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  1. [echo]

    Yeah, no. Case dismissed

    totally agree
  2. [echo]

    I'm sure no one here cares but ...

    i feel for you man.. terrible news..
  3. [echo]

    I'm getting married Saturday

    congratulations.. all the best
  4. [echo]

    Another Disney thread

    1000% predictable.. and expected. again, if this were a story about a Serial Killer, and we all thought of a 30s-40s white guy with mommy issues killing throw away people like prostitutes, we'd be correct 90% of the time..
  5. [echo]

    A Brief History of Feminism

  6. [echo]

    A Brief History of Feminism

    there was no Adam, nor an Eve.. if u believe this stupidity in this day and age its saddening. Its equally as silly as the Ark, or Parting of the Red Sea.. simply myth put into place by manipulative men to control the masses and turn a profit. I'm fully in support of you believing in a Higher Power, but these fairy tales that are "the word of god" are horseshit piled to your chin. Apologies for posting this in the cool ass Ben S thread ... carry on
  7. about 10 months.. WASP in November, cant wait
  8. [echo]


    i like Wiff tho - hes from my neck of the woods. keep on keppin on W
  9. [echo]

    Any Sunglasses geeks out there?

  10. [echo]

    Black guy at work in his 40s

    smokes Newports
  11. i was thinking about getting a pair of Moscot Lemtosh sunglasses, with custom tint lenses.. its pretentious i know.. but i really do not buy myself anything like that.. so like they say, you cant take it with you.. there is the alternate Tart Arnels as well.. anyone have either of these?
  12. [echo]

    Here we go

    your "brother" is an alcoholic.. send him to treatment
  13. [echo]

    Who is Pedo Peter?

    never heard this.. hes a monster, molester