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  1. [echo]

    Metcalf, you focking moron

    always finish the play.. u have to be quite the arrogant a55h0l3 to do that
  2. [echo]

    WR dilemma

    Pittman may.. stash him, and await the inevitable DJAX hamstring injury?
  3. [echo]

    Brees or Herbert

    Brees v GB Herbert v Carolina (i have Rivers too.. hes not on the short list this week.. [16 team, ppr, non keeper]
  4. [echo]

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 3

    He did a nice job for them last year, no?
  5. [echo]

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 3

    Gaskin.. sets himself apart from the others.. 14 carries, 5 receptions..
  6. Mike Davis a better option? ugggggghhhhh
  7. Sony was lack luster at best, Harris (in the week prior to the season, looked to be entrenched as the #1 option... Barkley injury devastated me.. .. im sinkning fast... "... with all the fervor with which the drowning seize life preserver..." could that be Harris? ------------ 16 team, ppr, non keeper
  8. [echo]

    Trade Hollywood Brown?

    Would u trade brown to get hynes or sanders?
  9. [echo]

    Trade Hollywood Brown?

    16 team, PPR, non keeper I have Saquon and James Conner as my starting pair of RB, Latavius Murray as the best backup i have Harris in NE, and McFarland in Pit.. (this is a 16 team league) i have a roster claim in on Myles Gaskin Miami.. I might offer Hollywood Brown to an owner that has Hynes or Miles Sanders available -other WRs i have are Golladay, Gallup, Pittman, Scottie Miller halp.
  10. [echo]

    my QBs = Brees + Rivers

    only "starter"available is Trubinsky
  11. [echo]

    my QBs = Brees + Rivers

    16 team, non keeper, PPR do i need to be concerned? (hi everybody!!.. )
  12. [echo]

    ESPN Screwed me

    go somewhere else
  13. [echo]

    Josh Gordon

    alcohol was an issue for him previously.. along with other things
  14. im favored in the championship game, placed 2nd overall in the standings Wilson Hopkins Chubb Carson Slayton Samuel Chiefs Tucker -This is a weird format where we can do a qb, 5 flex (max of 2 rb), k, dst bench is: tyrell williams shepard hardman crowder saints dst