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Found 39 results

  1. One player had to cancel last minute and a spot is opened in this 12-team league. Standard NFL.com rules (no PPR)!! LIVE DRAFT SATURDAY AUGUST 31st 2019. Picks are randomized with snake draft format! The buy-in is $50 and the payouts are as follows: Best record during season: $200 1st place playoffs winner: $175 2nd place playoffs winner: $150 3rd place playoffs winner: $75. Please email me at kryslowe518@gmail.com if interested and I will send invite link. Accepted payment options are cashapp and PayPal. GOOD LUCK!!
  2. Can't survive between Super Bowl and fall kickoff? We can't either. A new league launched last week, now almost half full. This is a full new league for older guys who want to have some fun, are serious, but not too serious. You don't actually have to be old to join (and we are looking for committed/active owners) but you do need to have a mellower, older guys', perspective on life. We aren't going to get rich playing MFL, nobody is going broke either, and we all have wives, kids, and bosses who keep us busy most of the time. So, this is our down time and we just want to have some fun, want to win, but we aren't going to be too crazy about things. Also, rude or offensive owners, whiners and sore losers, will not be tolerated. The league has 6 starters on offense: 1QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1TE, K, defense is: 2 DL/DE, 2 LB, 2 CB/S. There is 1 IR and 2 practice squad spots. The scoring is deep as well and brings balance to things. Of note, in most other leagues, RBs are the star, in this league, a franchise QB is the most important role, RBs and WRs are about equal. Defensive roles, generally scoring slightly lower than offense (about 25%) but still significant, are not to be overlooked! LBs, DEs and CBs are all somewhat equal in scoring. Playoffs are top 6 (division winners get top 4 seeds, plus 2 wildcards), top 2 division winners get a first round bye. Payouts are $250 for super bowl winner, $150 for super bowl loser, $80 for the conference losers. We use league safe for funds. The only fees are for signup ($40) , no other transaction fees, unlimited waiver and roster changes and trades. Live draft is currently scheduled for April 30th after the NFL draft weekend. No deposit currently required for 2nd year (subject to all new owners vote coming up). My Fantasy Football League ID is 31158 (http://home.myfantasyleague.com/) , or called "League for Old Timers", year "2018". Please email me: rawluk2010@hotmail.com with questions or for an invite if this sounds like your type of league. Kent League Commish P.S. FYI, the MFL website will be going offline for annual maintenance this friday for 5 days or so. Get signed up/in before that to get yourself up to speed if you want. otherwise it may take a bit
  3. Looking to fill open spots in my 100$ buy in ESPN 12 Team PPR fantasy football league. email alex@allianceshading.com for more info about the league and rules. Line up is 1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE,1FLEX,1IDP,1DEF,1K. Payment will either be through PayPal, Venmo, or League Safe whichever the majority of the 12 teams prefers.
  4. What are your thoughts on fantasy football leagues where all teams automatically make the playoffs? I'm in one league like this with some friends and that is my biggest complaint about the league. The top two teams do get bye weeks to begin the playoffs, but I still don't like the idea of rewarding someone with an appearance in the playoffs if they had a terrible season or failed to maintain their roster and now they have a chance to beat you in the playoffs. One plus is that it should in theory keep all participants interested in the league, but if you have a group of friends who really like football this shouldn't be an issue in the first place. Another benefit of everyone making the playoffs could be that one of the people with a top score had tough matchups each week and failed to make the playoffs for that purpose - but I feel like that's just part of the game. Interested to see what everyone else thinks, thanks!
  5. Hey! We need a few more players to fill our roster this year if anyone wants in - it's free, we don't play for money, just for pride. It's a fun, competitive league, and maybe only a little trash talk from the Aussie girl! The draft is tomorrow - Sunday Sept 4th at Noon PT time! Here's the link! http://games.espn.co...inviteKey=fa8af Cheers!
  6. nikicee

