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Manager(s) Needed for Free Yahoo! League

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Hello, everyone.


Had a full league just earlier today until I found out one of my players was going to be out of the country at the worst possible time -- football time. So I need a manager to replace him.


League Features:


8-Teams, 2 Divisions, Head-to-Head PPR, Weighted Scheduling (10 In-Division Games), Draft Order Determined By Prior Year's Results, Career W/L Records and Other Stats Kept (3rd-Party Website Under Construction for Better Displaying This Information).


A Note on Scoring:


The points system works out such that a good projection for a player (non-kicker) in a given week is 20 points. A great projection would be 25 or more. An average projection would be 15. Season projections for usable players typically range from 250 to 350.


For your team, 200-pt weeks and 2,000-pt seasons are impressive milestones. In a given week, a good projection would be 140 points, with 130 being average and 150 being exceptional. Rosters consist of a QB-WR-WR-RB-TE-W/R-K-DEF.


League History:


The league, in its current incarnation, is entering its 11th season (we hope). The people we have in our league love the game and never miss a lineup. So if you're looking for a league that you can play in for years to come with people that enjoy it as much as you do, then send me an e-mail at PetePeeves@yahoo.com and helps us friendless people (apparently) keep it going!


Draft will occur on Sept. 3rd (Saturday) at 4 pm Eastern.


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