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  1. [echo]

    M. Williams or D. Smith

  2. [echo]

    Feel Good Thread

    Wiffleball needs some Feel Good.
  3. [echo]

    Democracy wins again in California

    the Automile!! good to see MA representin'
  4. [echo]

    2nd RB assistance

    got Mitchel.. ty guys/elves
  5. [echo]

    Democracy wins again in California

    this is beautiful, romantic brilliance . Bravo Masshole, Bravo (im from Norwood BTW.. just south between Boston and Foxboro)
  6. [echo]

    Josh Gordon

    is he still on the Seahawks?
  7. [echo]

    Drop Sermon for E. Mitchell?

    id keep sermon..
  8. [echo]

    Feel Good Thread

    " teats always look better in a pink sweater." -George Carlin
  9. [echo]

    FU Week 1: We back!!

    marquez calloway... dumb
  10. [echo]

    Norm McDonald dead

    loved Norm.. ##### cancer
  11. [echo]

    Feel Good Thread

    cmon Paws.. this is the Feel Good Thread..
  12. [echo]

    which WR rest of season?

    i had Williams on my bench, and his target share was impressive, and the offense looks like its going to roll.. williams
  13. [echo]

    PPR, trade my Gronk, Waddle for Mooney, Robinson

    i like that deal for you
  14. [echo]

    black national anthem

    its embarrassing