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  1. IMMensaMind

    Seahawks at Packers Discussion

    Interesting stat I heard recently: in 2014, GB went into SEA and got crushed 36-16 (week 11? IIRC). In the playoffs, after 55 minutes of dominance, GB lost to SEA only with a succession of fluke plays and occurrences, all of which had to take place in order to lose. We'll see what happens.
  2. IMMensaMind

    Post Your Championship Squad

    My non-playoff making lineup was: Rodgers/Tannehill Chubb/AJones/Gordon/Mattison/McCoy/Penny Julio/Robinson/Jones/Ross Ertz SF D/ST Zeurlein
  3. IMMensaMind

    Two crazy stats

    Neither the Lamar nor the Christian owner won my main league - I did - but both were #1 and #2 in points (though it came down to the last game b/t the Lamar owner and my team for #2 high points). I'm wondering how many teams had both players, and how they could have avoiding winning their leagues.
  4. IMMensaMind

    Post Your Championship Squad

    Winston Mack/Washington/Jacobs/Mattison/DWilliams Julio/Perriman/Godwin/Ross/Crowder Kittle Chark (should have played Damien Williams) Gould PIT D/ST Won 148.8-132.6 In another league - one I am not playing in next year - I had the highest points in the league, and missed the playoffs @ 6-7. The 3 weeks of the playoffs I outscored the rest of the league by 100 points.  The clown commish grouped the divisions in such a way to guarantee strong teams were put in the same division. Mine featured 3 of the top 4 scoring teams. Naturally, he was the third highest scoring team - in the weakest division - but he won the league. Cheating sheethead. 
  5. I like Marlon Mack to do better next year.
  6. IMMensaMind

    i did It!!!!!!

    I was up 148.6 to 98.8 going into MNF, and he had Jones and Thielen. Jones had something like 33 points. And Thielen had .2 How the hell did he even GET .2 in a PPR? -8yds on one RCP?
  7. IMMensaMind

    WEEK 16. Denver or Pittsburg D ??

    I've read that the DEN D/ST is missing some players.
  8. IMMensaMind

    Week 16 Scoop and Play WR - Championship Edition

    Ross is on my waiver wire, and I picked up Charkweek and Crowder who was also dropped. I'm not sure which of those guys is the best choice for FLEX. My gut is telling me that Ross is a great dart throw though, but all 3 could have good weeks.
  9. IMMensaMind

    L Bell VS Steelers D

    I'm going with PIT D/ST over BAL D/ST, so you know my opinion.
  10. 12 team PPR league. Lots of changes lately, due to injury and a trade to get Kittle. Starters in Bold; torn b/t Chark and Crowder at FLEX: Jameis Mack/Jacobs/Washington/Damien/Breida/Coleman/Mattison Julio/Godwin/Perriman Kittle Chark/Crowder Gould PIT/BAL
  11. IMMensaMind

    Questions? I have right answers (hopefully)

    I have one too, having been forced to scrub the waiver wire after losing both Godwin and Jacobs for the 'ship game: DJ Chark @ ATL coming back from injury, or Crowder vs PIT? I have Washington subbing for Jacobs paired w/Mack @ RB, and @ WR I'm sporting Perriman and Julio, along with Kittle and Jameis. I am trying to figure out FLEX in a full PPR league. I also have Breida, Damien Williams or Mattison (if he plays) as alternatives, but I think I'm more comfortable with either of the WRs. I'm the #1 overall seed, but the #2 (who I am playing) has more points throughout the season, so he's no pushover. TIA
  12. IMMensaMind


    Another team, which scored 5 points fewer than I did during the season, is 10-3. lol
  13. IMMensaMind


    Me either. 12 team PPR league, and this team is the highest scoring in the league - and I didn't make the playoffs at 6-7. Rodgers Chubb A Jones Julio Robinson Ertz Melvin Gordon SF D/ST Zuerlein Bench: Stafford Marvin Jones Mattison Ryan Griffin Penny McCoy Ross III
  14. IMMensaMind

    UPDATE: Kittle - Expected to play Week 12

    I WANT to play Kittle, but I can't take the chance. I'm putting in Griffin v OAK @ noon. Balls will be ready for punching after 3...
  15. IMMensaMind

    Marlon Mack's hand

    I didn't make any move; I'm just plugging in Coleman in Mack's spot for the time being. My team is the Red Cross atm - but maybe it happened early enough that it won't hurt me in the playoffs.