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Free-to-Play Unique Keeper League w/ Yahoo (Full Details w/ Link))

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For complete list of rules and settings, visit: https://tenforward.home.blog/


Last year, after 15 seasons, we began afresh with some new features, namely a keeper function. Two new managers, after committing to play, failed to show up for both the draft and season. (Thanks to the rules we have in place for how to manage teams with absentee managers, or managers who quit, the season was not lost.) Everyone else from a year ago is returning, but we need to replace the two managers we never had. If after visiting the above website, you remain interested, write to AMPJR@yahoo.com.


(from website)


Ten Forward is a head-to-head PPR league with keepers.


The way keepers work in this league is unique, in that players (as many as 5) can be kept year after year, some as many as 4 times (for a total of 5 years owned). Not all players, however, are treated equally. There are different rules or, as we refer to them, “contracts” for players who were drafted, players who went undrafted, and even for players who were drafted by other teams and cut before you signed them. The cost associated with keeping a player is always a draft pick, but the pick you must “pay” varies from year to year.


If this sounds complicated, it can be but only for the commissioner. For you, it can be quite simple. Before the season begins, you will be provided with a list of the players you could keep if you wanted to. This list includes the corresponding pick you’d have to use to keep a particular player. So it can be as simple as, “I want to keep this player, and I’m willing to do so with this draft pick.”


It can, of course, be more involved, too. If you’re trying to build a team for the long haul, you can consider, contemplate and otherwise mull any number of factors. Do you keep the best players? Do you keep the players who provide good value when compared with their average draft position? Do you keep the younger players on your roster, who may not yet be stars, but you drafted in the later rounds and therefore would cost you less to keep, even should they become stars?


So if you like keeper players, great. If you like playing the role of GM, even better.



For example, a drafted player taken in Round 8 of last year's draft, could be kept this year for a 7th-round pick. If the manager wanted to keep the player again, the cost would be a 6th-round pick.


Visit the site and you'll see information on everything. If you have any questions, or would like to join, e-mail AMPJR@yahoo.com.


Thanks for reading.

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