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Go long

Horrible tight end question.

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I know Vance McDonald may be the play against the Patriots but I have a sneaky feeling Ian Thomas for Carolina may be in line for a good Monday night at home vs the Saints.



What do you think?

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Recent games


Week 14 New Orleans vs Tampa: Brate/Auclair 3 for 24 yds and 2 TDs on 5 targets

Week 14 Carolina vs Cleveland: Thomas 9 for 77 on 11 targets


Week 13 New Orleans vs Dallas: Jarwin/Schultz 2 for 19 on 3 targets

Week 13 Carolina vs Tampa: Thomas 5 for 46 on 5 targets


So yes New Orleans is stout vs TE but at the same time Cam's arm is about to fall off so all he can throw are check downs: McCaffrey/Thomas/Samuel benefit. I always worry about Jesse James re: Vance and last week showed they'll use JuJu even at the 1.


I'd be tempted to play Thomas here but it's clsoe

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