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  1. IMMensaMind

    SNF Discussion: Lions at Packers

    Also: our tackling on D is atrocious. Whoever is coaching them to tackle doesn't know what they're doing. NO ONE is tackling at or below the waist anymore. They're all whores for the strip. Annoying way to end the season. Gut says 49er's roll from here on out.
  2. IMMensaMind

    SNF Discussion: Lions at Packers

    This is coaching failure. You have a hothead at LB, and you don't seem able to control him. But by far the worst part of that game was LaFleur's inability to capitalize on aggressive D pursuit with even a single screen or quick slant. Hated the play calling throughout. I also think Love would be no worse than what Rodgers showed this year. I think Green Bay may be a hair better next year if Rodgers is done or is somehow - incredibly - traded.
  3. IMMensaMind

    What do you give your toilet bowl winner

    I give $40 to the winner and choice of draft pick in the following year's draft. The lowest scoring team in the league (after week 17) pays for dinner for the league at a local high-end steak house.
  4. IMMensaMind

    Future Stud Alert - 2020 Edition

    Graham Mertz is hot garbage, and all of Wisconsin is thrilled to be rid of him.
  5. IMMensaMind

    Week 15 FU

    No Lazard, I said I need 38 points. Not 1.7.
  6. IMMensaMind

    SBarkley now questionable

    Now all I need is 38 out of Lazard tomorrow.
  7. IMMensaMind

    Zach Wilson to Start, Mike White Out in Week 15

    Dammit. I was feeling pretty good about starting Elijah Moore in this game, and sitting down Lazard. I don't think I can do it now.
  8. IMMensaMind

    Week 15 FU

    WTF. My opponent has McLaughlin, Cousins, McCaffrey and Hockenson. That team has 94 points so far. fml
  9. IMMensaMind

    The Final All-Out Blitzes of the season ...

    I have a FLEX question, since losing Jeff Wilson. I have to choose from Lazard, Elijah Moore or Jameson Williams (could have played Mason or J. Cook, but don't feel as comfy with either). PPR league.
  10. IMMensaMind

    SBarkley now questionable

    <worries in decoy>
  11. IMMensaMind

    SBarkley now questionable

    Gah. Now do I play Jeff Wilson, Swift and Jamaal instead of Barkley? I have Jamaal sitting atm.
  12. IMMensaMind

    Tight Ends

    Taysom outscored Dulcich by less than a point lol I had the top two scoring TE's in the league this week
  13. Instead, we went to a system that has each team playing two other teams every week.
  14. IMMensaMind

    Tight Ends

    Sat Dulcich (14.5 points in my league), so a pre-emptive FU goes out to Taysom Hil....:mad:
  15. IMMensaMind

    Tight Ends

    Juwan Johnon is out with an ankle; projected return week 15. I'm hoping you're correct, as my TE slot has been a wasteland the entire year.