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  1. qb = Josh Allen (trade was vetoed for some roster issue, not by other owners after all..) rb = Connor rb = Ingram wr = Landry wr = D Robinson te = doyle flex = deebo d = cowboys k = mcmanus thanks for all the input and help
  2. [echo]

    AB cut by Patriots. BB has had enough!

    wow.. what a weird thread
  3. [echo]

    2nd Receiver Help

    i did not see that..
  4. [echo]

    2nd Receiver Help

    allen robinson is hot garbage. devin smith cannot be trusted (yet?) John Brown (buffalo) has 2 weeks of 7 receptions.. hes getting the looks and doing a good job..
  5. ive read McLauren is the best of those 3, i own both Hardman and Demarcus (in different leagues).. tough call.. i'll vote McLauren
  6. i'm Pro AxeElf.. i think he is insightful, and gives more than a "yes" or "no" answer.. so - thanks AE, much appreciated.
  7. [echo]

    I’m streaming QB...pick one

    I like Jimmy G
  8. id be cutting Justin Jackson to get him,...
  9. i just traded for Ingram, and the Hill owner just released him.. so i could grab him.. thoughts?
  10. [echo]

    Need 2 WR and Flex

    i think you have it right.. but i am intrigued by Hyde
  11. non-ppr - i too like Ridley
  12. [echo]

    Njoku may be out a while

    this sucks.. i now have to roll with Doyle... anyone have a "under the radar" te to look at?
  13. Other owners didnt want to allow it.. no reasons needed.. its a terrible system