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  1. [echo]

    WASP = 40 Years Live Tour

    negative ghost rider
  2. [echo]

    WASP = 40 Years Live Tour

    indeed, and they may plait again this tour...
  3. [echo]

    WASP = 40 Years Live Tour

    I bought tickets.. front row Balcony.. cant wait.. this is going to be thrilling. https://bravewords.com/news/w-a-s-p-announce-us-tour-dates-for-40-years-live-world-tour-2022-armored-saint-to-support-michael-schenker-on-select-dates-video-trailer
  4. [echo]

    Your Current Pets Name

    Jade - shiba inu
  5. [echo]

    Dodds leaving FBG

    angst, hate, drama.. manufactured outrage. /popcorn
  6. [echo]

    Call of Duty: Vanguard

    i am - but the game is wrought with bugs right now..
  7. [echo]

    they found a time traveler on the internet?!

    i love this kind of ..
  8. u must be from New York
  9. not all of us.. but i see your point
  10. the focking Browns.. its pathetic, all of it.. the colors, sh!t brown and pumpkin?.. its horrific change to a Bulldog already https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1VDKB_enUS962US962&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=cleveland+browns+bulldog+logo+idea&fir=1w1YgvO6THExRM%2Cst1RCD-NXx6CRM%2C_%3BeDewFvhOK1kaNM%2C-JNCLTmlDK2OtM%2C_%3BrstdRDpYm6VTcM%2CgD6UAjemfw5dlM%2C_%3BSORkd4QCtyYetM%2CHv5E-hlUuNT6hM%2C_%3Bgh43O25CJ9T9sM%2CQUuaWQWPGUHG3M%2C_%3B7P_npy7r9H7QzM%2CyKRbLyLdW1frAM%2C_%3Bi-q2ya39r_o-JM%2CyKRbLyLdW1frAM%2C_%3B_46it5eh9mY9_M%2CRbcm1GpCZ1hveM%2C_%3Bc6TrJdJyfXw2jM%2CHv5E-hlUuNT6hM%2C_%3B5PE_rcoUpYq1wM%2Cy_c4uRP-0Gkx2M%2C_&usg=AI4_-kSK67TNenhXKeKUxWzi3h2VUyLsbg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjWtcSE8pr1AhWyoXIEHUasCq4QjJkEegQIAxAC&biw=1443&bih=780&dpr=1
  11. [echo]

    2022 and beyond

    this made me laugh.. we'd get along swimmingly
  12. bi-polar.. needs meds, and in-house care.. no one would be shocked if he put a .45 in his mouth and ended it all.
  13. [echo]

    Who was this years "it" guy?

    Patterson, no?
  14. [echo]

    2022 and beyond

    Thank for all the chatter, dialog and assistance for this last year.. i didnt win any of my 3 leagues.. 3rd + 5th and one i didnt come close tot he playoffs.. everyone stay safe. [e]
  15. [echo]

    Geek of the Year-BILL E.!!!!!

    i was here from day one.. original user #7.. Mike was #1.. there was no user 4.. i was changed to user 6... fun times