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Help for a prison inmate.

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Looking for a little help putting some info together. I'm a long-time gamer, but never got into the sports type games. My friend, however, has been a lifelong enthusiast, playing fantasy sports league games since we were in high school almost forty years ago.


He's presently an inmate, and asked me to help gather info so he can play again. The stats are visible here and there, but the problem is that I'm unfamiliar enough that I don't know what I'm looking at to put the right lists together for him. This is where I could really use some help.


Here's his request:



I am getting into a fantasy football league... If you could look up on any website and tell me the top 15-20 players at each position (Running Back, Wide Reciever, Tight End, Quarter Back, Kicker and Team Defense) There should be a lot of fantasy sites just let me know whats up... You can put it in an email or mail it to me. Another thing can you look up fantasy email services that are available in prison and how much they cost.



If anyone could lend a hand putting together the requested info, I'd be greatly appreciative. Additionally, if anyone's familiar with any existing services that cater to inmates, please do let me know. I'm assuming that would entail PBM style gaming, ala Flying Buffalo, but maybe something exists that's more in-depth or utilizes other methods. It'd be nice if things had advanced since the '80s and had more to offer. :)


Thanks for any help. My name's Larry, and my friend's name is Mark (Boliknar is his nick on boards), so I'll be his proxy here whenever he wants to interact or pose questions. Maybe I'll learn something about this side of gaming in the process, as well.




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buy him a mag, it will have last years stats even if its not the most up to date.. he'll have a reference at his fingertips

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