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  1. Watson trade is the worst since Babe Ruth.. i mean, cmon.. its the most Cleveland thing possible. ##### that guy
  2. Started with Cousins + Carr -currently have Pickett + Carr -neither are any good actually.. who would you be looking for?.. mid-tier.. ? 16 team, PPR, not a keeper league -the only "starter" available is DeVito on waivers
  3. [echo]

    Trevor Lawrence isn't that good

    he seemed to actually get it at the end of last year.. but that was 10+ weeks ago.. and hes a low end qb1, good backup.. at this point
  4. hes available.. and getting more targets.. but just a depth piece
  5. [echo]

    Week 7 RB options.. need halp

    i traded Spears for Hunt.. we'll see..
  6. [echo]

    Week 7 RB options.. need halp

    yeah.. i agree.. i dont want to get rid of any of these buys.. i also have Charbonet.. so hes my only starter.. looks like i roll with One RB
  7. [echo]

    Week 7 RB options.. need halp

    mitchel yes, hes gone Mason is an option
  8. [echo]

    Pick one QB

  9. [echo]

    Rice (KC) ppr

    i agree Rice.. this week could be the start of his breakout
  10. [echo]

    Rb to start

  11. [echo]

    M. Sanders droppable?

    i dont like getting rid of a starting RB.. but you look like you could absorb that hit
  12. 16 team, PPR My RBs = Achane (IR), Bryce Hall (bye week), Herbert (ir), Spears (bye week), Free agents that might fill in.. if i cut Spears? -Jordan Mason -R Johnson (chi) Z Evans is gone, along with almost everyone else... thanks [e]
  13. so.. if all the above is true, does Spears have a path for flex/rb2 conversation?
  14. [echo]

    Flavor of the week - PPR TE

    Henry seems to be getting the most looks, and thats huge