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Auction League Drafting

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Hello Mike,


I have been using this program for a few years now. I would like to know what you think would be the best way to input the draft results during the draft. Basically who won the player, and how much was paid for that player... it seems like i start to fall behind, and then i get frustrated and quit using the program. Usually the draft is slow enough for me to keep up, but every once in a while it speeds up.. then I'm in trouble





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Hi Howie. I know, it can be tough to keep up at times. Remember if the nominating team gets the player then you don't have to fill in the winning bidder team. Buddy assumes that is the winning bidder team unless otherwise selected.


Also, late in the draft, when most players for $1, you can insert a 1 in a bunch of those winning bid amount cells all at once (even in advance).


Did you know CTRL-X drafts or nominates a player? CTRL-Z undoes a pick. Or I have that backwards, but either way you might find using those shortcut keys faster than the Nominate Player button.


I'll be honest, late in an auction I might abandon Buddy too, to a degree. My auction leagues are online on ESPN, so a lot to keep track of between Buddy and watching the ESPN site. In the late stages, when I only have a half dozen roster spots left and not much money, I'll make a short list of players I want. I might even type them on the auction report tab to the right of the big table.


Then I won't track the rest of the auction, but just make sure someone doesn't take someone off my short list. If they do add someone else.


Those are some of my tips for auction drafts. Does that help? What have you got?

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