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  1. IMMensaMind

    who to start ppr

    I have Mayfield ranked higher than Goff this week regardless, but stopping Godwin from having a big day without Mayfield also having a big game is smart.
  2. IMMensaMind

    who to start ppr

    Yes. That's a good protect the lead strategy.
  3. IMMensaMind

    FLEX spot: Likely, or Courtland?

    Or...Diontae Johnson? PPR league. I have Waddle and Tee Higgins in my starting WR slots right now, so battling in my head between Likely and Sutton and D. Johnson for FLEX. Rudolph going for PIT @ QB, DEN/NE Over/Under is only something like 35, so I'm really thinking about running Likely out there as my FLEX (I have McBride as my TE). Thoughts?
  4. We call it the Love Shove in Green Bay.
  5. IMMensaMind

    MNF Discussion: Titans at Dolphins - Wk14

    Anyone have an update on Waddle? It's Waddle v Mostert for me, and I'm tied.
  6. IMMensaMind

    Justin Jefferson dilemma

    Hope you chose to sit Lockett.
  7. IMMensaMind

    Thanksgiving: Packers at Lions - Wk12

    Love to be wrong.
  8. IMMensaMind

    WW adds for week 12?

  9. IMMensaMind

    Thanksgiving: Packers at Lions - Wk12

    This is ugly. One of the top teams in the NFL at home against the JV.
  10. IMMensaMind

    Grade the trade offer

    Rare trade that helps both teams about equally. Slight edge to team A in how they improve, but team B gets more value for recognizing it.
  11. IMMensaMind

    Which TE to go with ROS

    Don't sleep on BAL's other TE, Charlie Kolar. He's going to cut into anything Likely does. Hill is the best choice, because short of the top 4 TEs, they're ALL potential busts each week. I dropped my TE rotisserrie a month ago and went with McBride. I had drafted Freiermuth, then went Ferguson (shouldn't have given up on him that quick), then went Juwan, then Logan Thomas. Now I'm sticking with McBride, and keeping fingers crossed.
  12. IMMensaMind

    Who should I drop?

    Pierce. Who are your other RBs?
  13. IMMensaMind

    Which qb this week?

  14. IMMensaMind

    QB WDIS Start Week #12

    I think Fields is the best choice of the three. DET is going to lean on the run, and probably be comfortably leading. Love isn't a volume QB, and doesn't run enough to make up for it. DET could smoke GB with DL pressure (hate saying that, as a GB fan).
  15. IMMensaMind

    Justin Jefferson dilemma

    Or - pick up an alternate to plug in for JJ MNF if there is an available free agent.