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  1. [echo]

    ESPN Screwed me

    go somewhere else
  2. [echo]

    Josh Gordon

    alcohol was an issue for him previously.. along with other things
  3. im favored in the championship game, placed 2nd overall in the standings Wilson Hopkins Chubb Carson Slayton Samuel Chiefs Tucker -This is a weird format where we can do a qb, 5 flex (max of 2 rb), k, dst bench is: tyrell williams shepard hardman crowder saints dst
  4. [echo]


    i just grabbed him and will play him this week
  5. [echo]

    Week 11 Scoop and Play WR

    i just grabbed Will Fuller from the wire.. the previous owner had had enough of his injuries
  6. [echo]

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    he was 1-10 in 2016.. Two-Thousand and sixteen!!! hes an .. and simply put - not good enough to be in the NFL, go play in the XFL u piece of with feet
  7. [echo]

    Jet's uniforms today.

    they were sharp
  8. [echo]

    UPDATE: Conner Shoulder - Out Week 10

    it would be terrible.. but no one knows yet.. i'd go Samuels if i had to
  9. [echo]

    Kitchens needs to go.................

    i agree with you that Kitchens is horrific.. but OBJ and Landry with Calloway is a good wr core, In my "shallow" opinion.
  10. [echo]

    When the Belichik Era is over

    Call the Super Bowl, the New England Invitational?
  11. [echo]

    Kitchens needs to go.................

    "his wr's kinda suck..."... um.. Landry and OBJ, still, no?
  12. [echo]

    Tate or Erickson

    i have tate.. i like the fact that hes 6'5".. and mildly producing even with this sh!t show in Cincy
  13. [echo]

    Sanu to Pats for a 2nd round pick

    i thought that too AxeElf.. im a Pats fan and rooting for Josh (i share some of the same demons he has).. this this would be a heart breaker.. but not shocking at all.
  14. [echo]

    TE Help

    you can t trust Rudolf, he will break ur heart
  15. [echo]

    Dynasty WR opinions

    In my dynasty league, its built to be WR heavy.. i can add one of these guys Crowder, Beasley, Sanu, Auden Tate -thoughts?