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  1. shut your c0ck trap you pu$$y
  2. [echo]

    Who will be the biggest bust in 2022?

    DJ Moore.. its horrific
  3. [echo]

    Italy set to put neo-fascist in power

    curious, and honest question. What is your definition of racist?
  4. [echo]

    Any 70’s children in here?

    this is great
  5. [echo]

    Oh, those wacky Nazi selfie takers..

    u sure about that?.. with Chicago plugging 20+ every weekend, St Louis, DC.. all of those inner city "residents" are lefties.. soooo.. of - i forgot, much like BLM, the black lives only count if theyre killed by whites.. and lefties only count for murder rate if... well...
  6. [echo]

    Oh, those wacky Nazi selfie takers..

    some geeks do not live in your echo-chamber of "Diversity and Acceptance" Diverse, and accepted, as long as you 1000% agree with me on EVERYTHING. of course.
  7. [echo]

    Juwan Johnson, TE, New Orleans

    thanks for the help guys.. Brate just became available, that should be a good play, with all the WRs in TB injured, no?
  8. [echo]

    Juwan Johnson, TE, New Orleans

    hunter henry is also available.. just throwing that out there
  9. [echo]

    Juwan Johnson, TE, New Orleans

    probably week winner, im 0-2
  10. [echo]

    Damien Harris Hurt?

    i saw that too.. but nothing mentioned.. not that u can trust a NE RB.. but if hes our Stevenson looks gooder
  11. 12 targets this season, 7 last week.. is this for real, or should i stick with my Tayson Hill replacement for injured Schultz? any help appreciated.
  12. [echo]

    Oh holy crap

  13. [echo]

    Good Morning

    have a great week MH