    Fantasy League Needs Players

    Hey! We need a few more players to fill our roster this year if anyone wants in - it's free, we don't play for money, just for pride. It's a fun, competitive league, and maybe only a little trash talk from the Aussie girl! The draft is tomorrow - Sept 4th at Noon PT time! Here's the link! http://games.espn.com/ffl/tools/join?leagueId=1566638&inviteKey=fa8af Cheers!
  7. 10 Teams, Head to Head, 4 playoff spots, $10 entry, normal espn settings, 1 day waivers Majority approval payout using Leaguesafe. Would like distribution to be 1st $80, 2nd $20 or winner take all QB RB (2) WR (2) TE FLEX (rb/wr/qb) DEF K BENCH (7) IR (1) normal ppr with bonuses No trading with other members, the reason my leagues have this is because of collusion issues in the past Snake Draft Date: WED, Aug 24, 2016 9pm ET 3 spots open Reply here or email me back boiledfrogsoup(at)gmail.com if you are interested
  8. $100 Buy In 10 Teams 4 Playoff Teams Snake Draft with Randomly assigned order Payouts to (1st) $750 and (2nd) $250 Draft Is scheduled August 28th at 12:00pm (Eastern) Email chrzanbr@msu.edu to receive invite Payment will be distributed through LeagueSafe
  9. Hello. The league is to be comprised of 8 teams, is a head-to-head PPR. Draft is Sept 3rd at 4 pm Eastern. For more information, write to petepeeves@yahoo.com. I'll send an invitation, you can sign-up and have a look around before making your final decision. Thanks! Anthony
  10. Hello, everyone. Had a full league just earlier today until I found out one of my players was going to be out of the country at the worst possible time -- football time. So I need a manager to replace him. League Features: 8-Teams, 2 Divisions, Head-to-Head PPR, Weighted Scheduling (10 In-Division Games), Draft Order Determined By Prior Year's Results, Career W/L Records and Other Stats Kept (3rd-Party Website Under Construction for Better Displaying This Information). A Note on Scoring: The points system works out such that a good projection for a player (non-kicker) in a given week is 20 points. A great projection would be 25 or more. An average projection would be 15. Season projections for usable players typically range from 250 to 350. For your team, 200-pt weeks and 2,000-pt seasons are impressive milestones. In a given week, a good projection would be 140 points, with 130 being average and 150 being exceptional. Rosters consist of a QB-WR-WR-RB-TE-W/R-K-DEF. League History: The league, in its current incarnation, is entering its 11th season (we hope). The people we have in our league love the game and never miss a lineup. So if you're looking for a league that you can play in for years to come with people that enjoy it as much as you do, then send me an e-mail at PetePeeves@yahoo.com and helps us friendless people (apparently) keep it going! Draft will occur on Sept. 3rd (Saturday) at 4 pm Eastern.
  11. Hello - We need 9 more owners for a Standard (fractional scoring) League. Owners of any experience welcomed (beginner or competitive) $50 Buy In and using League Safe to keep dues Six teams make the playoffs with two byes (may change to 8 teams and no byes if majority rule) First Place - $400 Second Place $200 Draft will be offline (Philadelphia Area) unless determined otherwise. Draft date not set until league is full. If interested or have any questions please email me Luap16@comcast.net Thank you
  12. markpuntr

    New Fantasy Pick Em App!

    Hey guys, We have been recently been working on a fantasy pick em app and looking for beta testers. We are trying to build a community and it would be great to have as many members from the start to build something great! The app: Puntr; Players choose their sports teams to win and at the end of their selection they are asked to watch a 30 second ad video. Users who accept to watch advertisement are entered into prizepools that are entirely funded by ad revenue. I believe we are the first company to allow advertisement as payment for a bet. What can I win? We have entered into agreements with a betting company which allow us to guarantee $100,000 prizepool. The Beta: As this is a beta – we are looking for feedback! We are trying to improve the app and update it regularly. Please let us know which and what problems which you would encounter. What do I need? Currently we have only developed the first version on Iphone but android will soon follow. The app is ready to download for everyone. Where can I find it? puntr (dot) org Cheers, Mark
  14. Standard league. Total starters 8 Qb=1 Rb+Wr+Te=5 Pk=1 Def =1 ** can not start more than 2 rb ------------------------------------------------ Roster- Qb-Eli Rb-Murray, Hill Wr-J. Landry, E. Sanders, R. Randle K- S. Gostkowski Def - Miami Bench- Rb- A. Abdullah, Freddy Jackson Te- Z. Ertz Wr- M. Bryant (s) ***********Best line up suggestions?********** Remember max 2 rbs in the line up. Is Te Z. Ertz going to see more action than R. Randle?
  15. Looking for players for a 10 team dynasty league. We are a few guys based in New Zealand looking for some committed members to join our new league. Comment below or message me for details.
  16. jonathanachuuu

    Pick 2 running backs

    Which 2 should I start? Justin Forsett Mark Ingram Alfred Morris Lamar Miller
  17. dkhasidy

    Trades...What Do You Think?

