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52 minutes ago, weepaws said:

Yeah I’m not buying less production. 

suit yourself.

I did some research. 

since the year 2000 only 4 times has a TE over the age of 32 finished top 3 in TE receiving since 2000.   I believe 3 of those belong to Tony Gonzalez.

if anyone is going to buck the trend it will be Kelce but like I said before, the stars havnt aligned to make it easy on him.


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Interesting read, I liked the part about young te also, I see those numbers, but I still think with Mahomes as his Qb, Kelce should be just find for another season, and even more with Hill gone , Mahomes trust him, I think his targets might go up some, but I think his production won’t exceed what he did the last two season, I think he can match them at worst.  


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