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  1. [echo]


    i just grabbed him and will play him this week
  2. [echo]

    Week 11 Scoop and Play WR

    i just grabbed Will Fuller from the wire.. the previous owner had had enough of his injuries
  3. [echo]

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    he was 1-10 in 2016.. Two-Thousand and sixteen!!! hes an .. and simply put - not good enough to be in the NFL, go play in the XFL u piece of with feet
  4. [echo]

    Jet's uniforms today.

    they were sharp
  5. [echo]

    UPDATE: Conner Shoulder - Out Week 10

    it would be terrible.. but no one knows yet.. i'd go Samuels if i had to
  6. [echo]

    Kitchens needs to go.................

    i agree with you that Kitchens is horrific.. but OBJ and Landry with Calloway is a good wr core, In my "shallow" opinion.
  7. [echo]

    When the Belichik Era is over

    Call the Super Bowl, the New England Invitational?
  8. [echo]

    Kitchens needs to go.................

    "his wr's kinda suck..."... um.. Landry and OBJ, still, no?
  9. [echo]

    Tate or Erickson

    i have tate.. i like the fact that hes 6'5".. and mildly producing even with this sh!t show in Cincy
  10. [echo]

    Sanu to Pats for a 2nd round pick

    i thought that too AxeElf.. im a Pats fan and rooting for Josh (i share some of the same demons he has).. this this would be a heart breaker.. but not shocking at all.
  11. [echo]

    TE Help

    you can t trust Rudolf, he will break ur heart
  12. [echo]

    Dynasty WR opinions

    In my dynasty league, its built to be WR heavy.. i can add one of these guys Crowder, Beasley, Sanu, Auden Tate -thoughts?
  13. [echo]

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 7

    i need a new team.. AE.. hook a brother up
  14. how about Fans protesting this piece of sh!t..
  15. im on board... Hi everyone.. luv u guys!