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Custom Scoring changes for Double QB Leagues?

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We're going way off the rails this year, trying something new:



1-2 QB (+1 backup max)

1-4 RB

2-5 WR

1-4 TE

1 Defense (+1 backup max)


12-Team PPR League

Off-position TD's add +3 points

14 Players on Roster


After I put everything into the Draft Buddy, the Overall Rankings have only 2 QBs in the 1st round, and 4 QBs in the 2nd.


I'm comfortable drafting only 1 QB in the first 2 rounds, if that Overall Ranking is realistic; but nearly everybody in our league is talking about getting their QBs early...even first two picks.


Obviously, if you're picking 12th and only QBs have been picked up, other positions will probably look better than Ryan Tannehill or Tony Romo. But should I adjust these numbers to reflect a 1st/2nd Round run on QB's?


I'd especially love to hear advice from people who have drafted in 2QB leagues before.

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I like 2QB leagues, or Flex-QB. Very cool. Go to the options tab and change the overall ranking method to Median Player Drafted. Then hit Compile Cheatsheets. How does it look now?

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Sorry, I was out of town for a week. I did that and it looks much better, and yet not totally QB skewed either. Thanks for the help!

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