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Wk 11: TEN DEF @ GB, or .. grab a FA

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I "was" all set with TEN DEF @ GB, and then I saw RotoPat has them ranked at #23..  I took a look at what was available in that league's free agent pool, and came up with the following.  FWIW - I'll use two ranking metrics: 1) DEF points scored and allowed using sks and T/Os (higher is better), and 2) team DEF ranking-scored, and opponent ranking-allowed (lower is better).  TEN is 105 and 25.  I'll also include FFT's rankings; TEN is Tier 3, #18.


PIT, H vs. CIN: 93 & 24 (RotoPat has ranked #19); T3, 19

LAR @ NO: 93 & 35 (#24); T2, 8

CIN @ PIT: 95 & 37 (#10); T2, 14


Stay with TEN at Lambeau vs. Rodgers?  Or, go with: 1) PIT vs. a leaky Cincy O/L and without WR1 J. Chase; 2) LAR vs. a fading Andy Dalton - but, LAR's offense is in shambles..; or 3) CIN vs. a PIT team that is struggling to move the ball.



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🤔 Is A Rod and the Pack back to form? A week ago I would have said Titans, now kinda a toss up after what they did against Dallas who I thought had a better defense. 

I was looking at Pit and NO as options this week too. But I think I would just stick with Titans after doing well against KC. 

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