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12 team non-PPR, no divisions, double elimination playoffs

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Seeking 2 experienced FF owners for a well established, highly competitive 12 team redraft league. $40 entry fee with payouts for 1st ($200), 2nd ($100) and 3rd ($50) place, as well as $5 weekly high score bonuses. Our low frills, non-PPR format features team defenses and bonuses for long scoring plays. Roster 16, start 9 (including 2 flex slots), bench 7.

Host site is myfantasyleague.com, the premier online FF platform, in terms of setup flexibility and owner customization. Our abbreviated regular season consists of 11 grueling weeks of round-robin play and no divisions, which insures that the four teams with the best W-L record qualify for our 4-5 week double elimination playoff tournament.

Draft order will be determined by a virtual dice roll, which transpires after all 12 owners have paid in full. First year owners are faced with a slight handicap in the randomization process; something I'd be happy to go over in more detail, if you're interested. Rest assured, they're still entirely capable of landing the draft slot of their choice.

Mutually agreed upon trades are executed at my discretion (no owner voting). It would have to reek of collusion for me to veto it. All rules are spelled out on the league's message board. Dues are collected via Venmo, PayPal, Chase QuickPay with Zelle, check or money order.

Feel free to ask any questions below or you can email me directly at tiptoeburglar@yahoo.com

Thanks and best of luck to everyone in FF this year.


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