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  1. [echo]

    Why "experts" do this?

    wtf is a wooden shampoo?
  2. [echo]

    Ito or Breida

    Ito @ Cleveland Brieda v Giants on Monday night muchos gracias.
  3. [echo]

    Bold Predictions

    Doug Martin goes for 120 and 2
  4. i traded Kenny Stills for Powell.. hes now on the IR I have Tyler Kroft.. we too went to IR Niles Paul.. IR Quency Enumwa..
  5. my sole good draft selection Pat Mahomes Horrible pick Hogan, jamal williams, peyton barber, Injury Fournette Baldwin Brieda Gronk I'm all in for the beloved Boston Red Sox to take this october by storm. Fantasy football 2018, gods speed, Rest in Peace.
  6. i didnt see anything on it either.. rotoworld mentioned it.. but other than that.. crickets
  7. [echo]

    D. Freeman to IR

    Ito... Ito... Ito....
  8. [echo]

    WR2 and Flex help WHIR

    Boyd and Ridley.
  9. [echo]

    TE to start

    tough one.. id roll the dice with Uzomah
  10. [echo]

    Fvck Doug Baldwin

    ok... im still hating on doug.. but.. Pick 3. WR Tyler Boyd v.Pit WR Calvin Ridley v. TB FLEX Taylor Gabriel @ Mia Bench Doug Baldwin @ Oak *Kirk available on waivers
  11. [echo]

    Fvck Doug Baldwin

    Fvck him to death with a cactus
  12. [echo]

    Kroft vs Uzomah

    either one may slide into a starting option in a 14 team, ppr.. which one.. i took Kroft.. but im reading the other guy might be the top option.. thoughts??