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  1. im starting Hill as my TE.. lawl
  2. [echo]

    Marquise Brown: FFToday #17 WR rest of way?

    Hollywood has been horrific.. no reason to keep him unless in the deepest of leagues
  3. yup, Taysum.. weird, but.. Im not sure what Elf meant, but right now im going Thomas, and if im feeling frisky, ill swap in Hill, thanks all
  4. Hes listed as a TE in my league.. think he's worth an add going against the 49ers? i have Hurst on a bye, looking at starting Logan Thomas
  5. [echo]

    UPDATE: Tua Time Coming Soon? - Tua In, Fitzpatrick Out

    Why?.. give him a year
  6. [echo]

    Future Stud Alert

    who is your best bet for the 2021 dynasty rookie draft.. the way im going in that league, ill have the top spot
  7. [echo]

    Josh Kelley droppable?

    looks it to me..
  8. [echo]

    Diontae Johnson or Michael Gallup?

    gallup has been flat out terrible this season, and now Dak is done..
  9. [echo]

    Week 5 FU

    Miller killed me.. i benched Gallup for him.. cause ##### Gallup too
  10. [echo]

    LA Rams RB Cluster...........F

    this topic made me laugh.. F lol
  11. [echo]

    Damian Harris or Gaskin?

    Harris v Denver Gaskin @ SF [16 team, PPR, non-keeper] i'm 1-3 (after losing Saquan..) Gaskin has a nice floor, but could Harris be a much higher ceiling? -Cam is still out.. and the SF d is great.. thoughts? Thanks [e]
  12. [echo]

    Marquise Brown: FFToday #17 WR rest of way?

    Gallup is also ranked oddly.. hes ahead of CeeDee Lamb.. why.. Dak threw for 502 last week and Allup only have 2 receptions.. yes, 2.
  13. [echo]

    Megalodon Toof- fit for a Prince

    i want a megalodon toof
  14. [echo]

    I have Cancer :/

    pulling for you man... F cancer
  15. [echo]

    Beautiful Chicago. black lives matter

    BLM is only for specific black lives.. its not the ones that are killing one another every weekend in Chicago and Detroit.. those black lives dont matter, nor do the 3 out of 5 babies aborted that are black, those lives dont matter*.. its only when a White person kills a black one, thats what really matters. the life of David Dorn doesnt matter... In the vast majority of these recently publicized incidents, the person who wound up shot had multiple opportunities to do what was asked, commanded.. or better yet, start off by doing the right thing, and dont have a stack of sh!t decisions PRIOR to getting into an altercation with the police no one is responsible for their own actions, and All white people are racist (ALL). -pay attention *im pro choice, just making a point