    Auction League, 12 team, .5 ppr. Started the day with Cousins Lacy, D Martin (have handcuff for each) Antonio Brown, Floyd (AZ) either Quick, J Hill, Royal, Tate or DJax at Flex Ertz Bal Def Phi Kicker needless to say my team is 0-4. So i traded Lacy, Brown and Cousins for Brees and Mccoy. what do you think? Separately i traded D Martin and Rainey for Percy and Shonne Greene. so this week my roster is: Brees Mccoy and tate Floyd (AZ), Harvin and either Quick, J Hill, Royal or DJax at Flex Ertz Bal Def Phi Kicker I think i massively upgraded. what do you think
  18. Packers2125

    Week 2 Advice

    First time in a League and looking for some advice, this is my week 2 starting line up, I am also thinking of dropping a WR or RB to obtain a second TE ? Thoughts ? 2QB League Starting QB Cam Netwon Robert Griffin III RB Jamaal Charles Frank Gore WR Demaryius Thomas Terrance Williams Conrdarrelee Patterson TE Dennis Pitta R/W/T Golden Tate DEF Seahawks Bench Jake Locker Montee Ball Joique Bell Lamar Miller Eric Decker Wes Welker
  19. unbelievable1

    Doug Martin's Fantasy Value

    Really want to know what the majority of people think about Doug Martin this year...yeah the Bucs got a new OL in Mankins, and yeah 2/3 of the RBs behind him are injured, but does this make him a second round pick, they say his 3rd round ADP is a little too high and a bargain at that position. Also, what is his trade value..in PPR I am currently offering Woodhead and T. Williams for Martin , would you do the trade? Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
  20. unbelievable1

    Doug Martin's Fantasy Value

    Really want to know what the majority of people think about Doug Martin this year...yeah the Bucs got a new OL in Mankins, and yeah 2/3 of the RBs behind him are injured, but does this make him a second round pick, they say his 3rd round ADP is a little too high and a bargain at that position. Also, what is his trade value..in PPR I am currently offering Woodhead and T. Williams for Martin , would you do the trade? Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
  21. jjsabbagh

    Rate my team?

    My starting lineup for an 8 man standard league. QB: Aaron Rodgers RB: LeSean McCoy, DeMarco Murray WR: Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson FLEX: Doug Martin TE: Gronkowski DEF: Chiefs K: Haushska BENCH: Russell Wilson, C.J Spiller, Toby Gerhart, Keenan Allen, Mike Wallace I get to keep two keepers at the end of the year, who are you thinking as of right now? And does my starting lineup look good?
  22. 5th year Keeper league needs 1 owner $50 LeagueSafe buy-in (due when LeagueSafe email is received) Payout - 1st $350, 2nd $100, 3rd $50 10 teams 5 Keepers No PPR Draft date/time to be voted on later this week (we've previously done Friday/Sat/ or Sun around 10PM CST) Draft order will be generated via FFtoolbox the 31st Additional rules located here: (please read as some of these are exclusive to us and meant to get owners more involved) Team 3 Leave email here or email me for invite.
  23. Startup dynasty league. 15 starters 15 bench 25 keepers. No PPR or IDP. Take a look if you´re intersted. Comment or send me a message if you have any questions. http://fantasy.nfl.com/league/2345507
  24. Rank all 12 NFL teams competing in the NFL Playoffs from strongest (12 points) to weakest (1 point). All picks must be in before the first playoff game starts and cannot be changed once the games are underway. Members are awarded the number of points assigned to an NFL team when that team wins. Here are some more details about the playoff pool... what you will do is rank the 12 teams from 12-1. 12 being the highest, 1 the lowest. Whatever you rank your team that is the amount of points they get if they win. For example, if the colts win, and you ranked them 10, they get 10 points. Every time they win and move on they get 10 points. You rank once and only once. If a team you ranked loses, they are just out and your rankings stay the same and you only get points for the winning teams. Teams with bye weeks do not get points that week. So you have to be strategic in your initial ranking as it again, is the only time you will rank and that will decide your points throughout the playoffs. If we get enough people and a big enough pot, I would like to do 50/30/10. But if we do not then it will be winner take all. The tie decision is made by final score total points of the super bowl, which when you rank, you will plug those in as well. We only have until Saturday by start of the 1st game to get everyone joined and playing.. So, please do not wait until the last minute. $30 to join. No buying back, just solid $30 to play. You can create 3 teams each at $30 a team. Spread the word all and many are welcome. **************************************************************** Instructions for joining the pool entitled 'TK Playoff Pool' **************************************************************** I recently set up an online NFL Playoff Power Ranking Pool at RunYourPool.com. If you are interested in joining the pool, please follow these steps: 1. Go to http://www.runyourpool.com/join.cfm 2. Enter the following information: a. In the Pool ID box, enter the number 20739 b. In the Pool Password box, enter 'playoff' (without the single quotes) 3. Fill out the form information, including a personal username and password. (Rest assured, this information will NOT be sold or utilized for spam email under ANY circumstances.) 4. Make your picks, with the ability to change them right up until the first game. It's that easy. If you have any questions, let me know.