difficulty selecting my starting lineup - and I just traded McLaurin, McCoy and Olson for Kittle. And now we know what happened to Kittle. I should be 16-2 instead of 14-4. We'll see if this decision costs me this week. It's close.
  3. IMMensaMind

    UPDATE: Kittle - Doubtful for Week 10

    Oh, he's on my bench.
  4. IMMensaMind

    UPDATE: Kittle - Doubtful for Week 10

    Well, Mack is the only consideration, as Jacobs already put up 20 v LAC on TNF, but I have that same opposite problem. I've had both Coleman AND Godwin on the bench when they put up their 40burgers. One other item of note: it's a PPR league, and TB is able to defend RBs, but not WRs - and I think ARI can score a ton in the air against them. I THINK IIRC that its the highest projected point output of the weekend.
  5. IMMensaMind

    Christian Kirk or Tevin Coleman?

    I'm battling b/t these two. I REALLY like ARI WR's v TB, who can stop the run but struggle vs the pass. Coleman should have some more play w/Kittle sidelined, but in a PPR league, I can see Kirk having his best game of the year, and he should be 100% finally. I did have Coleman on the bench for his 40 point game a couple of weeks ago , but my other RBs starting are Mack v MIA and Jacobs already put up 20 v LAC. What to do...
  6. IMMensaMind

    49ers defense for real?

    Depends upon your other WRs, but Lockett is a near weekly must start.
  7. IMMensaMind

    UPDATE: Kittle - Doubtful for Week 10

    Well, now the issue for me is wondering if I should have Coleman in my lineup (he was benched for his 40 point outburst, and then started for is 6 point explosion ) or if I should start Christian Kirk, which I'm itching to do (other WRs are Julio and Godwin). I know SEA isn't what they used to be, but it feels like roulette playing the Coleman/Breida game. Either that, or sit Marlon Mack or Jacobs, and I can't see that.
  8. IMMensaMind

    UPDATE: Kittle - Doubtful for Week 10

    I'm going with Dwelley. He looked decent to me last week, with 4 receptions in limited playing time. It was b/t Hollister and Dwelley for me.
  9. IMMensaMind

    Your worst pick this year

  10. IMMensaMind

    Know who seems like a great guy to have in an organization?

    Packers fans would say that the guy you want is Za'Darius Smith. Of course we all know that there are perhaps a hundred guys we'd all want.
  11. IMMensaMind

    Wind Concerns - Week 8

    This makes me waffle b/t Josh Allen and Jameis Winston. Think I may go Jameis.
  12. IMMensaMind

    Lazard. Flex-worthy-or-better?

    I was golfing, and couldn't switch back out from Lazard to Marvin Jones. Oops.
  13. IMMensaMind

    D Adams. news?

    That's a gecko.
  14. IMMensaMind

    Lazard. Flex-worthy-or-better?

    I am sitting Allen Robinson and playing Lazard this weekend. Go and do likewise. I see a 5-75 +1TD line for Lazard.
  15. IMMensaMind

    D Adams. news?

    Pick up Lazard. I think he's going to stick.